A short story by Shuckle. Rated Moderate.

Chapter One

"I love this time of year..." Kate whispered, breathing in the fresh smell of flowers. At this time of year, the lilies were always in bloom, and so the city which she lived in had a huge festival. The festival was the best part of the whole year, with great food, great music, and great shopping! "This is one good part about living here. The weather may be terrible, but it's all made up for here."

"I agree." Her boyfriend, John, said, smiling happily. As they sat on the bench and took in everything, John's phone began to ring. He picked it up, and saw that it was his friend, Drew. "Drew, are you and James still coming? We've been waiting for nearly a hour!" 

"Well, you see...I'm here already, over by the Blue Oyster. But James, well, he's here. But just not with me." 

"What? Where'd he run off to?"

"By the time I asked him to come, he said he was already coming to the carnival, but he was going with someone else. A date, as he put it."

John and Kate sat there in shock. James had always talked about how he never wanted a girlfriend, and blatantly didn't care for love. He was the school tough kid and one of the top jocks. 

"Who....?" was all John could say.

"That's the problem, he never said. Perhaps we should find out for ourselves."

"Alright, we'll be over in a few minutes. Stay put!"

With that, John hung up, and he and Kate walked over to the Blue Oyster, which was one of the top meeting spots for the whole festival. In a few minutes, they spotted Drew, who immediately flagged them down. 

"So where should we look first?" Drew asked. The festival was huge, and took up nearly five of the cities main streets, and many smaller streets.

"Well, knowing James, he hates art, so that cuts down the arts area. And he really likes food, but not chocolate. Hm...." John thought. Kate was deep in thought too.

"He likes a good time too, so maybe he'll be around the games area!" Kate said, pointing to the east. 

"Good idea!" John said, and they began to head out toward the games area.

  • Mini Time-Skip*

"That Ferris Wheel is huge...." John whispered, staring up at the towering giant. "Look! James!" He pointed to the top of the Ferris Wheel. James seemed to be talking and laughing with someone, but the mystery girl was seated away from them, blocked by James's muscular build.

"Quick! Let's get on! We might get a better view from the top!" Kate said. All three of them hastily got on the Ferris Wheel and soon they began to go higher and higher. Even though they were getting higher, they realized James would be getting off soon. "Dang it! Let's try to get a look!" They all craned their heads into James compartment.

"That looks like he's with a brunette." John said, craning his neck as far as he could. "That narrows it down a bit."

"Well, while we wait to get down, we can think about some girls that he might like," Kate suggested. Drew nodded in agreement.

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