Laufey's Son

Author: Leopardclaw
Type: Poems
Rating: Moderate
Status: Complete

Sort of a post-Thor 2 poem about Loki. Not really spoilery.

My hands are ice blue
Frozen from lies and betrayal
The blue blood within my veins
Grips my head and
Twisted my mind to breaking

Some will call it madness,
You will call it jealousy
But in truth is is more like
Freedom to see past
The lies of my past

So what do you care?
I tried to take the world
Your precious little world
To prove I am not
Unworthy of love and chances

I did not mean to break you
To hurt your heart as mine has been
You have only ever known love
But not from me
Now I doubt you ever can

Will you forgive me again?
Do not leave me to rot
Alone I will surely turn truly
Mad from the pain of
Knowing there is no more love

I beg you to see my flaws
To help to to purge them
Give me one more chance to prove
I can be worthy for
You, but only for you

I shall not betray you again
Or at least I shall try
You do not deserve my
Cruelty but now I
Cannot stop it biting

Without you, I am alone.

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