Author: Gigglesplash
Rating: Safe
Status: In Progress


I threw Trials of Appollo out the window.

After the Prophecy of Seven's completion,Percy and Annabeth graduate high school,then college,then get married.

Annabeth,now a famous archetect,runs a succesful business.Percy is (trying) to write a fiction novel (ha,like that would happen) and they live in a beautiful home along the New York coast.

Now that you know that,this should be easy enough to follow.

Chapter 1


“Percy,"I said,elbowing him,“I think that's her over there!"

“How can you tell?"

“Maybe because she is holding a sign with our names on it?"I said,rolling my eyes.

Percy squinted his eyes,trying to read the poster in the girl's hands.We're both dyslexic,so it took a moment to read.It looked like it said Precy nda Nnabteh Jacskon? which I assumed meant Percy and Annabeth Jackson?

We waved at her.Seeing us,the girl came over.

“You must be Luna,"Percy said.She nodded.

Luna was tall for her age with dark brown hair and pretty blue eyes.She had a bag in one hand,the poster in the other.“Hi,"She said,sounding shy.

“Come on,"Percy said,smiling,“The sooner we get home,the sooner we get to have dinner."

Luna gave a faint smile at Percy's stupidity.


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