Never Good Enough

Author: Ebony Huo
Rating: Moderate
Status: In Progress


I suppose I was never good enough for her. I was the underdog, the stupid one, the ugly one, everything. Never good enough for her. Five-year difference, and you would've though everything would've been so easy.

It's not. Believe me.

I liked math. I really did. I also liked school and orchestra. A lot of kids at my age, 12, absolutely hated school. I loved it. It was another reason to escape the Pit of Horror, aka my house. The teachers were nice, classes were fun and challenging, and I had a few close friends.

There was just the problem that Mable had gone through Heritage Middle School as well, and everyone expected me to be as great as her.

But otherwise, school was great. Sure, there were the few jerks and bullies who made my life miserable, but otherwise, it was cool.

Then there was my family. It consisted of my mother, my father, and my sister. My mother locked herself in her study all day, my father worked in Houston, and my sister went to a boarding school. The rare times my parents came to talk to me, it was horrifying.

I wasn't a very good child, I suppose. I had a short temper, a sharp tongue, and I always got angry. The only feelings I usually had were anger, depression, hatred, fury, and with my friends at school, happiness. I was ugly, with weird, rough, thick black hair with lighter areas that went below my shoulders. Mable had clean, neat, glossy jet-black hair that went to her waist. I had dark brown eyes, almost black, while Mable had beautiful light hazel-brown eyes with gold and green flecks dotting her pupils. I had weird, tan skin with a hint of gray. Mable had pure, smooth light skin.

I was ugly.

Oh, and I had glasses.

I was pretty smart at my age. I took ninth grade math classes. Compared to Mable, though, I was terrifyingly stupid.

I had common, short outbursts, only at my family, never at my friends or teachers. Mable was sweet, calm, smug, and snobby, but just so perfect compared to me. I played the delicate violin, while Mable played the beautiful, soft flute and piccolo. Sometimes, I just wished Mable never existed. My life would've been a whole lot easier.

I feel like Mable felt the same way about me. A life without a stupid, rotten sister? Perfect!

Although I still don't understand why, if she though of me like that, she cried as she stood next to my deathbed.

Chapter 1

In Heritage, you've got several groups- the popular people, the nerds, the sadists, the bullies, the followers, the leaders, and the loners. I fall into the group of the loners and the nerds.

My friends fall into the group of loners, sadists, and nerds. We don't follow, and we certainly don't lead.

First period is science, where we learn about electrons and neutrons and protons and the elements and the atoms. Personally, I don't like science (worst subject), since it was just so boring to me. The teacher, Mrs. Johnson, sounded like she had come back from the dead, like that professor in Harry Potter. Great book series.

"All right class," she announces/drones. "We are learning about atoms."

Aditya, the smartest guy in possibly all of sixth grade, looks absolutely excited while everyone else, including me, looks as though we were going to fall asleep any moment.

"What do you know about atoms?"

Aditya's hand shoots up in the air. No one follows. I know a thing or two about atoms, I just don't like drawing attention to myself.

Unless it's in writing, orchestra, or math. Then I like drawing attention to myself.


"An atom's core is called a nucleus, which is made up of neutrons and protons. Electrons orbit the nucleus in layers called shells. Protons have a positive charge, while electrons have a negative charge. Depending on the number of protons, the electrons will have the same amount as protons. Mass is calculated by the number of neutrons. The-"

"That's enough Aditya," Mrs. Johnson interrupts, and I stifle a snort of laughter as she looks half-asleep. Everyone in science looks half-asleep except for Aditya, whom's almost bouncing with excitement. "Like what Aditya said, we are going to be learning about protons, neutrons, and electrons."

It bothers me so much she acts like we're toddlers.

Something tickles in the back of my throat and I awkwardly cough. The tickling persists and I awkwardly cough even more.

While I was awkwardly coughing, Mrs. Johnson hands out worksheets to us, and says, "You have ten minutes to finish this. Go."

I finish my awkward cough and get to work on the worksheet, ignoring my tablemates' mutter about atoms and everything. I'm stuck on the last question, which she never explained to us, which was 'Where is the atomic mass located?' and I'm wondering if the answer was really obvious, until the bell rings.

When the bell rings, it's a good sign that you have five minutes to arrive at your next class as quickly as possible. It's also a sign that you should try to not get trampled in the hallways.

I hurry through the crowds of sixth, seventh, and eighth graders towards the gym, where I have PE, and dropping my stuff off outside the gym, I rush into the girls' locker room.

When I get to my locker, I realize that my "corner" had been taken. Two girls stand there, gossiping about something, and I get angry.

In the locker rooms, ever since the coaches found out that someone threw underwear into the toilet, we have to change in the locker rooms only. I had claimed a corner, which was spacey yet had privacy. And now someone had stolen it.

I grumble under my breath, and a tickling in my throat catches me by surprise and I cough openly. The two girls look at me as though I'm a bug. "Ugh, gross!" one of them says. I think her name's Carol.

"Go cough somewhere else!" the second girl gags. "I don't want your spit or germs on me!"

I roll my eyes, and I cough noticeably in their direction. They yell and go to another corner.

So now I have my corner to myself. I start to celebrate when the bell rings, and I hurriedly change into my PE uniform.

Chapter 2

coming soon

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