My Friend Jimmy!

Author: IRmjii
Rating: Explicit
Status: In Progress
Series: My Friend Jimmy!
Preceding: None
Succeeding: None

My Friend Jimmy! is a original series created By IRmjii. 


Declan Brotherson is a 12 year old who doesn't have many friends at school. Declan lives in a poor but not Poverty-Strucken house. On the way home he meets a giant monster who is a few feet taller than him and becomes friends with him. Unfortunatley everyone is trying to get rid of him and The Police are also trying to capture him and put him in the zoo but Declan won't stand for it. Join Declan as he plays with his new friend however he finds it more difficult to achieve because of the tricks the monster keeps playing.....


1. I'm Jimmy!

2. A Friend In Need.

3. Job Insurance

4. Old Dog, New Tricks

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