Here is the 2015 sequel to Oliver and Company named Oliver and Company 2: Thug Runway.

Tyrone Sykes

It was November 31st at New York city and thanksgiving was just about over. The families have finished their handmade dinners, and went back to bed. On this November night, on the central street known as Runway 334 North St. Avenue 92736, was a basement that once belonged to a vicious mafia leader named Bill Sykes, But now, a group of dangerous, intelligent-skilled thugs known as The Blade Gangsters, inhabited the basement. There was no lights on as if someone forgot to turn it on. But Bill's brother, Tyrone Sykes, had something different in mind.

“Yo thugs!” He said to his crew before turning the light bulb on.

The Blade Gangsters looked at him as if they are listening to what he is saying. And as Tyrone turned to his gangsters, he continued:

“I got some bad news for ya.”

As the gangsters and thugs gathered around, Tyrone's two most delicate sidekicks Crumbtool and Dagger Rock came in. Crumbtool was a bit fat and wears only an under-shirt with some gray pants and brown shoes while Dagger Rock had a few teeth knocked out, he therefore was wearing a blue cap and a torn black shirt with a skull and a word at the bottom saying Thug Life. And as Tyrone continued, he said:

“3 weeks ago, I lost my brother. It's all because of a cat! A cat by the name of Oliver.”

And as the thugs gasped and muttered through the conversation, Crumbtool went like:

“Oh that stupid kitty! We gonna bust him up the...”

But before he could say the a-word, Dagger Rock shushed him and whispered:

“Yo! Watch the language.”

And as Tyrone turned to them, with a vicious glare he shouted:

“No back talk!”

And as he took out his pistol, he pulled the trigger causing the roof to have a hole shot in it. He continued to talking about the situation:

“If Bill wasn't dead, Oliver would die. But, he did get hit by the train so, tough luck!”

So as the three gangsters went outside, the rest remained inside still discussing the situation. Dagger Rock, Crumbtool and Tyrone sat down on the deck to see the ocean flow by and watched the city sparkle up its lights. Dagger Rock said:

“You know, maybe we can think of someway to return the favor.”

After Tyrone heard what he said, he grew a pleasant smile and as he took out his pistol he had in his pocket, he convinced Dagger:

“Well… there's always a secondary try.”

So as Crumbtool and Dagger Rock look at each other, Tyrone Sykes got up and as he looked at his photo of him with Bill Sykes with a new york citizen being tortured, it meant that he misses him very much.

“So tonight my thugs, we will swear vengeance on that cat and his company.”

As he turned to New York city from his basement with The Blade Gangsters, he said with confidence:

“Once we rule New York, there will be no turning back,”

As Crumbtool got excited and more interested, he said:

“And then, we rule the entire society!”

“That's right Crumbtool. The Police has done enough good work. Now, it's time for crime, violence, and fear to take over.”

As he chuckled evilly, Crumbtool and Dagger Rock opened the door for the rest of The Blade Gangsters t come outside and be assembled. As they got assembled, Tyrone stood up to an old closed box. A box that looked like it had loot in it. He gave out his prominent thug speech:

“Alright thugs. Listen up! Tonight we make our biggest plan of the year. We will kill Oliver, so we can rule New York. If we fail, we will have our revenge. Who's with me?”

As all of The Blade Gangsters raised their hands, including Dagger Rock and Crumbtool, Tyrone grinned evilly. And as he said:

“Yeah that's right. We will soon get ready for thug night.”

As he chuckled evilly, all The Blade Gangsters prepared their weapons. For tomorrow will creep up on them and they will start out first thing tomorrow morning: causing crime to New York city.

Beginning of December

Friendship Reunion


The Blade Gangsters

Finding out The Past


Dodger vs. Crumbtool

Danger Isn't Easy


Bill's Ghost

Street Violence



Rescue Plan

Torture Center

Oliver's Gang to the Rescue

Thug Night

Final Showdown

New York's feline Hero

Christmas Eve

Christmas Day

Moving In