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Let There Be Lightning

Author: IRmjii
Type: Poem
Rating: Moderate
Status: Complete
Preceding: None
Succeeding: None

A 15 Part Poem By IRmjii


Evil lurks around every corner

It knows your every move

If it sees you it takes all the opportunities

To attack.


Doom is nearby

Every minute. Every hour

It knows where you live

And can pop in anytime.


It senses your footsteps

It senses your excape

It has quick attacks

That even you can't avoid.



It has powers of a magician

It has powers of a time lord


It has powers of a ghost

It has powers of a villian


It has powers of a school bully

It has the powers of a parent.


It has the powers of a robot

It has the powers of a astronaut


It has the powers of a brave man.

It has the powers of the military


It has the powers of a teacher

It has the powers of anyone.


Yellow is the word to describe 

This astounding banana.

Or the spectacular coin.


Fast is the word is mostly use for 

This strange plane

Or the surprising train


Shocking is best asociated

For this amazing electric spark

Or this amusing scientist.


Burnt is what i like to explain

For this funny person

Or this outdated meat.


Whatever the case may be

This will always

Remain a mystery to me.



It's such an unusual thing

To do such unusual damage to this person


Such unusal sparks

Of unusual electricity.



A small personality

And yet also a dark one

Can only give one a direction

To ones inner thoughts

And feelings.





Are the colours of my mind





Are the surroundings next to me





Is how i felt before this happened





Is the colours crowding around me before my death


Only one can dream

Before one can make it happen


One sentance can really make a difference in this poem.


This evil villian

Knows when to attack.

His name is Dylan

And does not have your back.


People walk up to me and call me shocking

Because i look like a big fat stocking

But i'm sure they were mocking

The fact that i was knocking.


People walk up to me and call me sad

Because i am a bit mad.

And they say i won't make a good dad.

Which is a bit bad.


People walk up to me and call me silly

As my name is billy

And i make a good chilly.

For someone with a big willy.


People walk up to me and call me strange

Or maybe a guy with no change

Or not enough signal range

And with a condition known as mange.


People walk up to me and call me cheesy

As i can be a bit queasy

As well being uneasy

And also quite sneezy.


People walk up to me and calle me weak

As i don't have a beak

But sometimes i do spring a leak

Because i am greek.


People walk up to me and call me funny

Even when it's sunny

Because i have a resemblence to the easter bunny

And also since i have no money


People walk up to me and call me a clown

From the other side of town

Which gives me a huge frown

And go all brown


People walk up to me and call me small

Because obviously i am not tall

Which means i can't catch a ball

And feell more pain when i fall


People walk up to me and question me

Why can't you even see?

I am a lightning bolt similar to a bee

And coloured like wee


My friends my family and people at school

Are dead which is so not cool

I've lost at pool

So i made him look like a fool.


Nobody likes me because i kill

To act like king of the hill

Even when i stay still

Or maybe when i forget to take my pill


I am hard

I am soft

I am cool 

I am cruel


I am brown

I am white

I am grey

I am green


I am kind

I am smart

I am evil

I am loud


I am fast

I am slow

I am quick

I am lazy


I am great

I am not

I am awesome

I am not


I am popular

I am alone

I am famous

I am rare.


I am big

I am tiny

I am tall

I am short


I am excited

I am bored

I am happy

  I am gone......


He's fast

He's slow

He is all around you


He knows where you are

He knows his tatics

He knows what to do


Don't try fighting back

Ash he is powered

To 9000 volts

Of awesomeness


Anyone who dares

Upsets the lightning bolt of 

Fury will get what's coming to them

A free trip to death....


1 volt

2 volts

3 volts more


5 volts 

6 volts 

7 volts GORE



Peace and Happiness

Is what we want

But with one Zap

and it's all shattered.


I just want to say that....*BOOOM*


Welcome to death

Welcome to hell.


Welcome to pain

Welcome to suffering


Welcome to hurt

Welcome to blood


Welcome to gore

Welcome to violence.


Welcome to darkness

Welcome to screaming


This is what we experience

This is what lightning does everyday.

End of the Poem.

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