Omega Squad Series

Author: Leopard
Rating: Moderate
Status: Complete

The Omega Squad is one of six squads. To each squad is two starships, with four crew members. They are overseen and organised and shouted at by the Alpha Project, one of the branches of the galactic government based on Mars who employ people from all planets and places to pilot ships for missions.

The Omega Squad are the ragtag bunch that wanted to be starship crews but weren't good enough for any other Squad. They are in constant competition with the higher ranking squads: Xi, Pi, Chi, Psi, then Omega. Each Squad is comprised of two ships, and each ship has a crew of four: a captain who is definitely in charge, a commander who isn't quite captain, an officer to sit around and watch, and an engineer for when something goes wrong.

The Omega Squad are usually sent on the missions no-one else wants because everyone else gets to choose. They are sent to the far reaches of the explored universe in order to track down criminals, find dangerous items, and on occasion to explore. Though had the Alpha Project thought it through, they'd probably not send their worst crews to go on the most dangerous missions. Or perhaps that is why.


  1. A Small Problem
  2. A Lost Planet
  3. A Chilly Encounter
  4. The More Things Change
  5. Absolute Power/The Enemy Of My Enemy (title tbc)
  6. And Then There Were None

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