Halloween's Eve

Author: Girlsgirlsboys

Type: Original Story

Rating: Moderate


"Lottie, let's go!"

I sighed at my younger brother's impatience, but I could hardly blame him. After all, it was Halloween. His and my favorite holiday. It was so much fun to dress up and pretend to be someone-or something-you're not for just one night. It only happened once a year, but it was well worth waiting for. This year, I'd promised my mom I'd take my younger brother Harris out for trick-or-treating with me and my best friend Juliet. After we'd taken Harris out, Juliet and I had a party that ended at midnight. We were to stop home with Harris at eight, giving him an hour and a half of trick-or-treat time. Also, I figured Juliet and I could pick up some candy too.


"I'm coming!" I yelled, putting my fangs in my mouth. You guessed it-I was going as the Scarlett the Vampire Queen from my favorite book series, Blood, Beloved. For one night, I was Scarlett the Vampire Queen and not Charlotte Parker. I took one last moment to look at myself in the mirror. I wore a tight red corset with a very long, sleeveless coat, detached dark red sleeves, black short shorts tightened with a bat belt, a bat choker, thigh-high bat socks and these decorative but comfortable ankle boots with bat wing heels. My chestnut brown hair was in a half-ponytail that flowed down my shoulders. I'd also painted bats on my cheeks and wore red colored contacts. Char-I mean, Scarlett, you look awesome, I thought. I grabbed my pillowcase (why not?) and ran downstairs.

"You took for-ever!" Harris whined. He was dressed as the blue Power Ranger and had his plastic orange pumpkin bucket, the ones you see at Walmart during Halloween. "Let's go!" Harris yelled.

"Wait a minute, Power Ranger," our mother smiled as she emerged from the kitchen, her blue Polaroid camera in her hands. She wore a black dress with a pointy black witch hat. She also carried her broom. "Smile." My brother and I complied and we posed as our mother snapped the picture.

"Now can we go?" Harris asked.

"We have to wait for Juliet," I explained for the seventh time in the past hour. As soon as the words were out of my mouth, our doorbell rang. "Speak of the devil." I went to answer the door and my mouth fell out at the sight of Juliet's costume.

For Halloween, Juliet had decided to dress up as a devil. She wore a red leotard under a short black skirt, fishnet tights (for modesty, I hoped. Juliet has no problem with revealing clothing) red flats, a devil horn headband and a devil tail. She also carried her pillowcase and a plastic pitchfork.

"Juli-" I quickly slapped my hand over my mouth. "Oh, I'm sorry. I forgot Lady Red, the Mistress of Seduction was your name. My apologizes, milady."

"You're forgiven, Miss Vampire Queen," Juliet laughed. We both laughed.

"Now let's go! I'm tired of waiting!" Harris whined impatiently, not bothering to greet Juliet. That surprised me, because my brother has the biggest crush on Juliet.

"Remember, girls, he has to be home by eight," my mother reminded me and Juliet as she adjusted Harris' helmet. "When you come home, I'll drive you to your party. Be safe, you three."

"Thanks, Mrs. P!" Juliet called as we hopped off the porch. Harris ran ahead of us to begin his trick-or-treating. We followed in close pursuit, not only for his safety, but for candy.

So far, so good.


"Is everything ready?"

I looked up from my iPhone to see Ian pacing. I sighed. Even though the guy was like a brother to me, he was the whiniest baby sometimes. Not to mention prissy as well, like a perfectionist girl.

"Calm down, Princess," I told Ian sarcastically, turning my attention back to Angry Birds. "Everything is fine. The party doesn't start for another hour and fifteen minutes. So stop pacing, you'll muss your petticoat."

Ian glared, brushing his curly brown hair out of his eyes. "I can't calm down," he said angrily, but threw himself on the bean bag next to me. "This is my first party with girls attending. I'm used to the guys. I'm horrible with girls. Oh, Ethan, help me! What if I screw up and spill something on a girl? She'll surely spread it around school."

"I'm sure it'll be an accident," I sighed, shutting my phone off to charge it.

"Ethan, even if it's an accident, what if it's a girl like Wren?"

I cringed. Wren Holmes, the most popular girl in Redbrook High School. She made me cringe because of her selfishness and her general annoyance. What's worse, she was attracted to me. On the first day of school, she invited me to her lunch table with her clique. I left halfway through lunch because all those witches was viciously gossip about everyone. Their favorite victim was Charlotte Parker, my female best friend. Lottie had heterchromia and they viciously gossiped about her, not to mention bullied her a few times. Luckily, Lottie used her words to sting. They hated her for that. Well, Wren did. Her "friends" were her followers, her cult. It was sickening.


I shook myself back into reality. "If you spill on Wren, walk away," I said absentmindedly. "She'll scream loud enough to get the police on us, so walk away."

"But...she is the Queen of Revenge. Remember when Juliet accidentally scratched Wren's new shoes? Wren made her life hell for a month. Good thing she has Lottie who uses her words as a weapon."

I smiled at the mention of Lottie. She never failed to put a smile on my face. I was so happy when she accepted to come to the party. I never see her at parties, so I had to look my best for her tonight.

I got up and stretched. "I'm gonna go put my costume on," I announced.

"But the party doesn't start for another hour," Ian protested.

"Ian, my man, if you want to impress the girls coming tonight, get dressed early," I advised. "That's what I'm doing."

"...Good point, my brotha," Ian said, jumping up. We headed for my room, where our costumes were. Ian snatched his costume and took it to the guest room. I closed my door then stripped. I reviewed my costume-a white dress shirt, a long black jacket, black pants, a red kerchief, a silver pocket watch, black boots, and a bat earring for my left pierced ear. You guessed it-I'm Jack the Vampire King from the best book series ever, Blood, Beloved. I also had a pair of fake fangs to put in my mouth. I dressed quickly, as if I was in a hurry.

Ian hammered on my door. I opened it and saw he was dressed in his pirate costume. I was impressed to see him walking with a peg leg. I'd gone as a pirate in fifth grade with a peg leg. Walking on that damn thing was no easy task. Ian was walking on it like a pro. He also had a hook in the place of his left hand and an eye patch over his right eye. Quite pirate-y.

"Man, you look awesome!" Ian and I cried at the same time. We laughed. I looked out my window-the sun was set and nightfall was just beginning.


"I'm doing awesome!" Harris exclaimed happily, dragging his five-pound pillowcase of candy. He stopped for a moment to eat a Twix bar.

"Yes, you certainly are," I smiled. Juliet and I had gotten a pretty decent haul ourselves. Turns out there were still people who gave candy out to teenagers.

I checked my watch. Seven-thirty. Half an hour to go. "Hey, Harris, you don't have much time left," I told my brother. "Do you want to go down Fawn Street or Seashell Drive?"

Harris stopped. He lifted his helmet, and I saw his expression. It was like someone had offered him one of two giant ice cream cones, both out of his favorite flavors and telling him he could only have one.

"...What if," Harris said after several moments, "we spent fifteen minutes on each street? They're the only two neighborhoods I haven't gotten to."

"I suppose that could work," I nodded. "But only fifteen minutes on each street. Speed and efficiency, the keys to success. Let's go. Be speedy, you two."

We went down Seashell Drive first. We knocked on a door, got our smiles ready and our pillowcases held out.

A man dressed as Freddy Krueger answered. His costume was very realistic, especially his mask. His mask looked like his actual face rather than a mask.

"Well, hell-o," Freddy said with a wickedly wicked grin.

"Trick-or-treat!" We said together.

"Oh, sorry kiddos, but I've no candy. Rather," Freddy grinned wickedly, raising his clawed gloves. His pet dog was next to his legs, dressed as a hot dog. In one motion, he'd killed his dog.

That was horrifying. And real. We all ran away screaming.

"Take me home! Take me home!" Harris screamed, his helmet fogging up. He was crying in fear.

"Of course!" I yelled, and we all ran to my house. My mother was sitting on the front stoop reading a book. She looked up and smiled.

"Done already?" she said. Harris ran to her and flung himself in her lap.

"Mom! Mom! We s-saw a m-man k-kill his d-dog," Harris stuttered, crying into her neck.

My mother sighed. "I'm complaining about this to the landlord," she said, taking my brother inside. "Ricky Parkwick always uses terrifying special effects. It's got to stop." My mother turned her head, remembering me and Juliet. "Girls, as soon as I put Harris in bed, I'll drive you to your party."

"That was terrible," Juliet panted. "That wasn't a special effect. It was real."

I nodded. I panted from running all the way home. That was the most horrifying thing I'd ever seen in my life.

"Okay, girls, I'm ready to drop you off!"

We turned, expecting my mother to be in the car. Wrong.

She was sitting on her broomstick. It was floating in mid-air. Our mouths fell open.

"Well, c'mon! You don't want to be late, do you?" my mother laughed. Her laugh wasn't the throaty laugh I knew. It was...a witch's cackle.

Scared, I forced myself to sit behind my mother. Witch or not, I knew she'd never harm me. "C'mon, Juliet," I said, patting the space behind me. Juliet blinked as if to say Are you crazy!? Your mom's a witch! But Juliet did anyway, either out of trust for me, trust for my mother or trust she wouldn't fall to her death. Her arms encircled my waist and held tightly. I held my mother's waist tightly.

What happened next was unbelievable. We flew. On my mother's broomstick. Juliet screamed four times during the ride and I nearly vomited. I wasn't afraid of heights, but I had a feeling more of this flying would change that.

We arrived in one piece at Ethan Bradigan's house. Ethan was my male best friend and the object of Wren Holmes' affection. Wren annoyed the hell out of me. She and her cult loved nothing more than gossiping and bullying. I should know. I was their favorite victim. But as my mother taught me, I could use my words as a weapon. Wren hated me for that. Worse, she had a huge (read: obsessive) crush on Ethan. I hated that. I mean, Wren was the meanest, ugliest (her soul was ugly, not her exterior) and most awful girl at Redbrook High School. She wasn't deserving of Ethan.

"Speak of the frickin' devil," I muttered. It was Wren. She was wearing this blue leotard with no sleeves and a large portion of her midriff showing. She wore the shortest skirt I'd ever seen, a long black jacket going past her knees, a winged headband, fake black wings, black tights and white boots. She was dressed as a succubus.

"I'll come get you after the party," my mother said, kissing me on the forehead. "Have fun, sweetheart!" She cackled and went off on her broomstick, presumably back home to tend to Harris.

"C'mon, Scarlett, let's go!"

I turned to Juliet...and noticed something was different about her. Her naturally blonde hair had an awful lot of black in it. It'd never been there to begin with. Her hazel eyes were also turning an eerie green. Her horns and tail became longer, as if they were actually part of her body. Her pitchfork glowed and it was hot. Juliet wasn't Juliet Thundersteen anymore. She was Lady Red, the Mistress of Seduction. I looked around. There were some trick-or-treaters out. I saw a boyfriend and girlfriend together. The boyfriend was dressed as Jason from Friday the 13th. He wore that trademark hockey mask and carried a machete. Only...that blood didn't look fake. No. It looked real. Very real. I looked at his girlfriend, who was dressed as Regan from The Exorcist. True that terrifying movie, her head was spinning 'round and 'round, as if her neck was broken. There were four boys dressed as the Ninja Turtles, and they leapt from roof to roof.

"What's happening?" I whispered.


Surprisingly, even though the party wasn't due for another fifteen minutes, a lot of kids were already there. I shrugged and climbed on the kitchen counter. "Could I have everyone's attention for a minute?" I yelled at the top of my lungs. Every pair of eyes turned to me. "Due to the fact almost everyone is here, I officially announce's time to PARTY, bitches!"

I was met with cheers and applause, with a howl from my friend Eddie Corns, who was a werewolf for Halloween. Ian put on Marilyn Manson's "Halloween" and the party officially started. Grinning with my fake vampire fangs, I jumped off the counter. I nearly jumped on Wren.

"Hello, my pretty vampire boy!" Wren cried, cackling like a witch. Too bad she wasn't a witch. She'd chosen to be a succubus for Halloween. Her hair was dyed a bright blue. She looked more like a circus clown, but I kept that to myself. I'd share the joke with Lottie, when she arrived.

"Now...after this party, let's go into your bedroom for the after party," Wren grinned, licking her lips. I noticed her natural green eyes had a deep flicker of blue in them, like most succubuses you hear about in stories and video games.

"Yeah...not happening, Wren," I told her flatly. Her eyes glowed with anger but she covered it up with a fake laugh, like she was let in on a joke.

"C'mon, Ethan, every boy in school would murder to be you," she said lightly, her arms encircling my neck. "C'mon. After the party, let's commence the after party, huh?"

"No, Wren. I'm not interested. If you'll excuse me," I said with a hint of anger in my voice. I untangled myself from her arms and went off to go see Ian. I found him sitting near the window, drinking some Coke. "Ian, great choice of music for tonight," I said to him, slapping him lightly on the back. "You've outdone yourself, my man."

"Argh! Who be talkin' to thee?" Ian said in this realistic pirate accent. I laughed.

"Great accent, man. Chicks'll dig that."

"Accent? Ye be makin' fun of me accent?" Ian growled, raising his hook. "Methinks ye need to learn respect for yer captain."


"Ai, I be Captain Ian Miguel, know to many as One-Eyed Ian."

I burst out laughing. Ian was putting on quite a performance. "Ian, you're a riot," I told him, laughing.

Ian didn't say anything. He thrust his hook in front of my face. "If ye continues with yer disrespect, I'll make ye walk the plank," he threatened. Ian's threat didn't scare. His hook did. Instead of being plastic, it was metal. The tip was sharp enough to go through a man. I gulped, then got up. "See ya later, Ian," I said quickly, walking away quickly so he wouldn't pierce me. I went to Eddie.

"Hey, Eddie, I just saw Ian's hook, does it-" I was cut off by shock. Eddie's face was hidden by his mask and he was eating cookies. Every time he ate a cookie, the snout of his werewolf mask smacked, as if it was his real mouth. I looked Eddie in the eye and saw his naturally brown eyes were turning yellow.

I walked away from Eddie, shaking my head. This isn't real. This isn't real, I thought. I have to find Lottie. Maybe she's still Lottie.

I passed several kids, each acting in part of their costume. I passed Juliet Thundersteen, Lottie's female best friend. She was dressed as a devil and was acting like one. Seeing her meant Lottie was there, too.

I found Lottie standing in the middle of the living room. A kid in a Michael Jackson costume was trying to dance with her, but was unsuccessful.

"Lottie!" I yelled, grabbing Lottie by her hand. I pulled her into the laundry room because it was the closest room available. "Lottie, do you notice anything weird?" I asked her. "Like, people acting like they're dressed? Ian actually thinks he's a pirate, my friend Eddie's a werewolf, Wren turned into a succubus and I just saw your friend Juliet as a demon."

"Yeah, I've noticed that, too," Lottie agreed, nodding her head. "My mom is dressed as a witch, and she flew me and Juliet here. It's weird."

I noticed Lottie had hid her heterchromia by wearing colored contacts. They were red and I realized she was dressed as Scarlett the Vampire Queen, Jack the Vampire King's love interest in Blood, Beloved. She looked a lot like Scarlett; sexy, beautiful, a great figure...she could be Scarlett. I was suddenly aware of how tasty she looked. Her choker couldn't hide that neck of hers. It was waiting to be bitten, as in the book series, Jack bites Scarlett to claim her as his blood mate. They then get married and have a daughter named Melissa, called Lissy.

"Scarlett..." Without thinking, I bit Lottie's neck. She screamed in pain, so I yanked my mouth out...and found the bite marks of my fangs. She'd been claimed as my blood mate.

"Jack..." Lottie whispered.

Epilogue: Charlotte

It's been a year since Halloween took over our town. We live in Halloween. Halloween was the only holiday we celebrated. No more. Just that.

Jack and I got married. My witch mother and my Power Ranger brother attended, while Jack's nephews the ghosts attended our wedding as well. I gave birth to our daughter Melissa-everyone calls her Lissy-about three months ago. I couldn't be happier. Except...there's a part of me that is always saying the name Charlotte. Who's Charlotte? I wonder who she is. Maybe she's Lissy's younger sister destined to be born. Jack recently had a vision of a second child.

A part of me knows this isn't real.

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