My Brother, My Brother

Author: Leopard
Rating: Moderate
Status: Complete


A series of mostly Thor-centric shorts, all based on or inspired by songs to some extent. Mostly, an excuse for a bit of a character study of Thor because he really doesn't get enough love and enough appreciation for the hardships he goes through because he hides it so well. This may or may not have some chronological order but I doubt they'll be connected very much. 

If you don't like Thor, well, I don't like you. If you do like Thor, which you should, I'm afraid this is going to be a little bit sad. 


  1. Where I'm Supposed to Be - Post-Thor // Severus and Stone - Radical Face
  2. I've Come Home - Post-Thor // Welcome Home - Radical Face
  3. Whispers of a Dream - Post-Thor // Call Me - Shinedown
  4. Hold a Little Tighter - Pre-Avengers // 4:AM Forever - Lostprophets
  5. Mistakes And All - Post-Avengers, Pre-Thor 2 // Letters Home - Radical Face
  6. Someone I Once Knew - Thor 2 // Through the Ghost - Shinedown
  7. In a While Now - Thor 2 // Amaryllis - Shinedown (Part One)
  8. A Lonely Silhouette - Post Thor 2 // Amaryllis - Shinedown (Part Two)
  9.  ???


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