Platinum Skies

Author: One Of Our Users
Rating: Explicit
Status: Coming Soon
Series: None
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Platinum Skies was written by one of our users.

Sadly, it has been abandoned, so no more updates will be posted.

Chapter 1

This is about the heroine's adventure in Sinnoh, based off Pokemon Platinum.

"Pokemon are by our side, always. I hope you understand the meaning of those words."

I watched the screen of the TV showing the interview of Dr. Nanakamado and his return to Sinnoh. I sighed, and turned the TV off as the show ended. Today was around the time I get my first Pokemon from him, right? I turned, and took one step before a loud noise coming up the stairs.

In a split second, someone was yelling in my ear. "Hikari! Hikari! HIKARI!" A tangled hair blond was in my room, yelling out my name. Here comes the hyper boy with no manners of his own. "There you are!" Jun yelled out. He dashed up to me, with the same hyper-active attitude. "Hey, Hikari! Did you just see the TV?" Before I could answer, he went on. "Sure you did!" I tried to hold in his words. Man, that boy seemed to have coffee for his breakfast every day. "Dr. Nanakamado is that really important guy who studies Pokemon, right? Right? Right?" I tried to speak up and tell him that Dr. Nanakamado was a professor, but he babbled on, barely paying attention to me. "That means he must have lots and lots of Pokemon. So if we ask him, I bet he'd give us some Pokemon!" He finished. I just smiled meekly, giving up on talking.

Jun suddenly jumped up in excitment and dashed up to my PC. "Oh, hey! Is that a new PC?" He blinked dumbly. "Uh.... where was I?" He asked, scratching his head.

"We-" I tried to say.

"-Oh, right, right!" Jun interrupted. "We're gonna see Dr. Nanakamado and get some Pokemon!" He brushed his pants. "I'll be waiting outside, okay, Hikari? If you're late, I'm fining you $10 million!" The boy ran out of my room and downstairs. I sighed and packed, slowly making my way down the stairs with my slow shoes. That good-for-nothing kid was definitely going to fine me when I get out.

When I came down the stairs, my mom looked up. "Oh, Hikari!" She walked over to me. "Jun already left. I don't know what it was about, but he was sure in a hurry!" I nodded. "I know, mom." I muttered. 

I advanced to the door, but mom looked at me. "Oh yeah!" She said. "Don't go into the tall grass. Wild Pokemon may attack you. It would be okay if you had your own Pokemon, but you don't, so...." She paused. "Well, take care, sweetie!" She blew me a kiss.

I nodded. "Bye!" I left the house. I decided to go to Jun's house. Right when I stepped towards a door, Jun dashed out and toppled over me, the fall ending in a loud THUD! Jun jumped up. "What was that all about?" He snapped. Then he saw me. "Oh, hey, Hikari! Hey! I'm going to see Dr. Nanakamado! You should come too, and quickly!" He ran to the road, but stopped, his face forming into an expression of stupidy. "Oh, jeez! Forgot something!" And with that he dashed straight back in his house.

I sighed. More roaming around, I guess. I walked into the house, where Jun's mom looked over at me. "Hello, Dawn. Are you looking for Jun?" She asked. I nodded. "Yes." I breathed out. She looked upstairs. "He was gone for a second, but he came back home. He just can't keep still, that boy. I wonder who he was after?" She looked away and started watching TV. 

Looking upstairs, I knew that boy would be up there. I took off up the stairs. When I came up there, I saw Jun roaming around his desk. "...I'd better take my Bag and Journal too..." He muttered. Then he saw me. "Oh, hey, Hikari!" He yelped. "I'll be waiting on the road! It's a $10 million fine if you're late!" He pushed me out of his way and ran off to Route 201. 

I sighed. "I thought you already tried to fine me that much money last time." I mumbled under my breath as I made my way down. I walked out of my house and finally reached Route 201. Jun was looking around, and blinked when he found me. "Too slow!" He held out his hand demandingly. I didn't do anything to it. Jun looked at the grass and beyond. "All right! Let's get moving to Dr. Nanakamado's lab." He strudded right over to the grass, with me following right after him. I realized what I was about to get myself into and blinked stopping. Jun tapped his foot questioningly, his orange eyes gleaming. ".... ...." There was a silence. I tried to break it. "Erm, Jun..." I waved my hand over to the tall grass. 

Jun glared at me. "What? Don't do into the tall grass, right?" He relaxed and flailed his arms. "No worries! No problem! It doesn't matter that we don't have Pokemon. Trust me on this one. I've got an idea!" He reassured me. I sighed. Yeah, right. Jun could never be trusted and his ideas never worked. "Now listen. You know how wild Pokemon jump up when you get into tall grass?" He asked. I nodded. "Yup." I said. He went on. "So what you do is this: you scoot over to the next patch of grass before any wild Pokemon can appear! If we keep dashing, we can get to Sandgem Town without running into any Wild Pokemon!" He took a deep breath. It seemed unlikely that Jun could get a good idea, but this one was a good one. I nodded at Jun. He, luckily, understood. "Okay, stick with me!" He walked back, a few feet away from the tall grass.

"Okay, here goes!

On your marks...."

He started running.


Chapter 2


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