Warning: Sight sexual reference, you have been warned.

Author Notes

Here is the first chapter for this story. I decided to do a chapter of every story once a week, so the next story called Angel of Sister Trilogy should be up next week if I can. So I hope you guys enjoy this chapter.

Chapter 1: Fantasy Turned into Reality

I never thought that vampires would exist. I played games that had them in it, but them being real is a whole different story.

But let’s not start there. Let’s start at the beginning.

I recently bought a game called Immortal Desires. In the game, the player got to make a choice. It could either be male or female. I choose female, of course. There are also different types of races.

First, there was vampire. They got to choose which vampire. There were Purebloods, which looked cool. They could stand sunlight, fine with crosses, and they only drank blood to help their wounds or fatigue. This meant that they could eat food. Bluebloods are the second type of vampires. They are also known as the Dracula bloodline. I had to admit, they looked pretty, but I didn’t pick them. They can’t stand sunlight, hated crosses and garlic, and they needed blood to survive. Damphires are the third type. They mostly served royalty; no matter it was human or vampire, etc. They could stand sunlight, are fine with crosses, and they only drink blood to heal themselves or when they are hungry.

Second, there was Demon. I never really thought about that, but when I checked them out they weren’t that bad. They could handle sunlight, not well with crosses or anything holy, and they needed sexual energy to heal themselves, which kind of made me giggle, since I have a crush on a certain boy at school. If he fed on sexual energy, I would totally let him. But, alas, he is just human.

Third, there was fae/fairy. They did look beautiful, but the downside was that vampires were attracted to them. I wasn’t sure if I would pick them or not so I checked out human instead.

Fourth, there was Human, but they didn’t nearly look pretty as fairy/fae did. So for my race, I picked fae, while not caring if vampires wanted me or not.

As for class, I picked Royalty. There was beggar and commoner, but I was always fascinated by royalty. I gave her my name, Madeline, but when it came for nickname I called her Maddie. Madeline was cool and all, but Maddie was better. As for her hair style, I did a black braid. I always loved braids and my hair is naturally black. I thought those two made a great pair

I was going to press complete, when I was done with her, but our power went out, causing the game to crash.

“Are you Serious?” I was beyond angry. I was pissed.

I threw my controller down and crossed my arms in anger. Then my bedroom door opened and I saw my mother walk in with a candle.

“Madeline Stewart Johnson,” I could tell she was mad at me as I was feeling busted. “It is way past your bedtime.” I felt bad, but when I tried to say something her glare shut me up. “In bed, now.” I did what she said and crawled in my bed as she shut my door.

I just closed my eyes and feel asleep. Not caring nor thinking about anything else. I knew I had school tomorrow, but didn’t care. I knew everything was going to be fine.

Everything was fine, until I noticed a strange boy staring at me as I was eating lunch, with my best friend Lauren, outside. I couldn’t really see his face, but I could tell it was a boy by the way he dressed, especially with a black coat on along with the hood covering his head.

“Looks like someone, has their own stalker.” I turned and looked at Lauren’s brown eyes as she looked at my blue ones.

I knew she was kidding, but I sure didn’t like it. I scoffed. “How can he be my stalker? I don’t even know him.” Lauren giggled.

“You don’t have to known them, silly. You’re so lucky. I wished a guy would stalk me.” I rolled my eyes.

Lauren was always boy crazy. She would think of weird thing that girls wouldn’t always think of. Even though she acted weird sometimes, she was a good person by heart. Half of the things she usually daydreams about would never happen. I think it’s okay to think about something as long as they don’t do it.

“You can have him if you want.” I picked up my tray and threw away in the trash bin. “Be. My. Guest.” She looked at me and laughed.

“I would love to, but he isn’t my type.” She then threw her tray away. “Besides, class will start soon. We need to get to math class early if we want to sit in the front row.”

I sighed. Mrs. Norberry was the most fun teacher, but when we usually get there the whole front row was taken. So we usually have to sit in the back. Also the math homework is fair, but I am confused on some things. Good thing Lauren is always there to help me. She is a math wiz when it comes to math.

“Okay.” I said as we start to go back in the school.

In the middle of the Hallway, I realized I left my backpack outside and told Lauren I had to get it. “Okay.” She said. “I’ll let her know so she won’t count you late.”

“Thanks.” I said while heading to the outside cafeteria.

When I got outside, I noticed my backpack was gone, which causes me to panic. “Don’t freak out Maddie, you can find it.” I start looking everywhere at my table and check other tables too, but no luck. “Shit. Now, I’m going to have to explain myself to Mrs. Norberry, but how?” I ponder on the thought until coming to a conclusion. “Maybe I can tell her I left it at home. Yeah that sounds good.” I was going to run back to my class, when suddenly I stopped in my tracks. I saw the same boy I saw earlier, now standing in front of me.

“What do you want?” I tried acting tough to see if it would make him scared, but no cigar.

He just kept stairing at me which made the environment feel awkward. I sighed.

“Look buddy, I have no time for this. I’m going to be late for class. So, I suggest you step aside or I’ll do it for you.” I held up my fist as this guy was annoying the hell out of me. Who does he think he is?

He laughed. “You have such fire in you. Now I know why master picked you.” I was confused, but before I could speak he showed me my backpack. “I presume you were looking for this.”

That made me mad and scared that he had it, but I was going to set him straight. “You better give that back or I’ll—”

“Oh,” I could hear sarcasm in his voice. “You mean this thing?” He snickered. “You can have it, but in order to do so…” He then threw it in the bushes. “I suggest you fetch it.”

I hated the way he said that, but I really didn’t have time for this. I decided to just grab it and go. Yes, that would be the best option. I started running to the bushes, but he grabbed my arm.

“Ah, ah, ah. Not so fast.” I looked back at him and he snickered. “Did you really think I was going to let you go so easily.”

I gritted my teeth. “You bast—”Then I was flung into the girl’s bathroom.

The impact felt bad as I hit the tile floor, but I was surprised I wasn’t hurt.

I got up slowly, just in case I was wrong, I wasn’t. I stood perfectly fine. Then he walked in making my blood boil. Who does he think he is?

“Pity,” My eyes become wide from shock as he continued. “I thought you would put up more of a fight with your fairy powers.” He then took off his hood revealing his true form. “I guess you’re saving your energy for better use.” I felt totally insulted. Does he know that I’m just a mortal?

I don’t have any powers he was referring to.  I looked at him more closely and noticed that his pale skin and purple eyes are similar to the game I got last night. Could it be possible that he is from the game? No, it can’t be. It is just a game and nothing more.

His laughter, echoing through the bathroom walls, brought me back to reality. “Do you think I’m that stupid?” I was confused, but he just chuckled some more. “Silly girl,” He smirked as I furrowed my brows. “That game you got was one of the rare ones Master made. We are real just as much as you are.” Suddenly, I was shoved against the wall by his force. “There is no denying it. I felt his cold body press against me, which made my skin crawl. “He chose you for a reason.” He leaned closer as I turned my head away. He wasn’t going to steal my first kiss, which I was saving it for Kevin. “As soon as you chose your fairy princess, he knew you were the one.” Then I felt his breath on my neck as he breathed. “I have to admit, Princess. Your blood does smell good.” I felt his hand touch my cheek as I looked at him. “You also do look beautiful.” I felt a force that made me feel pleasurable. This can’t be real, but sadly it was. “I know I’m not supposed to drink from you, but something about you attracts me to you.” I notice that he was blushing. What the hell is going on here? Why is he acting different?

His hand soon traveled down my neck to the bottom of my dress. Damn it, I shouldn’t have worn a dress today. I felt his fingers touch my underwear, which makes me moan while he kissing my neck.

“Don’t worry I’ll be gentle.” As he continued, I started feeling unbearable pleasure.

Is this what sex was like? It felt so good, I didn’t want it to stop. He then was about to kiss my lips, when suddenly he was knocked to the side. I felt dizzy, but whatever was making me think those thoughts have subsided.

“Are you okay?” I looked up and noticed Kevin wearing a strange outfit.

I felt so confused. “What are you wearing?” He just grabbed my hand.

“There is no time to explain. We need to go to a different universe.” I did get a chance to speak as he started running, with me behind. This didn’t make any sense, but I sure hope I would get some answers soon.

As we continue to run, I heard the bathroom door open behind us. I glaced behind me and see that vampire guy put his hood back on.

“You think you can use your powers to make me fall for you!” He laughed “You’re not my type. He then runs fast, as I turn my head back and see a open portal. We almost make it, but he blocks our path. “You think you guys can escape me?” He laughs again. “We vampires are faster than any other race.”

Kevin lets go of my hand. “I knew this would happen.” He  reached into his strange coat. “That’s why I came prepared.”

“What are you—” Before the vampire guy could finish his sentence, Kevin threw the powder on the ground, which looked like some smoke bomb.

The guy started coughing like crazy as Kevin grabbed my hand. I was coughing too, but not as much as the Vampire Guy. We reached the portal and decided to jump in. Well actually Kevin decided to jump in, without my decision.

Once we jumped in, the world changed. I knew I wasn’t in California anymore. This place looked different and my mind clicked. I wasn’t in the real world, I was in the game. Kevin let go of my hand and looked back at me as the portal closed.

“I know this might seem different—”

“You think.” I sounded like captain obvious since this was very obvious.

“But,” He continued. “If you let me explain, you won’t need to freak out.” I looked around and noticed that we were in a castle. This still didn’t make any sense.

“Fine,” I crossed my arms. “You have my attention.”

He nodded. “Okay, this is good.” He looked around. “Good thing they aren’t back yet.”

I was confused. “They? Who are they?” He looked at me and kept a straight face.

“I will explain everything soon. Just follow me to your bedroom.” I blushed a little bit, because of two reasons.  Reason #1: I always had a crush on Kevin, because he is the most popular guy in school and most girls loved him for his blond hair, but I liked his blue eyes the most. Reason #2: I had sex dreams of me and him in my bedroom, but I never had him over. He grabbed my hand once more and we headed, upstairs, to my bedroom.

When we got to my bedroom, it was very different than form the one at home. I sat on my bed and sighed as I noticed everything was dark red, which was very close to satin. Then I looked back at him.

“So,” I noticed he was sitting in a chair, after shutting my bedroom door. “What is that you want to tell me?”

He put his hands in his lap. “This is going to sound strange,” He breathed in and out, while biting his lip. “But,” He released his lip. “That game called Immortal Desires is actually not a game.” He was silent a moment before he spoke once more. “It is a real world, we are in now. “I was so shocked I didn’t realize I was holding my breath.

I exhaled along with a sigh. “Tell me everything.”

Author's Note

What do you think about that chapter? I know it seems long, but I like to put my thoughts than actions in the story. So tell me what you think in the comments and I will get back to you.

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