by phoenix flight

chapter one

"Frostflower!" Whiteflash yowls. "I love you! Be with me foreverrrr!"

"No, Frostflower! Be with me!" Thunderclaw hisses, shoving Whiteflash aside. "Please!" he adds, throwing his pale orange glare over to the other tom.

I blink as if I hadn't an idea why they were begging me to be their mate. But I do know. It's because I've been dubbed the 'prettiest she-cat in all the Clans' by nearly all the toms in my Clan, RainClan. Twitching my ears, I purr, "I'll think about it."

"Noooo!" they both protest. "I can't wait till later!"

Stifling a purr of laughter, I say, "Yes, you can." I turn and slip out of the den, stepping over one of my sleeping Clanmates' tail. As I leave, I hear Whiteflash and Thunderclaw arguing over who loves me more.


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