Author: IRmjii
Rating: Moderate
Status: In Progress
Series: Daft Idiots
Preceding: None
Succeeding: Deal Or No Deal

LemonAid is the first book of Daft Idiots. It is currently in progress.


"Lemonade is the food of life. Without it i would get complaints for a refund" - Mark Whyte

To begin the road of sucsessfullville and become the worlds richest men Mark and Louis start a Lemonade Stand for the public. There they meet all kinds of customers such as an Elderly Woman, A yound child and a Bully. Because of Louises stupidity and Mark's annoyance it doesn't seem easy as they think it will.

Chapter 1 - Welcome Partners

"Oy get your head out of the green bin we have work to do!" I shout across over to my stupid and clumsy partner known as Louis Jackson. You see we are known as the King Of The Bank because were loopy for money. We would do all sorts with money such as playing with it, spending it, kissing it and even having sex with it. But becuase were only 24 years old it doesn't seem easy. Many of you think money is a thing that helps us in life which i suppose is true but in fairness it is taken for granted.

Anways i forgot to introduce ourselfs fully. I'm Mark Whyte. The Brains of the 2. "You what!?" Louis shouts in the background. "Oh shut up it's a known fact!" I respond back. We call ourselfsThe "Millionare Men" becuase we try us hardest to earn some form of cash. This isn't easy for some because our behaviour slows things down a bit. But one day we will walk up to Bill Gates and say Piss Off right in his face. Because that's how life is! It doesn't matter anyways if were not sucsessful because we can try again.

Trying again isn't always a good thing nor is it a bad thing but it can be annoying when it doesn't go right.

Ok so if you were to describe me i would be impatient. I am always impatient because of my desperation for money. If somethings go slow i do end up with a temper which i know can't be helped but if life wasn't a pain in the ass then maybe we would be somewhere. "You talking to me?" Louis calls out in the background. "Just go back to doing what you do best!" I shout "Leave me alone for a second". I also have to warn you i'm not the greatest D.I.Y builder in the world so things can look cheap but for a 24 year old what do you expect? Yes well Daniel Radcliff can go back to making Harry Potter films! I have work to do....Oh shut up were 24 for Christs Sake!

Anyway's moving on to my second and mostly Less - Fortunate co-worker. This is my partner Louis Jackson who is also my best friend. Ok i might have picked a complete dumbass i know but one he was lonely and two he was strong in his hands which works really well in these situations. He is dumb and also clumsy. But that still makes him strong. He lives 3 houses away from my house so it's only a short walk away. He is fast on his feet and really strong so this gives me an advantage. He also takes things literally sometimes but i'm not as bothered as i am with the others stuff. At least we stick together and work as a team becuase that's what it's all about isn't it? Working as a team. 

Well that's us sorted. Now before i move on people have been pestering me with this question: "Why do you want to be rich?". Well the answer is very very simple. It's not about the fame or about the fancy stuff. It's not even about my fetish for money. It's the fact that money gives me 4 wheels, a giant structured building and my own nerd to boss about (Basically if you have a mind like Louis it's basically saying we want a nice mansion, car and butler) It's been in our heads since the age of 10 and we won't get rid of it until this does happen (Knowing us though we probably won't be able to). Not like it matters though becuase like i said we can always try.

Ok so in order to make money we have been attempting to start many different business ventures such as this one. A lemonade stand. Yeah yeah you start laughing. I know it's childish but soon we will be having coppers in our hand before you can say silver! It's a great idea that will work but we need to have the energy to do it. Trust me. "Is lemonade what they give to the sick folk?" Louis calls in the background. "I already told you!" I said "Don't think" Forget him. I know he's dumb but he can be irritating at times. So any.....any.....oh crap i forgot what i was going to say.....Oh yeah i remember. Ok so we need to make the drink it'self. We need sugar, lemons and fizz! It's time to get cracking!

"I thought we were selling leomonade not eggs?" Louis wittedly calls out.

"Come on!" I shout "The money won't make it'self!"

Me and Louis walk off to begin our money adventure.

Chapter 2 - The Start Of A New Venture

Chapter 3 - Business Is Booming

Chater 4 - Production Line

Chapter 5 - Hello And Goodbye

Chapter 6 - The End?

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