Love's Web


Love isn't a dream. It is a web that requires to be weaved through. It is a place where you encounter obstacles every second of the way. It is where you reveal yourself...and the others around you.


As a young child, I never thought too much about love. Sure, I had read the occasional Twilight, The Fault in our Stars, The Selection, and Divergent, but I never considered I, Amber Layne, a candidate to such a story. But that changed. When Flint came along, everything changed. He was breathtaking, but not only did he take my breath. He took everything I had along with it.

Chapter 1: That Time of Year

It was that time of year again.


I personally love school in a way, but it's the people that get to me.It's interesting, learning thing like 3.14159 is pi, the periodic table, PEMDAS, etc. But I've never quite communicated with people very well.

I am a perfectionist, 100% OCD. I have anxiety and depression, and I'm very sickly. I know, it sounds bad, but I've coped.

Tomorrow was my first day, but everyone else's 27th. I know, it sounds weird, but I had severe bronchiolitis. (Look it up kids, learn a lot!)

I've been at the same school for 3 years, but I've been a late bloomer. Already a sophomore in high school, I'm still without a boyfriend.

Not that that's a problem or anything, but it's just quite rare according to my calculations. (Considering that everyone in the school has already dated somebody during some point of their life)

My family is rich, by the way.

Today I go to buy school supplies. I didn't expect my parent to buy me anything anyway.

Yes, parent as in only 1. Not plural. Singular.

My dad disappeared just over a 2 months ago, and my mother has driven herself crazy, having 3 jobs.

We can honestly do with only 1 job, but my mother hates when we aren't as wealthy as possible.

The only time she really spends time with me is when she eats her meals, so I try to always be on time and make sure the setting is right so we can cherish the short time we have with each other.

My mother and I are vegan, so I had to find ways to work around that. Finally, I decided to make her some spicy chickpea wraps.

The wraps would be ready by 12:01, according to my calculation. Unfortunately, mother came home at 11:57.

"Amber Elizabeth Layne!!!" she screamed, stomping into the house realizing I hadn't finished making her meal yet.

"Yes, mother...," I murmured quietly, bracing myself for a fierce lecture.

"I let the servants take the day off for one day. One day, Amber! And you suddenly don't care if I eat or not? You know how busy I am, young lady," she scolded.

"It'll be ready in 4 minutes...," I whispered.

"Did I ask you how long it would take?" my mother shouted, raising her voice so high I was surprised it didn't break the glass.

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