New to I Love Writing Wiki?

Whether you're a new user to our wiki or have been visiting for a while as an anonymous user, it may take you a little bit to find your way around here. This page will give you some tips to get you started!


When you make a story or edit it, other people will be able to look at it, however nobody but yourself and an admin is allowed to edit the page. Sometimes what you write will be changed or undone by an admin, when this happens, do not get discouraged. This simply means that you did something wrong, which is understandable, and an admin has gone to fixed it. This could be anything from template usage to category correction. You will not be in trouble.

If you are confused about what was changed or why it was changed, you can message the admin on their talk page. They will explain to you what they changed and why they changed it so that you won't continue to make the mistake in question.

What is allowed here

We allow four types of writing at this wiki:

  • Original Stories — Writings that are of your complete idea (including characters, worlds, and plot lines).
  • Fan Fictions — Writings that are not of your complete idea, put partially of your own idea (some characters are yours, some are not. The world is not yours, but the plot lines are).
  • Poetry — Can be based on original subject matter or of something that you did not create. Otherwise, self-explanatory.
  • Songfiction (otherwise known as Songfics) - This is where you take either a pre-existing song or a song of your own creation, and use to to tell a Fan Fiction or Original Story (these are normally used as tiny novella-ish things that are extra to a Fan Fiction or Original Story).

We also allow user pages, talk pages, a chat feature, and a forum. As long as any posts on these mediums follow the rules, these are a free for all. Anything else is not allowed.

Other languages

This wiki uses the English language. There is an I Love Writing wiki in the French language, but we currently don't have ones in other languages. If you'd like to start one, please contact EarthlingnAkumi or ShutinOtaku and they will find a time to meet with you and discuss your request.

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