Warning: There is slight rape involved. You have been warned.

Author Note

When I meant slightly different I meant some chapters would be different. Here is the first chapter, I hope you enjoy it.

Chapter 1 (Elsa's P.O.V)

I stare at my best friend's grave. She was like a sister to me. At least, she is at peace now. I set a rose in front of her tombstone as tears rolled down my cheeks.

"it was all my fault Anna. I should have save you when I could," I look at my hands. "But trying to control my stupid ice powers prevented me from seeing you." I put my hands in my lap. "I didn't want to hurt you, but..." I let out a small whimper. " It shouldn't have mattered." More tears come out as the emotional pain hits me.

"I'm sorry Anna." I breath in and out. "I find whoever did this to you." I clenched my hands into fist. "I will make them pay."

I get up off the ground and take on last look at Anna's tombstone before walking to my carriage. I remember during Anna's sickness, that something wasn't right with her. A few days back, she and I were just having a conversation when all of the sudden she kissed me. I pulled back fast and was shocked. Before I could say anything, she told me that she had a crush on me for awhile. Even if she adored Jack, Guy, and Hiccup's younger brother, she told me that she didn't really love them. I told her that I don't feel the same at all, since I was, and still am, in love with Hiccup. She didn't seem happy when I told her that. Two days later, she died when me and Hiccup got engaged. Well, at least I thought she was dead, but last night she came in my bedroom and tried to seduce me to be her's. It almost worked, but Mr. Bunnymund killed her before she even touched me. When she died, I have been feeling some presence lurking over me. I'm not sure what it is, but it isn't here now.

When I got to my carriage, I tell the driver to take me back home. He soon does as I look out my window. I hope Hiccup is okay. He told me that he would be visiting Count Black for some research. I told him it would be fine. I remember him kissing me before he left. He told that he would be back next month before sundown. I agreed and told him I would be fine.

The last letter I received from him stated that he was fine and there was nothing I shouldn't worry about ,but I can't help it. I bite my lip. I just hope with all this madness happening, I would at least have a good night's rest


Walking back into my house feels different. without Anna. I sure do feel alone. She was the only one that kept me company when Hiccup was away. I feel sadness seep through me, but I shake it off. No I have to feel strong. That's what Anna would have wanted.

"Miss Elsa, are you okay?" I'm brought back to reality by hearing Jack's voice.

I notice that he is concerned for me, but he was Anna's fiance and I'm Hiccup's. Ever since Anna died, he has been acting strange. I don't know what it is.

"Yes, I am Mr. Frost-" He smiled and grabbed my hand.

"Please call me Jack." When he kissed my hand, I pulled it away while shocked.

I don't understand him. He's acting like Anna never existed. "Um... I should be heading to bed. It's almost dark and a woman does deserve her beauty sleep." He nodded in agreement as I was heading up the stairs.

"Hope you get your rest Madam." I stopped at the middle of the stairs and looked back at him.

"I will." Then I made my way to my bedroom.


Being in my bedroom was relaxing, but sleeping was the hard part. I felt like I haven't slept at all. Tossing and turning was not use. I sighed and sat up. I looked at my surroundings and noticed the moonlight. Maybe I did sleep. I just don't remember.

I suddenly felt a gust of cold air. I look at my window and notice that it was open. I got up, from my bed, and walked towards the window. I noticed how full the moon looked tonight. Even though it was snowing, the cold never bothered me anyway. I shut my window and headed back to my bed.

When I got in my bed, I felt safe. Hopefully I'll fall asleep. While I was resting my eyes, I felt someone's hand caress my cheek. I was jolted by the touch, but calmed down as soon as I knew who it was.

"What are you doing here, Jack?" He smiled a bit since I didn't say "Mr. Frost".

"I just wanted to see you." I was confused.

"But we see each other everyday." He sighed.

"I wanted to be alone," He grabbed my hand with both of his hands. "Together." I pull my hand away again, but this time in anger.

"Jack, Hiccup and I are engaged. You are Anna's fiance-"

"Correction." Jack interrupted me."I was Anna's fiance. I actually wasn't interested in her." He grabbed my hand again and slightly pulled me closer. "I loved you. I always loved you. The only way I had to get close to you was to try to convince Anna to marry me. Once we were married, I would be able to see you often." I was so shocked, I couldn't speak. "But," Jack continues "Hiccup was in the way of me seeing you. So since Hiccup has gone to Transylvania and Anna is dead, there is nothing that can stand between us." Jack then started kissing my neck.

"That's very flattering, I don't feel the same way." I felt my face heat up.

"I think you body disagrees." He travels his kisses up my neck to my ear. "Don deny it." I felt his finger touch my underwear. "Looks like somebody is wet." I moaned when he touched me there.

I shouldn't be feeling this way, but something about it is driving me mad. When his finger slid past my underwear, that's when the real madness began. I felt like I was drowning in pleasure, but I didn't want this. Not from him.

"Jack...Please...Stop..." I said through my panting

He just laughed. "You say no as your body wants it." I try to scoot back, but he pulls me closer. I gasp as the pleasure increases.

I try pushing him, but nothing happens. I moan some more as I feel hot. Suddenly, the pleasure feeling is gone as Jack is tossed from my bed by some force.. I feel my heart rate slow down to normal speed as I regain my focus.

"Are you okay?" I feel a hand on my cheek and stre in his gold eyes. He looks like someone I know, but I can't put my finger on it.

"Yes, I'm fine. I smile. "Thank you... um..."

"You don't need to know my name right now, but you will soon." He said."Just get some sleep." He continued. "We will see each other soon."

I gazed into his gold eyes. Something let me know I could trust him. So I did. As I rest my eyes, I felt my mind and body drift into the darkness of slumber.

Author's Note

Well what did you think of that chapter? Sorry for taking so long. I was kind of busy. Anyways, if you want to leave a review just comment and I will get back to you.

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