Joseph Countryside

Author: Kidboy
Rating: Safe
Status: In Progress

Joseph Countryside is a book about a boy who runs away when his village us robbed.

Chapter I: Sweet, Sweet Brother

Maybe it wasn't because of my brother, but the fact I'd never return.

-Joseph's Diary

Half Six, they came. Took everything, my brother. I escaped but my sweet, sweet brother..... My village gets invaded every week, usually it's the old "PUT THE MONEY IN THE BAG!" but this particular day was different. They came with their guns, fired through the windows and robbed. Everyone's prized possessions were gone. And by 'Prized Possessions' I mean their family. My Mum, my Dad, my brother, bless my brother. I would've helped but I'm that sort of guy who runs in the face of danger. The plan was simple, I'd sneak on the train and run off at the countryside. There i'd go to my Gran's house and me safe. Little did I know I'd meet Aida.

Chapter II: French Girl

I was able to follow after some family pretending to be their child. The ticket man would come soon so I had to hide. I ran into the toilet, I'd be one of those guys who are like "I can't come out because I've got-" well whatever makes you poop alot. Hopefully the ticket man doesn't check the loo, he does. "Hello." he said in a voice you honestly don't want to here. "Tickets please." I put on my best adult voice and said. "I'm constipated." There was a awkward silence for a while until the man replied, "Constipation is it?" I was worried. "Let me know when you come out." Laughter could be heard all through the train, even I was smirking. Suddenly a bell was heard. "The train we be arriving at Grassville shortly." Grassville... I said to myself. Grassville was probably the closest to Gran's I would be able to get to.

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