Author: IRmjii
Type: Poem
Rating: Safe
Status: Complete
Preceding: None
Succeeding: None

A Poem By IRmjii

  • In my peice of pie i found
  • A rectangular table
  • A peice of cable
  • My friend Mabel
  • And 1 sticky label.


  • In my peice of chocolate i found
  • 1 squishy and slimy brain
  • A stinky and smelly drain
  • A very old toy train
  • And a shirt with a stain.


  • In my slice of cheesecake i found
  •  Some water from the lake
  • A extra slice of cake
  • A old fashioned rake
  • And my missing cadbury flake.


  • In my scoop of ice cream i found
  • 1 small metal can
  • A very small portable fan
  • A box of wholewheat bran.
  • And a big metal frying pan.

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