A/N: Ice Heart was originally a song that I worte, but then it was so crappy, I decided to change it into a poem. I dedicated this to my newest collection- Vintage, so it'll be a bit icy cool here. (Just think that the girl is in Female!Draco form)

Icy blue eyes with grey, brown speckles

Pale skin (no wrinkles, no freckles)

Cold fingertips graze across the line

Her eyes never leaving his

A simple glance it was

The Malfoy-like smirk ever existent on her face

Her eyebrows quirked slightly, her teal eyes narrowed

No trace of those silvery, misty tears she used to shed

Being locked inside hell for decades

The dark has made her cold and bitter

Sadly her heart was not damaged

It remained still in an ice cube inside the deep sea

"You loved me. You said it so.

Why betray me, when you know you would sacrifice from below?"

There was no absolute answer, only the cold, harsh wind howling in the background

She couldn't break down- 

Her Ice-heart had frozen her completely...

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