This is the first story in the Kanto Series of the Pokemon Adventures Series.

Pokemon Adventures Series:

Kanto Series

Book 1

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"Don't forget to sign up for your starter pokemon on the website!" Leaf's mom reminds her daughter at dinner. "The deadline is tonight."

"Thanks for reminding me, I almost forgot!" Leaf thanks her mother. She raced up to her room and logged on to her computer. She clicked on the bookmarked link to Professor Oak's website. She clicked on the "Get a Starter Pokemon" button, whick had a cute image of a pikachu on it.

Suddenly Professor Oak appeared on the screen and began to talk. "Today you are taking an important step of your life. It is now time for you to sign up for your Pokemon liscence. Now tell me, are you a boy, or a girl?"

Leaf laughed. Professor Oak was a good family friend, and normally he wouldn't need to ask this question. But she supposed it was all part of the sign-up. And besides, this was a digital version of Professor Oak, not the real one. She clicked on the girl option.

"So you are a girl!" Professor Oak exclaimed. "What is your name? Please enter your first and last name."

"L-e-a-f space G-r-e-e-n." Leaf mumbles as she types in her name.She smiled as she pressed enter, and she could hardly wait until she got her starter Pokemon! She began to feel excitement bubbling up in her.

"So your name is Leaf Green?" Professor Oak's recording asks. Leaf clicks on the yes button. 

"Congratulations! You are the third to sign up for a starter Pokemon! Please come to the Pokemon research lab in Pallet town on Saturday at 9:00am sharp to pick up your starter Pokemon. Don't be late!"

Leaf logs out of her computer. She wondered who the other two people where? She did know that one of them was her best friend, Oceana, who lived in the next town over. Who would the last person be? Suddenly she realized it must be Professor Oak's grandson, Phyre. He had recently turned 15, the minimum age to got your pokemon liscence. Leaf cringed. Phyre did not get along well with her, and she did not get along well with him. For some reason Leaf did not know, Phyre has a personal grudge on Leaf. 

Leaf pushed Phyre out of her mind. She would not let him put a damper on the excitement of getting her first pokemon and starting on her pokemon journey. This was the most exciting moment of her life so far, and she would not let Phyre ruin it!

Chapter 1

Leaf stood in Professor Oak's lab, along with Oceana and Phyre. However, Professor Oak was running late, leaving plenty of time for Phyre to make fun of her.

"I bet you give up before you've gotten off route 1." Phyre sneered. "It's a harsh world out there. What do you think Lavender town's for?"

Leaf ignored him. He thought he was so cool, just because Professor Oak was his grandfather. He thought that made him invincible and more knowegable about pokemon than anyone else. He was cocky, arrogent and downright annoying.

"I bet your pokemon will be the first to die. It's not such a hard thing to guess, with you as a trainer." Phyre went on.

Don't react... don't react... It's what he wants. Leaf told herself.

"I bet you'll fail bitterly. I know you're weak, just like your brother." Phyre grinned.

"Shut up!" Leaf shouted. "Drake is not weak!" Her older brother, Drake, had set out on a pokemon journey five years ago. A year later, her family had recieved a message saying that he had faced the final gym leader and lost. Then he disappeared. There had been know sign of him since. Leaf knew her parents presumed him dead. Leaf didn't know what to believe, but she did know that her brother was no coward. He was the bravest person she knew.

Just then Professor Oak walked into the room. Leaf's anger was pushed back and replaced with relief. She did not look at Phyre, but she knew he wore a triumphant grin. He had touched a nerve, and he knew it.

"Sorry I'm late. I got a notice this morning about a shiny pidgey being spotted in the area and I wanted to study it a bit before it was gone." Professor Oak explained. "But anyways, I'm glad your all here. That means we can begin right away."

(More coming soon)

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