Some people pursue happiness.

Others create happiness.

Some people think happiness is rare, invaluable, and very simple.

Happiness isn't bought or sold at a store.

Happiness comes from yourself

And you can pursue it or create it.

Happiness can come from anywhere

Or anytime.

You can look at clouds

Or count stars

Or enjoy a gentle ocean breeze.

Creating happiness is doing things

That make you happy,

Be it writing, drawing, or singing a song,

Or being with your friends.

If you think you can't be happy,

Then just look around.

There is still hope

To have your dreams come true.

Happiness is about embracing whatever that makes you happy.

Stand up as you really should

And stay optimistic.

Always try your best at everything you do.

Be the change you wanna see in the world.

Always be positive, don't let sad thoughts take over.

It's very easy to find or create your own happiness.

Happiness is a choice that we all have.

You can pursue it.

You can create it.

It's your choice.

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