Note from Author: This is my first real attempt at writing a "real" story. I've just begun and there's a lot more for me to learn, please don't be too harsh. Constructive criticism is appreciated.


Author: Sad Vampire
Rating: Moderate
Status: In Progress
Series: None
Preceding: None
Succeeding: None


A mysterious man creates an equally mysterious website where he writes a self-proclaimed autobiography about his strange, twisted life and his travels through time and space. The more popular the site gets, the more the man thinks he's unsafe...

Chapter 1

The man, determined but desperate, sits down on a nearby chair and rests his head in his arms. It shouldn't have been like this. Not like this. He moves his hand through his wild hair and wipes some dust off the screen in front of him with his other hand. He turns to old computer on, and watches wearily as the screen fills up with blue light. The man takes a look behind his shoulder- he knew they were watching him. There wasn't very much time left. 

Click, click, type, type. He's at a grey webpage which is almost blank save for the words Secret Jim written across the top of the page. The man begins to type, and soon enough, he's written out a whole paragraph.

He wrote: If you are reading this then congratulations. You have just found the key to unlocking one of the most important secrets of the universe. I may as well say it outright: I'm a time traveler, and I have been one for almost a decade now. I have been to 1776, to 1939, to 1453, even the Cretaceous. I have experienced things that I wish everyone could experience, seen things that no man should ever see. I will post all my secrets, all my travels, all my "adventures", if you will, in this webpage. But not now. Not now, not here. Sometime soon, sometime later. But not right now. Now, I must be going. Stay tuned.

More coming soon.

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