I'm Jimmy!

Author: IRmjii
Rating: Explicit
Status: In Progress
Preceding: None
Succeeding: A Friend In Need

 I'm Jimmy! is the first book of the My Friend Jimmy! series. It is written by IRmjii


People say Friends come and go. Well there right. You see i have a best friend. I found him in the middle of nowhere who looked lonley after i had an accident. And we met and now we are best friends. But the problem is my best friend is a beast. A monster with claws etc. He is really nice and friendly but people want him in the zoo. dead or just gone (After they found out i had him). i really don't get why as there is nothing wrong with him but that's how tight fisted some people are. So i try my best to keep him even if they take it off me........................................


People like my can be a bit lonely sometimes which i know can't be help. People can be poor which also can't be helped but people having a monster as a friend CAN. Anyone reading this will find it bizzare i know but trust me i have had a friend like this and i still do now and it's not that strange. Right first let me introduce myself. My name is Declan Brotherson and I live in the town of Oakwell in the middle on nowhere. There is no one here except us and my neighbours. It's nearly Christmas time and we are about to set up (You know put up the tree and add decorations etc) Everything in my house is cheap as i live in a quite poor house. It's not a big deal as people say it is and thankfully it's not so bad i have to live in a foster home. I do go to school and do all of my subjects however i don't really have many friends at school and so i'm lonely sometimes or most of the time yet don't worry as my insane karate skills will help me out although i've had 5 bruises on my arm, 1 operation and 8 detentions....... I'm sure that won't be a problem to some people though. Now on to the story!

Chapter 1 - Before School Drama

Ok so it's 6:00 and 6:00 is the day i wake up to stress. Ok school might not start till 8:30am but my mum is obsessed about getting me there on time so that's why i hear mum's special megaphone alarm. I usually ignore it......

"GET UP SHITHEAD TIME FOR SCHOOL" My mum blasts into my ear

She can be quite insulting where she does this.......

"Ugh not again!" I say with a groan followed by my usual whine "Why can't i just get up at 7:00am like normal people!!"

"Because them assholes that you call normal are completely deranged!!!!!!" 



My dad bursts into the room and acts like he has heard a DJ in this room

"I hope you don't mind me asking......BUT IS THERE A REASON TO SHOUT!!??" My dad roars.

"Yes" My mum says "It's a school day like always"

My dad sighs "We've already established this! You do not shout at him every morning at 6am! He needs his sleep to cram all that brain power! Don't you know that schools are tight this year! Before it used be a peice of cake but now it's a peice of shit and if you think that i'm going to let him flunk it then you've got another thing coming!!

"The only thing that is coming to you is my fist!!"

"You mean my fist in YOUR face huh!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

"Like goddam hell you are"

Before i knew it World War 3 happened and it was one with 2 Hitlers in it and they are fighting each other. It's quite upsetting really but if my mum won't stop being agresive then this would not of happened. So to avoid it i went downstairs and go to the kitchen. Pretty wise really.  When i went in i noticed a shit ton of crap on the floor and a note that was scribbled badly by my brother. He's pretty much likes to get me into trouble which when you think about it you just get told off but here you get abuse from my mother a lot. My dad has ended up calling the police 3 times for child abuse and they came but no known evidence were given so we got a warning. Now if we call the police we get arrested for wasting their time. I once ended up sleeping in the basement because of her behaviour and didn't come out for 3 days. Trust me my mum looks sweet on the outside but cruel on the inside. Now before you get all apologetic on me i just want to say that it get's better later on. I don't want tears now because i haven't reall got enough room. Anyways let's continue.

"Oy get ass down here! I shout from below. "Your in deep shit!"

Slowly he comes down, So slow that even snails could laugh at him. When he reaches the floor he looks like aliens have invaded his body. I'm surprised they didn't give him a good kick in the head. When he came down he had pale black eyes that mark the life after death. His face were covered it connect the dot puzzles and were red as a big red button. His hair was so pale it look liked a peice of white chalk and looked like the eyes could be used a chalkboards He had massive puffy lips that were bigger than the ones celebs use. Infact you could probably barely see his face because it of it. He wore a clothing that resemble a peice of snot. He was all green except for the socks as they were bright, black, big and..... you know then rest. He had a green shirt with the words of the hulk on it and a giant picture of him was in the middle. Also he had black trousers. He is wearing a black blanket around his body. The rest falls into place. 

"Wow you look like somebody's died" I say without hurting his feelings.

"I know i don't feel too good" He says while coughing and spluttering. "I have a bad case of a cold or cough or something"

"Well it look's more like a infection. It's multiplying and it's red"

"It might be acne"

"It's also blue as well as red"

"I might be tired"

"it looks serious!. You should get them to see a doctor!"

"Are you fucking kidding me!? They will never take me to a dcotor! Don't you know what happened last time!?"

"Well what do you want me to do? Move around and care for you just because you feel like shit?"

"Well that was what i was hoping for"

My mum shouts in the background


"Coming mum" I shout from the background.

I eat what i can then i run upstairs to go and get changed.

"Well i'm off to work you guys so i'll be back in 8 or so hours" My dad calls in the background.

"Bye" I call back

I proceed to get get changed into my usual tatty uniform. In fact because of money issues i've ended up living like this occasionally because we can't afford clothes. Basically my mum works in a Garage so she repairs cars or put's M.O.T service on them. Also my dad works as shopkeeper for the local "Londis" shop down the road. He works up to 6 hours. My mum earns about "£4 per hour or £32 a day. At the end of the year she earns £1536 minus of course the cost of the tax which then totals up to a £1000. My dad earns up to £6 a hour luckily but because my mum smokes and drinks she ususally wastes it. My dad earns up to £1728 minus the cost for tax and stuff which is also 2000. So in total we have 2000 a year. Anyways let's continue.

I head into the bathroom to clean my teeth. Once i'm done i comb my hair then i put my tie on and do all that getting dressed. As soon as i'm done she physically drags me then shoves me in the car and hands me my equipment for school. I try my best to avoid talking to her incase she flips out.

"Ummm what time is it?" I say

"About fucking 8:00 in the morning" She responds.

"Um ok"

"Were almost here. Have you left anything?"

"Yes my lunch"

"Well you can piss off"


"Now shut up were almost here"

Luckily i have a backup. I get out the car with my half - scared face. It's looks as though i have seen a monster but almost like i have reached heaven. Heaven might be "Oakwell Academy"  but it's betting than suffering 8 hours of hell. Don't feel sorry for me. It's everyday stuff which i can live with.

"Bye sweetie i'll see you at 3pm. Love you" She calls out before she leaves.

Sweetie!? Love!? Is she some sick sicopath!? The only love she's given me is shoving my head in the toilet. Why all of a sudden love me!? Honestly!

I head into the doors of the school feeling better than this morning but also like i want someone to take me away. In my school it's a lot different at home. I have people who feel sorry for me and want to give gifts but i refuse because it's just feels wrong. Also i get people who ignore me. These are the regulars who are just average students. Then we have the fucking assholes. These are the bullies who like to tease me. I already told them off once but i learnt the hard way. If anything major happens i can report them again even if it's worth the consequences they have in store. Finally we have the teachers. These are the people who have more power but rarely do anything for the students and just leave them to it. Yes they do sort out bullying but that's as far as it goes.

The school bell rings and i finish putting stuff into my locker then head to my first lesson

Looks like it's going to be busy today.

See you on the next chapter.

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