Draco Malfoy (poem) Draco = Dragon = Deadly horrid Ridiculously a narcissist, but you have to admit he's right about his looks. A git at most times, but I admire his Griffindor-like bravery Cunning and quick- There goes the Slytherin quidditch captain! Of all baddies, I like him the most

Ronald Bilius Weasley (poem) Really hilarious Over-reactive Not really smart, good thing Hermione is here for him Always talking about Quidditch Less talking, more gaping Don't know why everyone thinks he's cute (^^)

Harry Potter (poem) He survived a hard life (sigh…) Always thinking of others before himself Ridiculously lucky- surely no one can get lucky more than 3 times?! Really smart; don't understand why he needs Hermione to do his homework You all know the main character theory: He lived-THE BOY WHO LIVED!

Hermione Granger (poem) Her brown bushy locks are cool Elememtary reader books don't suit her Ron surely loves her hard Mione is her nickname (kind of…) I like her magical abilities and punches (^^) Obviously, she's beautiful Never behind, she's the queen bee Earnestly, she's the best!

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