Located in former West Australia. Some Australian slang is still present, and the climate is mostly dry and hot almost every season. Therefore, rivers and lakes don't freeze, allowing for fishing throughout the year.


Located in former East Russia. The Cryllic alphabet is still used, though is much simpler and incorperates more Latin letters into it.


Located in former South Sweden and Norway, as well as the Northern tip of Denmark. Lots of Nordic cultural carry-overs from Human Era.


Located in former North-West Venuezula. Extremely hot climate, though rainy. Most of the southern lands have been turned to molton rock, with a few minor volcanoes still active. Almost every citizen has tan-skin, a carry-over from the former Hispanic culture in South America.


Located in former West Africa, and the capital of New Countries Alliance. The citizens are snobbish, and also dark in skin color. 

Tierra Del Fuego

The last of humankind lives here, and there is a multitude of races there. The races included are American, Icelandic, Chinese, Dutch, Hungarian, Danish, and Russian. As a result, many languages can be heard, but English is the de facto. Their main focus is philosophy and linguistics.  

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