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Summary: in a war amongst her kingdom, a young goddess falls in love with the enemy. It's true love but her parents think otherwise. Now she must face the punishment.

Chapter one - The warning

My first memory was years and years ago, as i was in my cradle under a blanket of fire and a pillow made of the softest clouds ever. The soft, gentle arms of my mother picked me up and rocked me gently. Her beautiful blue eyes stared at me with love as she handed me to my father. He smiled at me and held me for a few seconds before put me back in my beautiful wooden cradle. I fell asleep.

I wake up. I can see my beautiful kingdom resting on the clouds from my window. Yes. I live in the sky. I am the goddess of the trees and the forests. My mother of fire and my father of clouds.

I am young, around the human age of eleven. I start brushing my hair as I stare into the silver mirror. My reflection shows my natural green hair and sparkling brown eyes. I finish brushing my hair so I walk downstairs just to see the messenger, Vanera talk to my parents urgently.

“We can’t leave this threat unchecked.” My mother says. Her red hair blazes with a cold fire.

“Yes, we will definitely see to it, Vanera. Thank you.” Says my father, crossing his strong arms. Vanera leaves the castle quickly. My father looks at me, standing at the bottom of the stairs and raises one eyebrow.

“Go back upstairs, my daughter. This does not concern you.” He told me. I ran upstairs but I tried to listen.

“So, the god of the Sun and the goddess of the Moon are threatening to wage war on us? Why? What have we done to anger them?” My mother asks my father once Vanera leaves.

I run to my room. The sun and moon are very dangerous and they even have a son, god of stone. I’m only eleven! I can’t grow up with war all around me! I can’t! I hear my parents discussing what they were going to do about the horrible threat. More or less ten minutes later, my mother comes into my room.

“What’s going on? Why was Vanera here?” I ask, but I already know.

“I know you were listening, my daughter. There is no need to lie about something so small and worthless like that.” She sits down on my bed next to me. “Why didn’t you do what your father told you to do? You disobeyed a direct order.” She asks, sternly, but kindly.

“I’m sorry, mother. I know I shouldn’t have listened when father told me not to but I’m very curious and really wanted to know what was going on.” I’m embarrassed. I normally do what I am told.

“Yes, I know. That’s one of your best traits but you must remember that curiosity is very dangerous.”

“I’m not going to be in trouble for this, will I?” I ask. The methods of punishment aren’t very bad but still unpleasant. You have to stay in a room where everything is white for twenty minutes. It sounds fine, but it feels like torture. The whiteness is nauseating.

“No, of course not. But I still want you to learn your lesson. Come with me, my daughter. She told me. I get up off from my bed and walk with her for ten minutes until we stop at the cliff outside of the castle.

“You are special, and very lucky. You were born very powerful, rich, and without problems. The world we rule over is not that lucky. They have wars and kids without parents and even people who sail on tiny boats in big storms just to avoid being killed in wars. It’s very sad what those people go through, but you are only eleven. You wouldn’t understand.” My mother sighed.

But I do understand. I’m lucky to be here. I’m lucky to not be down on that dreadful place.

“My parents once sent me down there to live a full life as one of the people from earth. Even though I had an upper-middle class life, it was a living nightmare. I’d never do that to you. I saw pain, I felt pain and I couldn’t do anything about it. You’re still too weak to put up with that.”

“I understand mother. The people who live down there are basically forever suffering. But what was it that Vanera was really talking about? Why do the Sun and the Moon want to start a war?” I ask, staring out at all of the other kingdoms I can spot from the cliff. The clouds are below us and the sky is a beautiful shining blue.

“Their son died. They need someone to blame, and they randomly chose us. It doesn’t have anything to do with you in case if you were worried.” How does she know? I feel as if the reason they declared war is my fault.

“How do you know it’s not my fault? I’m pretty sure at least one person per kingdom despises me.” I say, laughing a bit.

“They don’t despise you. They have just had a couple unpleasant experiences involving you. You are not involved in any of this, okay?” She tells me.

I sigh but something is still bothering my mind. The Sun and Moon’s son died?

“Wait... the god of Stone died?” I ask. I swear I saw him the other day.

“No, it wasn’t him. It was the god of dinosaurs.”

“So with his death we are not only altering life on earth, but we are also causing a war? That is just great.” I say, sighing. Eleven and going to war. I’d give anything to be the people on earth.

Chapter two - Training

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