Grim Tidings

Author: Birdpaw
Rating: Explicit
Status: Completed
Series: World's End
Preceding: None
Succeeding: Alternate Reality

World's End
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Grim Tidings Succeeded by:
Alternate Reality

Would you play a game?

That would ensure your home's destruction

But was also the only hope you had

Of saving it?


Unkown Date, Unknown Year

Hello, if you are reading this, that means you took our warning seriously, and if you didn't, then how you came across this note is a mystery to me.

Time shenanigins? That's a probability, but I have learnt to dismiss the weirdness and confusion of time, it's a very delicate thing, only Time players would truly understand it.

If you are reading this in the future where everything is normal, that means we have succeeded in claiming The Ultimate Prize, and the Earth is saved from pelting meteors that had come from Skaia's defences from the Reckoning, after white had lost (Which is destined, white is always destined to lose), but that doesn't mean it's the old earth, or if it's the same planet at all.

However, if you are reading this in the past, take note of this early warning, the game me and my friends have played have brought about the end of this world, however, there have been many players of this game, but they were all cut short, only us so far have managed to get into the Medium, well us, and another species entirely, creators of a universe.

Our universe actually.

If you are contemplating of playing the game, please bear note, this game has ways of twisting right into the Furthest Ring, I am not sure what happens if you play alone, however, I know that there would be a choice involved, just the same as we were given a choice. We were all given a choice from our Denizens.

I will instruct through notes of the past and the future, recording mine and my friends adventures.

I dearly hope you are as successful, because there has to be hope, I tore apart my own session to find that answer, and I never did find said answer.

You're lucky for this warning, we didn't take our warnings as seriously, like we should have.

Condolences, HS.

Chapter 1

The war of light and dark

Is like a game of chess

July 12th, 2017

My name is Heather Atkinson, it's my birthday, I am turning 15, my chum handle is HeartsSerenity, don't ask me how I came up with that name, I'm not completely sure myself if I'm honest.

It feels kind of awkward writing in a journal, I may even might end up tearing out pages, Alex keeps bugging me about this game, I'm tempted to play it, if it didn't give me a bad feeling, but I'm going to end up playing it anyways, boys are just like that, I guess.

Hm, I'm also contemplating switching my sylladex to something less strentious than Array, maybe Memory, or Scratch and Sniff.

If someone ends up reading this and doesn't understand what a sylladex is, it's how I retrieve items without having to physically carry them around everywhere, Array is easy for just getting stuff, but hard for weaponizing (Strife Specibus, that kind of thing.)

The strife specibus is for putting any weapons in (Say you like spoons, I guess you could use those and put them in your strife deck, but you might have to use a strife portfolio if you want to use weapons other then spoons. But not like we would need to use those.)

That's it for now.

Heather put the slim book down, and looked up at her computer, she narrowed her eyes when Pesterchum started beeping, she rolled her eyes, unsurprised that it was UG, UraniumGeo, or Alexander (Alex for short), who lived across America from her, and she thought, How he came up with that name, I will never be sure.

She sat down in the chair, and opened it, Alex's pester was set to Chummy, Heather set hers to Bully out of spite, and answered him.


HS: What do you want, Alex?

UG: i wish to indulge you in something important Heather, it is extremely critical.

HS: Your grammar astounds me sometimes, and also, let me guess, this is about that game of the year?

UG: yeah, how did you know?

HS: Lucky guess.

UG: -eyes suspiciously- anyways, are you sure you don't want to play it? you did tell me you were going to get it after all i only assumed.

HS: I never said I was going to use it, Alex.

UG: oh.

UG: thats too bad i guess, i think you wouldve liked it.

HS: I may accept to play it, it's my birthday btw.

UG: omg i almost forgot, happy birthday Heather!

HS: Thank you, Alex.

UG: ugh i have to go, someone is bugging me, you should talk to IG or someone else, i heard YS was going to play the game, will you think about it?

HS: I will think about it, and indulge the trolls, I find them kind of amusing.

UG: of course you would, bye.


Heather frowned, I am tempted to play the game, if not to try and one-up Alex, he says he's good at games, this would be a perfect oppurtunity to see if that's true or not. She looked at her friends list, there was two other people, one of them lived in Europe, she wasn't sure where exactly, and his pesterchum was YellowSunset. Heather guessed the name made sense in the context.

The other was IlliadGogthalas, who lived somewhere unknown. Heather thought, She's kind of awkward, but hey, aren't we all? YS was offline, but IG was also offline also, which was unusual for her.

She grabbed her hi-tech phone, putting it in her sylladex, Array, Heather was tempted to switch to Memory, but decided against it, I have a horrible memory at best.

Heather walked out of her room, and looked downstairs, she sniffed, smelling the sweet aroma of chocolate and brownies, which meant her mother was cooking. She snuck down-stairs, almost flinching from the pictures, her mother was obsessed with abstract paintings, it kind of annoyed Heather.

She jumped when her phone beeped, she had installed Pesterchum out of boredom, and was starting to slowly regret it, as her phone made the most horrible noise.

Heather sighed, realising that it was YellowSunset, who was online.


YS: Hey Are You There, HS?

YS: I Just Wanted To Say That Alex Keeps Annoying Me.

YS: I Mean, It's Okay That You Don't Want To Play. But If You Decide To, I Can Be Your Server Player So Alex Doesn't Destroy Your House Or Something Ridiculous Like That.

YS: I'll Be Your Server Player, You Can Be Alex's Server Player, Alex Would Be IG's Server Player, And IG Can Be My Server Player. I Hope That Doesn't Sound Too Complicated.

(YellowSunset has become Idle.)

HS: No, that doesn't sound complicated, I'd rather it be you being my server player, seeing as how Alex tends to be clumsy.

YS: Ahah, I Know. So Are You Going To Play? Or Are You Going To Leave Alex Hanging?

HS: I was considering just leaving him 'Hanging'. However, being the good friend I am (and also for him to stop pestering me about it), I will play.

HS: However, it will not change the feeling I am getting.

YS: Understood, So Go Get Your Copies, Then I'll Get Into Contact With IG, If She's Not Distracted With Her Weird Demented Cat, Then We Can Start.

HS: Sounds good, see you later.

YS: Bye.


Heather smiled, James was always that serious, but he was a funny and nice person. Heather put the phone back into her sylladex, and headed into her brother's room cautiously.

She noticed a blue card on her brother's desk, and took it, causing her to have an extra free space in her sylladex, she had 10 cards, which was a good number.

Heather sneaked into the kitchen, where her mother was baking, she saw the two envolopes with the Sburb's logo on it, she slinked to the table, and took them. She looked back at her mother, who was humming while putting the brownies in the oven.

She jumped out of the kitchen, and ran back up to her room, she placed the Client disk in first, and watched as it started installing, meanwhile, her pesterchum started beeping again.


IG: Yooooooo, Heather.

HS: I'm assuming James contacted you?

IG: Yeah, I'm getting contacted by boys everywhere, first Alex, then James, both asking me about the game, which I have already installed OuO.

HS: You must be very popular.

IG: I'm cool, Heather, you're cool, everyone is cool.

IG: I have to go, Jackie is staring at me, I'm waiting for Alex to start deploying stuff, if he ever gets to it, I wonder if he even installed it yet.


Heather took out the client disk, and installed the server disk. She looked at the clock absentmindedly, and jumped when her T.V tuned in onto the news. Heather turned around in her chair, and watched carefully.

"There are reports of steady meteors heading towards us, the government is urging everyone to stay calm as they try and figure out the cause of this unpredicted meteor shower." The lady went on, and Heather jumped when she got an alert from her computer.

Both the Client and Server were alerting her, she looked at the client screen, and pressed enter, soon, a server client connected with her, and she assumed it was James. Her Server automatically connected to Alex's client, but she left that alone.

Her pesterchum beeped, James was trying to contact her, but so was some else. One of the trolls, I'll indulge them later, Heather thought.


YS: Okay, I Connected With You, I'm Going To Start Deploying Stuff.

YS: I Apologize In Advance If I Mess Anything Up.

HS: That's okay, just one question though, if you don't mind my curiousity.

YS: What Is It?

HS: Is it possible that playing this game is bringing about the strange meteors?

YS: ... I Have No Idea, I Heard About It Though, Let's Start... Wow Your House is Huge.

HS: Thank you. Anyways, I'm sure it isn't relevent as of now, what do we have?

YS: A Cruxtruder, A Pre-punched Card That Looks Like It Has A Stick(?) In It, A Totem Lathe, And A Alchemiter. I'll Deploy Them, You Get Alex Started The Same Way, You'll Probably Hear When I'm Finished.


Heather finally turned on her server, and saw Alex. She raised an eye-brow when he was looking out his window with a distant expression on his face, she looked around, then saw a newspaper, she grabbed it, and started poking Alex with it.

He looked around, then rolled his eyes, and headed towards his computer, and Heather saw him turn on Pesterchum and pester her.


UG: you dont have too hit me with paper to get my attention

HS: I know, I'm going to start deploying stuff, first, three large objects, The cruxtruder, the Totem Lathe, then the Alchemiter.


Heather saw Alex nod, and step away from his computer, she looked in the registery, and looked for some place to put the Cruxtruder.

She finally picked Alex's games room, she moved some stuff out of the way, and deployed the Cruxtruder, she zoomed out, and put the Alchemiter on the balcony. Heather then placed the Totem Lathe in Alex's room.

Alex looked at the Totem Lathe curiously, and Heather placed the Pre-punched card beside the Totem Lathe, she noticed it looked like some sort of triangle.

Alex went back to his computer, and started typing, Heather thought, He's probably setting up IG.

She jumped when there was a large slam. She rolled her eyes when a Totem Lathe appeared behind her, she noticed her pesterchum still beeping, and noticed it was one of the trolls, the only one she managed to awkwardly befriend.


AG: Heaaaaaaather.

HS: Hello again.

AG: I see you didn't t8ke our warnings seriously as we hoped ::::)

HS: It might have been different if the grey texted one didn't put it in such a figurative way, and might have been easier to understand if he wasn't cursing every sentence.

AG: Ugh, oh well. 8e that as it is, I'm going to give you a 8r8k.

HS: I'm thankful, however, are you going to warn me the same way?

AG: Nope, I'm going to give you some advice, since the warning is o8viously useless 8y now ::::)

AG: I can seeeeeeee your whole adventure, this one piece of advice will certainly help!

AG: Don't dismiss those meteors so easily :::;)


Heather frowned, and looked at Alex's screen, he was toying with the Totem Lathe, he placed the Pre-Punched Card in, and frowned.

Heather decided to leave him to toy with it. She looked at her pre-punched card and also placed it into the slot of the Totem Lathe. But she tisked, and went downstairs to see the Cruxtruder. She texted James, and told him to open it, at which he quickly complied.

Heather was forced to jump back as a kernel jumped out of it, along with a green object, she grabbed it, looking at it curiously. She looked at the clock on the Cruxtruder, which showed 3 minutes, and frowned.

She went back upstairs, and clamped the thing, she got a text message, it was James, and he explained that it was a Cruxite Dowel, and was part of the process of alchemy. She didn't reply back, she let the Totem Lathe chip at the Cruxite Dowel.

She grabbed it, and went to the top floor, it was more like a storage place, but her mum liked to call it the loft, She looked at the Alchemiter carefully, and placed the Cruxite Dowel onto the platform. She watched as the arm searched through it.

She jumped when a tree appeared, and dropped a branch, and disappeared, she grabbed it, unsure of what to do when James texted her.


YS: I May Have Accidently Prototyped The Kernel With Your Weird Doll Thing, I Hope You Don't Mind.


She rolled her eyes, and shrugged, the doll was just there, it wasn't hers, she found it kind of creepy. She went back downstairs, and looked at the Cruxtruder again, and flinched when it showed 40 seconds.

She went outside, and looked up at the sky, she saw a flash of white heading towards her. She frowned, looking at the branch, and she thought, I'll have to get Alex in later!

As the meteor got closer, she snapped the branch over her leg, and she felt her whole world freeze, as if time itself stopped, and soon, her vision darkened.


Alex looked at his clock, then looked at his computer. I know Heather wouldn't like me bugging her about that game, however, I mean, why get something that you're not going to use, it makes no sense!

He opened up his pesterchum, and looked at his chumhandle, UraniumGeo. He wasn't sure what made him think up that name, maybe because Uranium was a cool word and Geography was his best subject. He started to pester Heather, and ask her about the game, to which she told him that she didn't plan on playing it, but would think about it.

He smiled happily, and looked around, he went downstairs, the house was empty, as his parents were out visiting his aunt, he went back upstairs, and realised he was being messaged.


YS: I Wish To Ask You Why You Think I Could Manage To Convince Heather To Do Something She Doesn't Want To Do.

UG: because youre that type of guy that could get a lady to play a game -winkwinknudgenudge-.

UG: i cant do it because she'll just sass me.

YS: I Cannot Fathom Why.

UG: my point has been proven, thank you James. do a bro a favour for once.

YS: Will You Stop Bugging Me About It?

UG: yes.

YS: Very Well.


Alex minimized pesterchum, his copies were still installing, and thought, I should get a new computer, this one is so slow, it's almost painful.

He decided to go downstairs, and he sat down on the couch, staring at the T.V for the longest time, watching some show, he frowned, and got a text message. It was Mary, or IlliadGogthalas, and she had told him he was going to be her server player. He shrugged, and continued watching T.V.

He frowned, after an hour had passed, he went back upstairs, he looked out his window, staring up at the sky. He jumped when he was being poked by something papery.

Alex turned around to see nothing, but knew that Heather had connected with him. He went to the computer and told her she didn't need to poke him, and turned around to see the Totem Lathe and a pre-punched card with a triangle in it.

He placed it in the Totem Lathe, but nothing happened, he heard two more large bangs around his house, and he shrugged, and assumed Heather was deploying stuff.

Alex stared out his window again, the moon illuminating the night, and he saw a shooting star. But shrugged, and turned around.

He sat down at his desk. He pestered Mary.


UG: okay its finally installed, i'll connect to you soon.

IG: Righto bro, don't wreck my house once you get to it!

UG: i'll try not to, but i can't see you.

IG: Don't worry where I'm at bro! Just deploy the stuff, and I'l l do the rest!

UG: okay.


He started deploying the stuff around Mary's abnormally large house, in close proximity to each-other, he decided against looking for her, and looked to see if Heather was on. She wasn't, as if she lost connection. He frowned, unaware of the meteor heading toward him.

He jumped when he was being pestered by one of the trolls. He sighed, starting to get annoyed by their antics. But decided to answer them.


GA: Let's Assume We Are On The Same Intelligence Plane For A Moment.

GA: As You Refuse To Heed Our Warning. I'm Going To Be Clear.

UG: wow you type like my friend.

GA: Interesting Observation. But There Is Something More Important To Address, Unless Your Frail Human Mind Cannot Address It.

GA: If You Will Not Heed The Warnings We Try And Give You, Then Take This Piece Of Advice, You Will Need Our Help.

UG: why would we need your help, you guys troll us.

GA: Be That As It May. In Your Future, You Accept Our Help, Whether We Both Want It Or Not.

GA: Goodbye And Good Luck.


Alex frowned, unsure of the this troll's intentions. They say they want to help, but they also clearly hate us and want to troll us. There's obviously a condradiction going on there.

He took a couple of his things, and allocated his spork to his strife portfolio, and wondered if it would count as two strife decks, he'll have to see what he could do with the Alchemiter. Maybe he could make a cool scepter spork or something, maybe something awesome.

Alex smiled, knowing full well Heather would find that frustrating, but sporks are obviously and undoubtedly lethal weapons of mass destruction, everyone is scared when a spork heads towards their hand, and the moment their edges touch them, it's like being poked with a thousand needles.

Yes. Sporks hurt, a lot more then spoons, unless one was slapped with said spoon, then sporks and spoons were on the same field of lethal weapons of mass destruction.

Alex giggled at the thought, and went downstairs, he stared at the Cruxtruder, and tried opening it, but couldn't get it open, he thought, I think Heather has to open it, but seeing as she's offline, I'll have to figure out myself.

He sat on the lid, and thought deeply, he felt something try and push out of the lid, but failed, he stared upwards, staring at his ceiling, which was covered with moons and star stickers. His parents were really big astromany freaks.

He jumped when he got a text message, he retrieved his phone from his Ouija sylladex, being superstitious, he believed in ghosts, but magic was obviously fairy tale in nature, but he believed in that too, the 'ghosts' were liking him today.

Alex realised it was James, who seemed more urgent then usual.


YS: Hey Are You In Yet?

UG: no why.

YS: Fuck, Heather Isn't Answering Me, And There Are More Reports Of Meteors, I Think She Got In, But I Can't See Her. 

UG: calm down bro she's probably figuring stuff out wherever she is.

UG: maybe you should ask the trolls, they claim to know a lot about the game.

YS: None Of Us Have Time To Indulge In Their Theatrics. They Also Give Me A Head-ache. Have You Gotten IG In Yet?

UG: no i'm working on it though.

YS: Well Hurry Up. These Meteors Are Starting To Dishearten Me, And IG Hasn't Gotten Her Copies Yet As Far As I Know.


Alex rolled his eyes, it was just like James to get worried when something unusual was happening, but meteors were actually natural occurances, it was just coincidence. He jumped off the Cruxtruder, and jumped when a fridge came flying at it.

He yelled, and ducked, and saw the lid open, and a blue kernel sprite slip out, along with a cylinder blue object, and jumped when he got another text message, from Heather, who had set her mood to rancourus, which meant not very happy, all the trolls were automatically set to this.


UG: hey you almost murdered me.

HS: We have bigger things to worry about then flying fridges, Alex.

HS: See the timer on the Cruxtruder?

UG: yeah what about it?

UG: 1:30

HS: Then we must hurry, for that timer shows the exact time a Meteor comes, grab the cruxite Dowel, and carve it on the Totem Lathe with the pre-punched card, then take it the the Alchemiter, and I guess you hit the triangle, it looks like a musical instrument, do this before that timer gets to 0. I also suggest prototyping the kernel.

HS: I must go, I have a slight pest problem.


Alex frowned, unsure of what she meant by pest problem, but decided to question her about it later, he looked around, then picked up his parents book of astromany. He looked at the kernel sprite, which was following him around, and he yelled, "Think fast!"

The kernel and the book merged together, and there was a flash of blue, he jumped back, and frowned when the spirte had taken an unfinished shape with only a couple moons and stars. It seemed to be trying to communicate, but he couldn't understand a word it was saying, it also seemed agitated, he looked at the timer, which was slowly ticking down.

"Uh oh, time to go!" He exclaimed

He put the cruxite dowel in his sylladex, and ran upstairs to the Totem Lathe. He clamed the dowel, and chisels appeared, he backed up as the chisels carved the dowel, and he grabbed it, and ran to the Alchemiter.

He placed the dowel on the strange platform, and watched as a blue triangle with a stick appeared, he looked at it curiously, then looked out the window. He saw a flash of white heading toward him, and he looked at the triangle, and frowned.

"I hope this works." Alex murmured, and smashed the triangle with the stick.

He wasn't sure what happened next, but everything seemed to freeze, and he closed his eyes instinctivly, and didn't open them until the ringing stopped.


July, unsure of the year

I have entered a place that my dog/doll sprite is calling the Medium, a place home to 4 planets, 2 moons, and the battlefield in the centre of Skaia, I have been told that our prototypings would grow the battlefield, causing a war of light and dark to take shape.

That's what the sprite says anways, in between woofs and laughs, I have yet to learn more. My planet is quite different, it's silent most of the time, and when I look outside, it's night time, but there is no moon, and thick grey clouds covering the sky, and a light drizzle.

Also, my sprite is talking about consorts, obviously apart of this lands. I'm calling this planet Land of Clouds and Rain.

But that's my name for it anyways, until I learn more, this is it.

The game has really started.


Chapter 2

There's always a strategy to a game

And the game always ensures that the strategy is flawed.

James frowned as he stared at his computer, Alex had just bugged him about the game both of them had gotten, and the one Heather recently had got for her birthday. He frowned as some of the trolls pestered him, why they chose him to bug the most he wasn't quite sure. But he left them be.

Maybe it was because Heather was sarcastic and Alex was oblivious. I guess they find me more easier to talk to, but I think a couple of them talk to Heather. They must be the ones used to sarcasm, or the ones that use sarcasm themselves.

He soon texted Heather, and told her that if it made her more confident to play the game if he would be her server player, she accepted, much to Alex's delight when he told him.

He had already installed the disks, he turned around to face the T.V which was always reporting something weird. Today, it was meteors.

He ignored it, and turned around when it was Mary pestering him, he held his head, and frowned.


IG: Yo James, How's the weather down there?

IG: Wait, let me guess, it's raining.

YS: You Could Say That.

IG: So we're playing this game? Alex is my server player and I'm your server player, and you're the server player to Heather?

YS: Yes.

IG: Not talking much today are you man? That's okay, better hurry up and get Heather in.

IG: That meteor won't wait for her after all <3.


James frowned, but soon, Mary had gone offline, probably to deal with her cat, Jackie. But it gave him the shivers at the mention of a meteor, as the trolls constently warn them of the games dynamics of entering, and that included a meteor heading towards the client player.

James looked at the trolls, they had stopped pestering him, and he frowned, there was one he did want to talk to, even though he was a bit yelly, but at least he was somewhat straight-forward, he would be able to get a straight answer, most of the time.

But he decided he wouldn't yet, he waited for Heather to install her disks, and looked around his room, it was average, and mostly had pictures of his favourite sport, which was archery. He grabbed his bow, and it automatically allocated to his strife deck.

He turned around when he got an alert from his server disk, Heather had connected, and he pestered her, telling her the things he would be deploying around her house, and suggested that she do the same for Alex. James was forced to revise some rooms to make room for the Alchemiter at the expense of some Build Grist.

Once he deployed those items, Heather had begun questioning him about the meteors, and he frowned, and answered her, not giving her a straight answer. He saw her try and open the Cruxtruder, and helped her, and he saw the kernel slip out.

When Heather had left with cruxite dowel to the Totem Lathe, he looked around, and realised the Sprite seemed agitated, he rolled his eyes, and saw a doll thing on a cupboard, and decided to move it. But gasped when his internet started blinking in and out.

When he managed to get his internet straight, he realised that he had prototyped the kernel with the doll, it was kind of odd to look at, so instead he zoomed out, and told Heather that he accidently prototyped it. He saw her roll her eyes, and go up to the alchemiter with her stick.

She seemed distressed when she looked out the window, and James looked closely as the screen then went black as she broke the stick. He raised an eye-brow, and started pestering Mary.


YS: I Wish To Question You, Since You Have Not Yet Gotten Your Disks, I'm Going To Assume I'll Be The Last To Enter.

IG: Well no, that's me! But don't worry, just leave everything to me man!

YS: Well, Yes, But Heather's Screen Had Gone Black, And The Screen Isn't Coming Back.

IG: She succeeded in entering then! Don't worry, soon the vision will come back, and you can question her yourself!


James rolled his eyes when IG was offline again, and he looked around his house. He frowned, thinking deeply, he watched T.V, still reporting meteors. He finally couldn't take it anymore, and started pestering Alex, who told him to stop worrying indirectly, and James rolled his eyes, knowing that he would have to turn to the trolls for answers when it came down to it.

He turned to his computer carefully, and looked at the list of trolls, but none of them were online, he sighed, and looked back at the T.V, and he jumped when his computer screen came back, which showed Heather stuck in her garage, and didn't look happy to be trapped by impish creatures.

He also noticed she had prototyped the kernel a second time, this time with her dogs ashes, and it seemed to be barking.


HS: Please explain to me what these things are, I have no way of fighting them.

HS: They're definately not consorts, more like weird imps.

YS: They're Enemies, I'm Guessing If You Kill Them You Get Build Grist, With That I Can build.

HS: My dog did mention something about having to build up the seven gates towards Skaia and the battle-field.

HS: Hold on these imps look like they're about to attack!


James saw Heather back away from the imps, and both of them noticed an old scythe leaning in the corner of the garage. He smiled when Heather grabbed it, but decided to zoom out and look around her land, which was cloudy and rainy.


Heather finally beat the imps, and they dissolved into build grist, she collected it curiously, and her lap-top was beeping already. She frowned when it was AG and CG, but she wasn't in the mood to talk to either of them, she had to report to Alex and get him into the medium.

She rolled her eyes when he fought with the lid of the Cruxtruder once again after sitting on it, and jumped down, frowning. She grabbed a fridge from the kitchen, and much to Alex's fright, and opened the cruxtruder.

He started pestering her, and she explained to him that he had to hurry the hell up and get into the medium, he nodded, and she turned to her doll/dog sprite.

"I want my questions answered." She said darkly.

The dog barked, "Of course, hee hee!"

"First, where am I, you mentioned the Medium and The Incipisphere, and told me I had to proceed through the seven gates, and through that I had to face my Denizen." Heather said.

The dog nodded, "Woof, yes! You must ascend to descend, and you'll have to solve the ultimate Riddle along the way! Hee hee!" He giggled.

Heather sighed, I guess sprites are supposed to be cagey about that stuff, maybe AG would explain furthur.

She decided to answer AG.


AG: I see you got into the Medium!!!!!!!!

AG: Although what you chose to prototype with your kernel confuses me ::::/

HS: I'm afraid I wasn't being picky.

AG: I seeeeeeee. That's okay, I must leave now though! Some of my friends are 8eing weird again :::;)

HS: Before you go, you know my name, I'd like to know yours. Nicknames are fine. Since you have talked about your Flarping days to me.

AG: My nicknames were awesome back then, my name was Marquise Spinneret Mindfang, my real name is a serket :::;)

HS: I'll keep that in mind, AG.


Heather smiled, she had liked the trolls and their weird ways. Their trolling wasn't always great, but some of them were fun to talk to, like AG.

Heather looked back at her sprite and she asked curiously, "You mentioned something about consorts?"

The sprite laughed, "Yes! Hee hee, consorts are like the civilians of this land! And the Denizen is like the guardian for this planet! Woof! The denizen is guarding a huge grist hoard!"

"So I have to defeat the denizen?" Heather asked carefully.

"I can't tell you that, hee hee!" The sprite giggled, "It's up to you to figure it out and get to the Seven Gates that lead up to Skaia and the battlefield!"

Heather rolled her eyes, and walked out of her garage, she looked up at the sky, which was cloudy, and she asked, "Is there answers in this land?"

"You must find out yourself! That is what adventuring is for, woof!" the sprite said happily.

Heather went back to the alchemiter, she had gathered up some cruxite dowels and placed them near the alchemiter, she looked at the old rusted scythe, which wouldn't last long, There's probably lots more enemies in this land, and I know mixed martial arts with lances and that kind of thing.

She stood up, and looked at the back of the strife card, looking at a code, and she started pestering James again.


HS: Is there anything new in the registry? Or something that we can deploy? I believe there is something connected with the codes behind the cards.

YS: When You Defeated Those Imps, We Got Some Shale, So We Can Deploy The Punch Designix Thing.

HS: Right, deploy it and I'll figure the rest out.


Heather noticed that her conversations with her friends were getting shorter and shorter, she thought, Maybe it is because everyone else is trying to get into the medium, I hope Alex made it. Mary better hurry with James.

Heather looked up, James had revised her loft, and placed a Punch Designix behind the alchemiter, and had placed some books and items around them, possibly to be used to alchemize. He has also found a stray captchalogue card.

She grabbed the card, flushing it into her sylladex, then looked at her items. She took off her head-band, and looked at the code for her computer, then took some blank captchalogue cards into the designix, copying the codes onto the back, and took them to the Totem Lathe, along with some cruxite dowels.

When they were chisled, she returned to the alchemiter, and created a head-top band, and put it on. She logged on to Pesterchum, some of the trolls and all of her friends were online, but she decided against bugging Alex and Mary for the time being.

She looked at a mystery/horror book, then looked at the scythe, she smiled eerily, and took more cruxite dowels, repeating the steps. She waited for the Alchemiter, then watched as it came out with a new looking scythe with a windy design on the blade, and a white and black staff part, she smiled, grabbing it.

"This old scythe has gotten ten times more awesome." She laughed, almost thankful that her grandpa never moved it from it's spot.

She turned around, almost excited to adventure into her land, her planet of Land of Clouds and Rain.


In an island on the ocean, Mary was sitting in her pile of teddy bears, she was waiting for Alex to finish deploying the stuff, meanwhile, she was waiting for her cat to fall asleep so she could get her disks to get James into the game. Soon, she would get James into the medium, and she would enter last, Alex would get into some trouble and not get her in until the last second.

Mary shrugged, putting some stuff in her sylladex, and petted her cat, which made no noise, she went downstairs. She lived alone, not that she minded, it was nice just living with her cat. She walked outside, it was a sunny day, she smiled. One of the trolls was pestering her, but she liked them. They were funny and quite informative when they aren't trying to troll.

This one liked cats also, so that was a bonus.


AC: :33 < *ac saunters over to the human, and curls up in her lap*

IG: *IG pets ac friendly, then asks her why she was here.*

AC: :33 < oh! just wanted to s33 if you successfully entered the game yet, i can't wait! it's going to be pawsome to watch!

IG: Not yet I'm afraid bro, Alex is going to get caught up in his adventure, but I'll get in, I purrmise ;D.

AC: :33 < h33 h33! but I have to go! we're deep in the void, by the furthest ring, you'll learn about those soon enough!

IG: Right!


Mary giggled, she liked talking to AC. She might not have been a good troller, but she was a good rper. She fun to talk to, compared to some of the other trolls, who were deadly serious, AC liked to talk about them a lot, fondly most of the time, and about her shipping wall.

But they would talk soon enough, Mary put her lap-top in her pictionary sylladex, and walked around, she looked at her strife deck, which was knitting needles, she had taught herself how to knit, and enjoyed it. I could whip out a scarf if I really tried in under 10 minutes!

She noticed her cat watching her, she rolled her eyes, her cat sure was weird, but she loved Jackie anyways. Although sometimes Jackie seemed to sometimes lock her inside her room somehow, not that she minded, that was okay. Jackie was following her now carefully.

She sat down in the grass, waiting. She jumped when she forgot to tell James to hurry up and get Heather into the Medium, it was critical she got in first. She started pestering him, and teased him, then told him the danger, and logged off.

Mary saw Alex deploy the Totem Lathe in the top room, and she rolled her eyes, but she didn't mind, she wasn't in any immediate danger yet, just as long he didn't make a mess of her house. When he had asked where she was, she had told him not to worry about it and get deploying, to which he obeyed.

She sighed, looking up at the clouds, she smiled, the weather was rarely ever bad on the island, but even if it was, she liked walking outside.

Mary jumped when Jackie appeared suddenly, staring at her. She frowned, and took out her threading needles, Jackie seemed to flick her tail, and Mark took out the yarn, and yelled, "Go get it, Jackie!"

She threw the ball far away, with Jackie chasing playfully after it, she ran to the ruins by her house, and entered, looking at the pictographs as she walked in, then looked at the weird machine that looked like it was about to bud a flower, and was going to bloom in an hour.

Mary decided to sit here and get to work, she drew her lap-top, and started pestering Heather.


IG: Hey, Heather.

HS: Do you need to say something? I'm kind of in the middle of a pest problem, plus troll problems.

IG: lol, trolls aren't problems, they're funny! Anyways, that's okay, you can just beat those pests with your awesome alchemized scythe!

HS: Troll problems as in they're being normal, and how did you know I alchemized my scythe?

IG: Oh, nothing, I got to go, see you in four hours!


Mary giggled, her friends always questioned her knowing things, but she didn't tell them, she just knew the logical thing Heather would have done was upgrade her strife deck. Heather had kept pestering her though, annoyed that she didn't answer her question, but soon stopped.

Mary said, "Right!"

She looked up at the flower, waiting patiently for the four hours to pass, where she would be able to get James into the medium.


Unknown date, 2015?

As I travel deep into this land, reading the pictures on the walls, I realise this game is more or less a quest of futility, it keeps saying the same thing. 'The battlefield must evolve to the final form to give birth to a new universe.'

I am not sure if it means it in a literal sense, but AG has told me that it means what it means, and my protoytyping of the kernel seems to have affected the impish creatures, and is also helping the battlefield within Skaia to form, they're wearing the doll's clothes, and have furry ear things.

The consorts, on to that particular topic, they don't seem to be very intelligent, but they're friendly enough I suppose, the consorts obey the simplest of commands, but what their purpose is, I don't know. I will have to question this furthur while exploring.

I have also heard the legend of a hero of some sort, the Sylph of Life, I'm not quite sure what it means, but in this land, it must mean something to me.


Heather managed to get to the planet below from the first gate to see snake like creatures, she soon realised they weren't very smart, but could obey simple commands, but she ignored them, they were hard to understand and communicate with anyways.

Imps have also been following her, she narrowed her eyes, taking out her scythe, they seemed to shy away from the scythe, and disappeared quickly.

She sighed, turning around, the consorts were communicating with each-other, and she narrowed her eyes when her lap-top head-band starting beeping. She ignored it, having more important stuff to do. She had to figure out who this Sylph of Life was.


Alex pestered and pestered Heather, but she didn't answer, he sat on the alchemiter, unsure of where he was, he had rearranged his sylladex, and had alchemized a bunch of stuff, including a portable and easy to use computer, and had upgraded his spork to the Galaxy Spork, which he had combined his spork with his parents astromany book, and was quite proud of himself.

The spork was more like a staff with a shape of a galaxy at the top point, and the spork part at the botton, and the whole staff was black with stars and comets, he smiled widely. This is so awesome. He thought, then decided to venture outside. His sprite following him closely.

It was a starry snake, it blinked at him, and hissed, "The Land of Sun and Mist."

"Is that what this place is called?" Alex asked, looking around. It was sunny outside, but also misty, he could barely see anything, he reminded himself to make some cool see through mist goggles, if he could figure out how to make those.

He jumped when once again the jade coloured text troll started bugging him again.


GA: You Have No Need To Reply To This.

GA: But What You're About To Do Amazes me.

GA: As No One Can Be That Stupid, Not Even You.

UG: what do i do thats so stupid? maybe if you tell me i won't do it.

GA: It Is Stupid, But Also Needed In The Survival And Ascension Of Your Friends.

UG: what do you mean by 'ascension'

GA: That Is For Me To Know And You To Find Out, At Any Rate, I Doubt Your Human Mind Will Comprehend It At This Point.


Alex frowned, unsure if GA was trying to help him or troll him, and it was disconcerting to hear that a stupid thing he does means survival and Ascension of his friends. It gave him a bad feeling at most. Maybe Heather was right about this game... He thought grimly.

He put his lap-top down, and turned on the sburb server, and looked around Mary's house, he had deployed everything, but Mary didn't seem to be doing anything with it, as if she was waiting for something. Alex decided not to wonder too much about it, as it often gave him a head-ache.

Alex pondered the meaning of Survival and Ascension as he put the lap-top in his sylladex again, and walked around. He walked around, running into the animal things, which were crocodile things, he ignored them, as they liked to repeat themselves a lot.

He jumped when an Imp flew at him, and he gasped, accidently smashing it with the end of his spork, and flinched when it burst into build grist, he collected it, and sat down, and yelled to himself, "Arg! I'll never get used to this!"

He huffed, Heather was too busy to be his server player as of yet, so he had to take care of stuff and figure out the game on his own, Heather did make some additions to his alchemiter and deployed the Punch Designix, but that was a while ago, and he hadn't heard from her since.

He did hear from James a couple times, but mostly talking about Heather and the trolls, James seemed to have a growing belief that the trolls were helping them in their own way, but Alex refused to believe it. He looked back up where his house was, where he had went through the first gate.

Alex started to wonder about the stupid thing he was about to do that GA mentioned, but decided not to dwell on that either.

Alex decided to look around, and looked at his sprite when it hissed, "The consorts have much information, you should listen."

"Your crypticisim annoys me." Alex muttered, knowing full well that it wasn't a word, not that the sprite cared, why would it?

He huffed, and started to pester James, and was determined to get an answer, and to show this, he set his mood to rancourus.



UG: i don't even care if you answer at this point, i just want to point out how stupid this was, wow i'm so dumb, why didn't you guys try and tell me how stupid this was, oh hold on, Heather was being smart, arg, her asshole mind games have done it again!

UG: i'm about to feel very buddy buddy with the trolls in a few seconds, i'm that mad.

UG: i'm that mad James, i'm that mad, bet you can explain that.

UG: i even know what you're going to say, how amazing is that.

UG: you're going to say 'I Cannot Fathom Why' in your stupid cap every freaking word quirk.

UG: say it James, say it.

YS: Someone Is In A Bad Mood.


James almost laughed at Alex's sudden mood change. But he wondered why his mood had changed so quickly, he decided not to dwell on it, he was still waiting for Mary to get her disks, but he did not pester her. James trusted her.

But Alex had a point, this was stupid in hindsight, but it was too late now, they started this game, and James was determined to finish it, if it was possible. He tapped on his desk, waiting for Heather to get more build grist, he had noticed that they had more than usual, so he revised her house a bit, while moving stuff.

James narrowed her eyes when his trollslum was beeping, it was CarcinoGeneticist, but he ignored him, Not right now...

He closed his pesterchum, and sighed, staring at his computer, his client disk was running, and he didn't know how much time he had left.

He jumped when there was a large bang his room, he turned around suddenly to see a Totem Lathe, and his stuff being moved.

James whipped to face his computer, and started pestering Mary.


YS: Can You Please Warn Me. When You Start Dropping Stuff In My Room?

IG: Ah, bro. Don't worry about it, I'm putting them all in nice clear spaces and close proximity, you still have time <3.

YS: That Doesn't Comfort Me. How Did You Even Get The Disks? You Told Me You Didn't have them!

IG: Relaxxxxxx, James. Just let me do my job and you do yours and start getting ready to enter <3!


James saw her log off purposely, and he heard another large bang in his house, he groaned, and ran upstairs to see the guest room revised, and the Alchemiter deployed in it, he face-palmed, and thought, Ugh, Mary what are you doing to my house?

He jumped when there was a large bang again on his roof, he climbed up the stairs to his roof, and frowned when he saw the Cruxtruder, and he rolled his eyes, he looked at it thoughtfully, trusting Mary. He jumped when she dropped a bookshelf on it, and a purple kernel sprite jumped out, along with a cruxite dowel, he picked it up quickly.

James looked at his time, and flinched when he had 5 minutes.

He ran down to the Totem Lathe, where the punched card was waiting for him, he looked at it closely. It looked like some sort of target, he smiled, at least entering would be easy. He placed it in the Totem Lathe, and it carved it.

He took it, and jumped to the Alchemiter, and put the cruxite dowel on the platform, and watched as a big target appeared. He jumped when his vision went black, and he gasped, "What the hell?!"

He took out his bow, trying to concentrate, but ended up waving it around, he felt himself get blasted back, and he shook his head, and stood up, he blinked. Thinking deeply, then felt himself draw the bow, even though he couldn't see, he could feel where his target was.

He let go, and his vision returned, and the target was gone, but soon realised that it was dark outside.

He was finally in.

James realised he was finally in the medium.

But he knew something was wrong, he looked outside, his vision a bit blurry, he rubbed his head, getting a head-ache.

He blinked, and soon saw his world blacken.

Chapter 3

Be prepared

For the journey.


IG: James, bro.

IG: Gogdammit, James!

IG: You entered in such a weird way you blacked out, silly.

IG: Tell me when you wake up man, Alex is raging like CG at me, but in his awkward no grammar way, it's kind of scaring the hell out of me :'(.

IG: Wake uppppp.

IG: Heather wants to talk to you too, so better talk to her first.




Listen to the tealed text seer.


Heather walked around her land, and looked up at her house, she saw YS lose connection from pesterchum, and assumed he was in the medium. The consorts kept following her, while her sprite had returned to the house, they kept whispering, "It's a sign, the Sylph is finally here."

Heather looked back at them curiously, she looked up and saw Skaia. She frowned, and thought, I've been walking forever...

She saw a return node, and jumped through that, returning to her house, she was wearing a new outfit she alchemized, camoflauge clothes, not really impressive, but she could blend in with her planets enviroment easy.

Heather rubbed her head, and wrote once again in her journal.

Of all the research I have made, my dreams show less, my dream self has not waken up yet, as my sprite explains.

It's like a giant game of chess, just more elaborate, tricky. Man, as much as I love chess, this is just nuts. It takes a strategic mind to beat just a simple game of chess. With this, it's going to take a lot more than that.

I have learned enough though, apparently we must beat the black queen and King before the reckoning starts. Light has been always destined to lose, so when they do, me and my friends need to be ready, if we have any hope of completing this game.

There has to be a trick to this, I can feel it. I just don't know how to prove it.


Heather put down the book, and started pestering Alex.


HS: Alex, answer me.

HS: You need to know this stuff.

UG: does it look like i'm in the freaking mood to deal with sarcasm?

UG: because i'm not, i have too much of a head-ache already!

HS: What is the matter with you?

HS: You know what, forget I asked then, here, those weird animal things are consorts, they have information, and apparently there's a hero for each planet, so you might want to look into that too. Once you're done taking lessons from CG of course, without all the swearing and capping of course.

UG: argh fuck!

HS: Nevermind, without the capping then.


Heather frowned, it wasn't like Alex to get mad, she started to wonder if the trolls were getting to Alex. She was tempted to reassure her friend, but thought better of it, or he'll start capping, him and CG were strangely too much alike when Alex was pissed off.

Which reminded her, AG kept telling her that CG wanted to talk to her. But she would wait for him to start pestering her, as the trolls tended to hate it when they message them first. She walked around her house, impressed with the work James had done.

She wondered if Mary had gotten into the medium yet, but by Alex's mood, she deducted that she hadn't yet, and wouldn't until Alex came to his senses.

But three of them were already in the medium already, they were just waiting on Mary to come in with another evolved sprite and evolve the battle-field.

Heather rubbed her head, and found herself looking up at Skaia once again. She looked back down to see some imps, but they seemed different, some of them were bigger, and looked harder to beat.

She took out her scythe, and smiled, her eyes flashed, and ran towards the imps, as she was pestered by a couple of trolls.

She decided to go with AG first.


AG: You might want to hurry up and answer grumpy troll over there ::::)

AG: He's even more un8earable then usual. ::::/

HS: Sorry, I've been dealing with my own grumpy Human Friend problems, plus trying to figure out stuff about this game.

HS: What does he want anyways?

AG: Who knows, them's the 8r8ks though, probably something having to do with your quests.

HS: I see. Well, he's just going to have to wait.

AG: ::::D.


Heather turned off her head-top, and frowned, there was something bothering her, and James still hadn't gotten back on, she was starting to worry for both James and Alex.

She was tempted to turn to Mary for answers, but something told her not to. So she instead sat down on the ground after dealing with the imps, while her consorts crowded around her curiously, talking to each-other, she huffed, and looked up at Skaia.


Alex trudged through the mist, glaring at everything. Even the imps tried to avoid him, he narrowed his eyes gleefully when he started getting trolled by GA. But he didn't answer her, he knew what it would be about, she would say how stupid he was.

Speaking of stupid... He looked at the entrance to a big cave, something was in it. The consorts had followed him, but kept their distance, he looked upwards, the rocks were weak from the mist. He frowned and jumped onto the top, he grabbed his weapon while the consorts watched.

Alex rose the weapon over his head, and narrowed his eyes. He drove it into the rocks, and watched as they started to cave in the entrance, while the consorts watched in horror. He heard the consorts whisper something about a Knight of Void, whoever that was.

He jumped down to the ground, with the consorts backing away fearfully, he narrowed his eyes when James turned back on to pesterchum, and started pestering Alex.


YS: Alex.

YS: Answer Me Alex!

UG: what do you want James?

YS: What The Hell Were You Thinking?!

YS: What Instinctive Dumb Urge Did You Have To Do That?!

UG: what are you talking about James.

YS: You Know What I'm Talking About! Okay, Just... Don't Do That Again! Just Ignore Any Pissed Off Instinctive Temptations You Have.

YS: Or It Will Start Affecting Us Too!

UG: okay okay! it's not like you to get all worked up.

YS: And It's Not Like You To Get Pissed Off So Easily.

YS: Cased Close, Goodbye!


Alex sat there shocked, James seemed really distressed there, maybe I should listen to his really weird advice... He thought in surprise, he looked up into the sky, and sighed, feeling his anger ebbing away. James's honest distress was starting to scare him.

He looked up at the cave sadly, and rubbed his head, "Ugh, what was I thinking?" He muttered.

Alex looked around when he heard a noise, he grabbed his weapon, and held it close. Alex narrowed his eyes, and yelled, "Who's there?!"

He rolled his eyes, and muttered darkly, "Of course no one would be here, it's only me, the stupid consort things, and the stupid Imp things."

Alex stood up, and sighed, holding his head, unsure of where that anger had came from, he yawned, and decided to look for a way to return to his house, from a return node.

He jumped into a return node, and landed straight on his bed, he gasped, and growled, "Heather."

He rolled his eyes, and laid down, he blinked a couple times before closing his eyes.

He frowned when he opened his eyes, and was in his room again, but it seemed different, a lot more purple, it kind of freaked him out, as the place was empty, like a void. He rubbed his head, and sat up, and murmured, "Where am I?"

"Derse!" A high-pitched voice said.

He blinked, and found himself staring at a girl his age, she had blonde hair tied up in a pony-tail, and she waved.

He raised an eyebrow, and asked, "Mary?"

She nodded, "That's my name, Alex, bro. Anyways, you're on Derse, you're your dream self!" She laughed, looking around Alex's room.

"Er? Dream self?" Alex mused, then suddenly got a head-ache, his room flashed red for a moment, and Mary nodded, ignoring it.

"Yeah! Except, you just woke up! You couldn't wake up until you were ready!" Mary said, indicating around the empty room.

Alex frowned, and narrowed his eyes, Mary sat at the window, "Until James woke up, I was the only one awake, Heather still is asleep, but they're on Prospit!" She said, pointing up to Skaia, where a beautiful golden moon circled around Skaia.

Alex sat at the window sill with her, and he asked, "That's nice I guess, but how do I get back to my regular self?"

Mary looked at him, and said, "That's easy, you have to wake up."

Alex made a face, and said, "Okay." He looked back down at the ground, where black shapes walked around, and he asked carefully, "This is the bad side, isn't it?"

Mary frowned also, but about something else, she had stood up, and was staring at Prospit.

Alex looked up at her, and asked, "What's wrong?"

Mary was silent, and he stared up at Prospit as well, but it seemed fine, and she growled, "Okay! Time to go, wake up, Alex!"

He gasped when his vision blackened, and soon he found himself staring up at the ceiling of his room again, he sat up, getting a message, but it was weird.


GA: So.

GA: It Seems The Seer Of Your Team Indirectly Agrees With Us, Even The Witch Is Suspicious.

UG: oh come on weird troll girl person.

UG: i'm not in the mood for whatever you want to say.

GA: Then I'll Keep This Short Knight.

GA: As It Is A Message From Your Teams Seer, Your Friend, From The Future.

UG: righhhtttt.

GA: Human Sarcasm. I see. You May Choose To Believe Me, But You Don't Have Too, Your Friend Has Assured Me That You'll Listen In The End.

GA: He Says That You Should Get Off Derse As Soon As Possible.

UG: yeah right.

GA: He Also Said That If You Don't, Mary's Dream Self Will Die.

UG: double yeah right.

GA: That's Okay. I Don't Care If You Don't Believe Me. As It's Your Friend Who You Should Believe.


Alex frowned, mind racing, and he laughed airily, "Right, and why should I believe you?"

Alex was tempted to ask James about this seer person, but something told him not to, so he just laid down again, and closed his eyes.

It can't be true, I don't know this seer, so why should I believe some alien troll thing? Alex thought grimly, and sighed, and decided to get Mary ready, and turned on his computer, and saw her sitting by the Cruxtruder.


James blinked, and sat up, he found himself in a golden room. He rubbed his head, and sighed, standing up, he looked around, it seemed normal, but it didn't feel normal. James looked out the window to see the Prospitians walking around.

He looked across at the other tower, where his friend was sleeping, she had been like that for a while now. But he did not bug her, he sighed, sitting at the window sill, staring down at the ground, he blinked a couple times, before once again his world went black.

James sat up and saw that he was in his house, he held his head, and checked his messages, one was from Mary, who was urging him to hurry up, and that Heather wanted to talk to him.

He saw that she was offline, and he held his head, and blinked, and growled, "What is with the head-ache?"

James closed his eyes instinctivly, and images started to flash before him, until they all blurred together, he saw him standing in a land of mist and sun, and he saw Alex 2 feet in front of him, but something was different, the energy around him was a dark red, as if he was angry, and he called, "Alex!"

Alex didn't hear him, he was staring up at some rocks, and then the image froze. James looked around, and asked curiously, "What's going on?"

He jumped when he heard a voice. 

Seer of the Heart, choose to see the path of instinct.

But beware, instinct is never set in stone, you must be careful of the paths of heart your friends take, for they can lead to your doom.

The image was still frozen, and James asked, "What do you mean by choose?"

Choose, you are the seer, and what you see will either benefit your team, or lead them to ruins, you can stop the bad side of your friend's instinct, or let your friend block the cave, but that doesn't mean the choice is bad all the way through.

James stared around, and thought, Come on Alex, what would happen if you resisted your instinct?

The image unfroze, and Alex was still staring up at it, then he sighed turning away, he faced James, and James felt this horrible feeling, like this was the wrong choice. Images flashed again, but they were all garbled together, but after, there was only darkness.

He gasped, and said, "Goddammit Alex!"

He gasped when light entered his vision again, Alex had made the cave crumble. But it seemed as time had passed, and he was sitting on the ground, his energy no longer an angry red, and was instead a deep sad blue.

James sat down also, holding his head, "What the hell..." He murmured, and soon he found himself back in his house, he made a face, and started pestering Alex, and asked him what he thought he was doing. Alex claimed to not know what he was talking about, but James pointed out that he did, then insisted that he should ignore any furthur bad feelings.

After that, he sighed, and realised Heather was back online. he started pestering her.


YS: Mary Said You Wanted To Talk To Me?

HS: Yes, she was also worried about you, from what I can tell. Are you all right?

YS: Aside From The Massive Head-ache, I'm Fine.

HS: I'm getting the feeling you're not telling me everything.

YS: Arg, I Really Don't Want To Think About What You're Feeling.

HS: So CG was right.

YS: What? What Is He Right About?

HS: I've been doing some reading up with the help of AG, and CG's tendacy to make me actually read deeper than what's on the surgace, apparently, for each session of players, there has to be at least a space player, a time player, and maybe a knight, and CG believes that you're the seer for our team, from what he can tell.

HS: Tell me what you saw, James.

YS: I Don't Know What I Saw, Heather.

YS: All I Saw Is Alex Contemplating His Instinctive Feeling, And The Outcomes If He Chose To Resist (I think).

HS: I see, well, tell me if you get any other visions. The job of the seer is to help the team beat the game by seeing outcomes, which is your job.

YS: Wonderful.


James groaned, rolling his eyes, and he huffed, he was tempted to contact Mary, but decided that he would wait for her to contact him, as she was probably getting ready to enter, if Alex managed to start being useful as a server player.

He gasped, and shook his head, No, don't think about that, what they want to do is their business, lest I get weird visions again that leave me with a huge head-ache!

He frowned, and sighed, none of the trolls had been bugging him since he entered, he wasn't sure whether to be happy or sad about it, but he could definately use some of their help. At least, the ones that couldn't troll even if they tried, so they are inadvertly helpful.

James had a feeling none of them could troll, so any of them would do. He scrolled down to Trollslum, and saw that only two were online, but they seemed to be idle, he sighed, and huffed, he looked out his window curiously, and held his head.

Mary started pestering him, but he ignored it, he sat on the window sill, much like when he was on Prospit, and looked out on the land, trying to figure out where he was.

He couldn't help but wonder if Alex was actually going to get going with getting Mary in the game, maybe after he's solved his weird crisis with himself.

James anticipated something visiony when he thought of that, but nothing came, he sighed in relief, and looked back into his room, he narrowed his eyes, and went down-stairs, the T.V wasn't working for cable, but he could play movies at least, that was good.

He sat down on the couch, and stared at the ceiling, he made a face when Mary started pestering him.


IG: James! You're finally awake bro!

YS: I Guess...

YS: Still Feel Out Of It Though.

IG: Oh you'll get used to it seer ;D.

YS: What?


At that very moment Mary had logged off, James made a face, and said quietly, "Why does she keep doing that?!" He huffed, crossing his arms. He had never mentioned about being a seer. James stood up, and sighed, I guess I should ignore that, this game is starting to make me expect anything.

But how did Mary know he was the seer? It's not like she's in yet, and it didn't seem Heather talked to her about it, and Alex had been too busy dealing with his own problem.

It was just too weird to dismiss so easily.


Mary was walking out of the ruins calmly, she smiled when she looked up at her house, where her cat was starng down at her. She waved happily, and ran back to her house, ready to start the entering. She picked up the pre-punched card, and placed it in the Totem Lathe.

She went down the Cruxtruder, and waited for Alex, she looked at her watch, and she murmured, "Soon..."

After a couple hours had passed, she had dozed off, she wasn't completely asleep, but she did see the purpleness of Derse, and saw that Alex was awake, they conversed, and she soon felt something come from Prospit, like a plea for help, and Alex's dream self had fallen back asleep, leaving Mary to explore Derse alone while she waited.

Mary blinked open her eyes, and saw that the Cruxtruder was open, with a teal kernel, she smiled, looking down at the time, she had a couple more hours to get ready, she grabbed a cruxite dowel, and took it up to the Totem Lathe, and carved it, then took it to the Alchemiter.

The item appeared, but she sat down beside it patiently, and she thought, Alex must be wondering what I'm doing, I'll tell him later!

The kernel had followed her, and she stared at it, Jackie had entered the room, and was also staring at it, in an almost stalking fashion.

"Ah! No! Bad Jackie!" Mary yelled, standing up suddenly, Jackie stared at her, then took a leap. Mary stared as Jackie merged with the kernel. Mary sat down again, and the kernel suddenly disappeared in a flash of Teal light. Mary groaned, and rolled her eyes.

She started getting pestered by AC (Arsenic Catnip), and answered her, but first put her mood to something like moody, after all Jackie wasn't supposed to do that.


AC: :33 > *ac wonders about Mary's cat*

AC: :33 > *ac asks, "is he okay?"*

IG: He's fine, I just didn't expect him to do that o-o.

AC: :33 > that's pawsome! but I have a question.

IG: Yeah?

AC: :33 > was he a first guardian?

IG: What's that?

AC: :33 > apparently they're this really powerful ominiscent. any planet meant to bear life has one.


Mary looked on, as Arsenic explained her the job of the first guardians, and explained that their characteristics were white with green energy when teleporting, Jackie was indeed white, and definately was sometimes surrounded by green energy, was Jackie a Guardian?

Mary stood up, she looked out her window, she saw the meteor flash toward her, but she still had time. She looked at her item, then looked at her needles, the sprite had come back, and was waiting expectently, Mary stood up, facing her item.

She turned to Jackie, "I have to get my friends in order, they're all confused, and one of them isn't even awake yet, and the Derse agents are going to use that against us!" She said quickly.

Jackie didn't say anything, it just continued staring. Mary smiled, and took out her sewing needles, and launched at her item, it broke, and everything seeemed to flash, she stood up straight, and watched as she was transported into the Medium.

Mary blinked when it turned dark, she looked outside, and saw frogs everywhere. Mary thought, Hm, I'll have to ask AC if these frogs have any signifigance, I have an odd feeling they do...

Mary decided to look around her house to start alchemizing, even though she was unsure of what she would find, after all, there are some parts of her house she hadn't ventured too.

Not like that was going to stop her, she put her needles back, and grabbed some books, some thread, and some of Jackie's toys, the sprite continued to follow her, but it's language was garbled, Mary could barely understand it, and it was giving her a head-ache.

But the Jackiesprite seemed agitated that Mary couldn't understand, and it was determined to be understood, it kept making mewing sounds at Mary, along with the garbled language, and Mary groaned, and threw her toy rabbit at it.

There was a flash of teal, and the sprite had disappeared.

Chapter 4

Where there is a will

There has to be a way

Unknown date, unknown year

How long has it been? How long has it been since me and my friends started playing this game? Days, weeks, months... Years? I don't even know anymore, I can't even tell, it's as if time is no longer relevent in the medium, but there must be some time trick to this.

Not that it matters, it seems the trolls were right all along in their vague descriptions and trollish warnings. I guess we have to turn to them for help and advice, even though niether of us want to, not like we have a choice, the only person I could go to for answers is James, and that has it's own problems.

One, he has very little answers and a whole ton of questions himself, if CG is right, as the Seer of Heart, everything he sees may give him an answer, but replace the old questions with new ones, and I don't want to push him on it because I heard seeing the death of friends takes its toll.

But at one point we're all just going to have to face the fact that death has to be part of this game, it's inevitable, and you can't fight it anymore.

But we can fight this game, and beat it somehow, I will have to question AG about the physics about this game, she seems to know it well, I would ask my sprite, but all the hooing and woofing is quite annoying. And there's my friends personal problems, well, Alex's personal problems.

I don't know what's going on anymore, I try to figure out answers of questions. And never find them, sometimes I feel like giving up.

But I know I can't, or James would see the consequences, if he hasn't already...


Heather ripped another page out of her journal, and dropped it, getting tired of the continous reporting, she wasn't even sure what notion she had to always tear pages out of her journal, and leave them scattered around, where anybody could see them.

She sighed, and looked around again, she started to get pestered by James frantically, she started to get worried by the amount of messages he was sending, and the tone of them, as it was unlike James to get tense and worried.


YS: Fuck, Heather, Are You There?

YS: Or Is This Another Vision I'm Having In A Vision?

YS: That Would Be Inception Right There (Orr Visionception).

YS: Heather, Answer Me, Jegus...

YS: Fine, Whatever You Do, When You Go To Sleep And Wake Up, You Have To Get Off Of Prospit.

YS: Unless This Is Again A Vision Of What Would Happen If I Did Tell You.

YS: Argh, Fuck Head-aches!

HS: Relax, James, tell me what's going on.

HS: Before you hurt yourself.

YS: Easy For You To Say.

YS: Fine, Whatever, I Saw Prospit, And A Whole Lot Of Chaos, It's All Foggy.

HS: I need a bit more than a vague description to figure that out.

YS: I Saw Prospit And It's Moon, The Red Miles Were Everywhere.

HS: What? What is that?

YS: How Should I Know, It Was Alex's Weird Friend Troll Telling Me.

HS: Okay, you just relax right, I'll figure it out.


Heather noticed James had logged off, she frowned, she wanted to talk to CG or AG, her friends intents were starting to worry her, and she was confused on what James meant by the red miles, and she thought, Either of them have to know...

She sighed, feeling tired. Heather walked back to her house, and walked into her room, she herself was starting to get a head-ache, she laid down on her bed, and stared up at the ceiling. She started getting pestered by the very troll she wanted to talk too, but her vision was going dark.

She narrowed her eyes when she woke up on a golden moon, she sat up. Heather looked around the room, it was quite ordinary, and it kind of upsetted Heather, but she didn't know why, she sat up, and looked out the window down to the streets of Prospit's moon.

Heather didn't see anything close to anything red, it actually seemed almost boringly peaceful, she sat on the window sill, and watched the other tower across from her, she got an uneasy feeling from the tower, as it was kind of dark.

She stood up, ready to go to the other tower, but the whole moon started shaking, she held her head, and asked curiously, "What's going on?"

Heather looked down, the Prostpitians also seemed to feel the shaking, they started to get nervous, and looked at each-other, then looked up at Heather's tower.

She frowned, and looked at the other tower, but it seemed to be more affected by the shake then the others, she jumped out of the tower, and gently landed at the bottom of her tower, the Prospitions looked at her with respect and some fear.

Heather walked the streets, the shaking continued, and there was an eerie red glow down on the planet, and she frowned, she then started to hurry to the other tower, she looked up where the window was, then looked around, The Prospitians on the moon whispering about the Red Miles.

She flew up to the window sill, and looked inside, surprised that there was no light, and she could barely see anything, and she called, "James? Are you there?!"

There was no answer. She jumped inside, still getting an uneasy feeling, when her eyes adjusted to the darkness, she saw that the room had a reddish glint to it, she saw James curled up in the bed, and realised he was having nightmares, and she murmured, "That's why he's been so antsy lately? Is it because he's unable to actually wake up anymore because he's the seer?"

She started getting a head-ache, and the room seemed to pulsate, she frowned. Heather looked around, and remembered how James told her to get off Prospit. Heather looked out the window again, the reddish glow getting closer to the moon.

Heather looked around for something to wake James out of the nightmare, if that was possible. Heather stopped, getting the feeling as if she was being watched, she looked around once again, then stopped a bucket with water in it, she didn't notice it before.

She grabbed it, and the water seemed to shimmer to her touch, there was more shaking, and she lost some water, and the room continued to glow it's reddish tint, she turned to James, and yelled for good measure, "Wake up!"

She threw the water on him, and he gasped, sitting up, and shook his head, then asked, "Hey, why did you do that?!"

"James, we have to get out of here?!" Heather yelled.

James looked around his room, the reddish glow had died, and it was getting lighter, and he asked in a light accent, "What's going on? Why's everything red and shaking?"

"Um, it's not red, but yes, there's shaking, it's the red miles, James, your vision was right!" Heather said quickly.

James looked confused for a moment, then made a face, "Oh for- I hoped I was wrong! I hoped she wouldn't actually do it!" He grumbled, standing up, and blinked.

"Who did what?" Heather asked as the shaking continued.

"Mary, she woke up Alex before he was ready, she let her weird ass cat prototype itself, now everything is going to... Well..." James faltered, then shook his head.

Heather looked out the window, then turned back to James, and saw that his eyes were glazed over again, she grabbed him, and asked, "James? Are you having another vision?!"

He didn't answer, but he did look like he was seeing something, then he gasped, and pushed Heather out of the window and she gasped, he followed suit, and they found themselves on the ground as the tower collapsed from the shaking. Heather sat up, and saw James holding his head, and growling, "What-?!"

"Why did you push me out of the window?" Heather asked.

James stood up, and hurried away, Heather followed suit, but James looked like he couldn't actually see anything of Prospit, but he stopped by a chain, and he looked horrorfied, and Heather gasped as the chain was being wrapped by what looked like red strings, and was slowly breaking apart.

She shook James, "We have to get out of here!" she said.

He only nodded, but didn't do anything, he was still stuck in his vision, and she groaned, and pulled him away from the crumbling chain as the red miles headed towards them, and fast.


Alex looked around, he had fallen asleep again, and was travelling around on Derse with Mary, he had to admit, he didn't like the Derse people, they were quite weird and very mean, some of them anyways, and Mary said quickly, "They're not very talkative, I wouldn't talk to them."

Mary looked up again, and she said, "You should wake up, you're being messaged by one of the trolls."

Alex was about to argue, but his vision darkened once again, and he woke up in his bed. He sat up, and frowned, he looked out his window, and saw some consorts looking around, and he called down to them, "Hey!?"

They looked up, and scattered quickly, Alex made a face, and ran upstairs, putting his coat on, he frowned, putting on his computer glasses on, they could also see through mist, he ran outside, almost being immediately pestered by the familiar troll.

He answered her as he went to the top of the stairs


UG: hey.

GA: I'm Surprised You're Greeting Me Like That.

UG: i decided it wasn't worth fighting with you anymore, but i do need to know one thing.

GA: I See. What Is It?

UG: as i've been dreaming, and i guess getting little information from Heather, i've decided to look around my land, and my consorts, as much as they're dumb, are very useful.

UG: do you have a name?


The troll didn't answer for some time, he was looking up at his 2nd gate, he narrowed his eyes, raising his weapon, and waited for her to answer, he thought, Although I don't know how she's even a she, just a weird feeling I'm getting...

She finally answered back.


GA: That's An Odd Question, Even For You.

GA: Alex.

UG: i'm not that surprised you know my name, i'm starting to believe you.

GA: That's Good, At Least Your Human Mind Is At Least Starting To Get The Situation.

GA: You Can Call Me Kanaya.

UG: you're getting better with the sarcasm Kanaya.


He leered at the gate, and rose his weapon, and leaped at it, and somehow destroyed the gate, and he almost laughed when he started getting pestered by Kanaya almost immediately.


GA: What Are You Doing?

UG: ever had that gut feeling?

UG: tell Future James to have fun getting whatever vision and seeing my stupidity, he still owes me whatever 10 dollars equals to in whatever weird money he uses ;D

GA: Oh My God.

GA: He Says He's Going To 'Personally Murder You', Is That Some Weird Thing That Comes Along With The Disease Called Friendship?

UG: totally natural, now I have to go.


Alex turned off his Pesterchum, almost giggling imagining the trolls and James faces, Alex soon frowned though, Heather had only built to the 1st gate, then stopped. He had a feeling she was busy with something else. Right now he had to get Mary set up to her first gate, so he opened up his computer.

He toyed around with the grist she collected, and saw her alchemizing some stuff, and he built her house up to the first gate, then stopped, as he had very little grist to work with, he looked behind him to see some consorts watching.

He put his lap-top away, and put on his glasses, smiling at the sky, hoping James actually wouldn't really murder him, just a joke. James would have to tell him himself that he was going to, and not through some troll.

"How dumb." Alex muttered, walking around the caves.


James walked around his house, getting a continuous head-ache, he blinked when Mary started pestering him, but he decided not to answer, and only read.


IG: Sorry bro!

IG: This might suck to see the outcome, but I may have woken up Alex before he was ready :(!

IG: See, I had to though, the Derse agents were going to kill him!


James frowned, and he growled, "Is that why I've been getting this continuous head-ache?" He decided not to reply, and Mary logged off, he frowned, and rubbed his head.

He blinked when his vision started to darken, he made a face, and found himself looking at Mary in a tower, she was pacing, she seemed to look up at him, but couldn't see him, she looked out her window to the other tower, and the scene froze.

James frowned, and snapped, "I don't care what she does, she can go ahead and do it!"

The familiar voice came back.

Yes you do

And you know it

You will see both outcomes, and if they've already made the choice, then it's too late.

James watched as Mary continued pacing again, and soon the vision went black again, he found himself looking at the same planet. But he was instead looking at Alex's tower, which was empty, except for a sleeping Alex and a Derse agent, who was holding a sword.

The Derse agent plunged the sword into Alex, and James watched as the Derse agent walked away to face the other tower, and soon he disappeared, James turned to Alex, who was bleeding, it was obvious he was dead, and James growled, "But she did it right?"

That proves you do care what your friends choices are, but her choice caused another instinct in one of your friends.

He was back in Mary's tower again, and she was gone, she was heading to Alex's tower, he looked up at the Golden planet, Prospit, which was farther away, and saw a shimmering red glow, he found himself back on Prospit, just suspended there, and realised that himself and Heather were both asleep, and the voice murmured.

This is your choice, choose to warn Heather, or leave the power to destroy both of you.

James narrowed his eyes, and gasped when the moon was overtaken with red stringy like stuff, and was completely destroyed.

He held his head, and the voice grumbled.

It's pressuring, but you must choose or die Seer, either way, all outcomes will lead somewhere you don't want to go.

He realised his pesterchum was beeping, it was one of the trolls, more specifically, Alex's weird troll friend, he decided to answer her, but not reply as the vision played out.


GA: You May Not Like What You're About To Hear, Seer.

GA: But It Will Also Save You And Your Friend.

GA: Prospit Is Going To Be Attacked By Derse, Just Like They Did In My Session, But It's A Bit Different This Time.

GA: That Red Stuff, Is The Fraymotif Red Miles, And Can Only Be Triggered By The Queens Ring.

GA: I Hope You're One Of The Smart Humans, James.

GA: Actually, Seeing As I've Had Conversations With Future You, You Are One Of The Smart Humans.

GA: That's A Compliment By The Way.


James saw GA log off, and frowned as the vision continued on, then he started pestering Heather frantically, explaining to her that she had to go to sleep and get off Prospit, he honestly could care less about how he was stuck in between awake and dreaming, he had to get his friend away from the danger. He narrowed his eyes when Heather told him to relax, which he found hard to do, so he logged off.

The vision seemed to fast forward quickly, then found himself really on Prospit.


James felt himself being pulled by Heather, he blinked, and murmured, "What's going on?"

He heard Heather sigh, and said, "I woke you up, then you went all vision mode again, do you remember what you saw?" She asked.

James thought hard, and shook his head, "No..." He murmured. Heather frowned, and she asked, "How are we going to escape the Red Miles?"

James looked at her, and said, "I don't think we can."

Heather stopped, and so did he, and she stared at him, "You're joking right?"

He shook his head, and Heather held her head, and growled, "Then what do we-" her face suddenly lit up, and she said, "Can we get to the battlefield!?"

James said, "We're going to have to cut the chain..." He gasped as she let go of him, and pulled out a ghostly yet cool looking scythe, and she looked down at the red miles hurrying towards them, and she sneered, "Not today." She raised the scythe, and it tore through the chain with ease.

James flinched, images flashing through his vision, but he was unable to catch them, he realised the moon broke through Skaia's blue atmosphere, and was heading towards the battlefield, and Heather muttered, "Brace yourself."

James made a face, and felt his vision darken, and he growled, "Uh, Oh no."

Heather stared at him as his vision totally darkened, and he woke up suddenly, sitting up, and held his head, he found himself on the floor of his house, and he gasped, standing up, and tried getting to Heather, but she didn't answer.

He frowned when Mary started pestering him instead.


IG: James.

IG: I know you must be really pissed off that I let Jackie prototype herself

IG: But I think if I had really tried to stop her, things would really change! Anyways, I can't communicate with her either way, she also prototyped herself with one of my old grandpa's skeletons that he collected, it's kind of creeping me out now.

YS: That's An Interesting Development.

YS: I Mostly Ignore My Sprite, Wherever it Got Too.

IG: So are you mad at me or not?

YS: I Don't Know, It's Hard To Be Mad Through Head-aches.

IG: :(

YS: But Either Way, If You Really Think Jackie Prototyping Herself Gives Us An Advantage, Then Whatever.

YS: Nothing I Can Really Do.

IG: Anyways, have you heard from Alex? He's been acting weird lately.


James frowned, he hadn't heard from Alex, he wondered if he was doing something stupid, he rolled his eyes, and looked around, Mary had upgraded his house a bit, he smiled, and walked outside, he looked around, it seemed peaceful, he saw a couple of consorts walking around.

They only looked at him once, then continued doing what they were doing. He walked around a bit, he looked upwards, and saw the seven gates, he saw his sprite circling around the top of the house, and he made a face, and sighed when Heather answered him.


HS: Are you there, James?

YS: Yes.

HS: Right, we both got off Prospit.

HS: We have a slight problem though.

YS: What Is It.

HS: The Battlefield is in complete chaos.

YS: Seeing As It Is A Warzone, I'm Not Surprised.

HS: Not like that, James, I mean, something's wrong.


At that moment she suddenly lost connection, he made a face, and instinctivly started to pester Alex, but he didn't answer. James didn't expect him too, but that only made the situation less disconcerting. He sat down and sighed, unsure of what to do.

I could always wait for Heather to give me some answers, but something tells me that's wrong, everyone thinks I have the answers. James thought darkly.


Mary frowned after pestering James, he seemed reserved and quiet, she was unsure of what he saw, but she needed to figure out her own thing, James had to bear through it.

She looked at Jackie, who was staring down at her, and she growled, "The Derse agents destroyed Prospit, Derse is quiet, my friends are all in danger," she narrowed her eyes, "Please tell me if there is any way to save them!"

Jackie said nothing, and Mary sighed, she was surrounded by her land's consorts, and she said pleadingly, "There has to be a way Jackie. Show me, please!"

Jackie seemed to indicate to her glasses, she had made them with her clocks, she had to admit they were pretty cool, she could see anything in the past and the future, but she wasn't sure how to fix mistakes, as so far, there wasn't any.

"Are you saying these things will give me the answers I need?" Mary asked.

Jackie seemed to nod, and Mary laughed, "All I see is blurred images..."

Suddenly she got a weird feeling, maybe they haven't worked because there was nothing to see, I see the final choice my friends make, while James sees all outcomes, and is forced to watch his friends make a choice that may be wrong...

She thought hard, and thought, Show me Heather, present.

Mary opened her eyes she looked at the scene, and Heather was sitting down, staring up at Skaia, she blinked, as if she was trying to remember something, and Mary asked, puzzled, "What did she see in the clouds?"

Mary found herself looking upwards, but only saw darkness within the clouds, she looked back down at Heather, who was writing again, Mary smiled, and took the glasses off, finding herself staring up at Jackie again.

Jackie went back to the house again, and Mary put the goggles back on, and said, "Show me Alex, present!"

She saw Alex staring up at a ruined gate with a smirk on his face, and Mary started pestering him.


IG: What's up, bro, because it's definetely not your 2nd gate ;0

UG: what?

IG: You destroyed your gate Alex.

UG: so?


Mary watched as he rolled his eyes, and she took her glasses off, and narrowed her eyes, something had changed Alex. She doubted it was the trolls, they could barely troll well enough to get to someone, no, Alex was changing by something else.

Mary sighed, looking at Jackie, and she said quietly "Maybe I shouldn't have waken him up that early, I could have always fought back the Derse agent," she smiled then said, "But then again, maybe James had seen that outcome, or maybe not, you never know when it comes to seers!"

She skipped away from her house, with Jackie following her, who seemed agitated, she had collected lots of grist fighting Imps around her house, they sure were pests, but she found them adorable, in a weird way.

Mary started getting pestered by Heather, she thought, I thought she was sleeping, oh well, she must have woken up after the fall of Prospit, sadly, I think Derse will share the same fate, if the queen pisses off her agents... She answered Heather.


HS: Have you talked to Alex lately?

HS: He hasn't been answering my messages.

IG: Probably because he destroyed his second gate :P

HS: Wait, what?

HS: He destroyed the second gate?

IG: Yep.

HS: That idiot.

HS: Ugh, I have to go, my sprite is bugging me again.


Heather had logged off, and Mary switched the modes of her glasses, she concentrated on Alex again, and saw that he was sitting down on the roof quietly, she couldn't see his eyes, as he was wearing a hood, but he seemed sad.

Mary wanted to call out to him, but knew he couldn't hear her, not unless she started pestering him, but something told her not too. So she decided that he would have to get through whatever crisis he was going through, she jumped when he looked up, an annoyed look on his face. Mary realised he was being pestered, but by who, she didn't know.

Alex rolled his eyes, and continued answering whoever was on the other end, but he also frowned, and looked down at the roof. Mary jumped when the vision seemed to turn static, like when a T.V started losing it's signal, and soon she had to switch modes again.

Mary took the glasses off, and looked at her achemized gear, she combined her needles with some of her awesome wizard books, but that was only her weapons, she had made herself a cool looking leather jacket and a cool hat, while she had combined her computer with a bunch of stuff, including the glasses.

She took out her computer, and looked around James house, she was kind of shocked when it was so neat. James was sitting on the couch, a thoughtful look on his face, and realised he was talking to someone, probably Heather or Alex, or maybe one of the trolls.

Mary scrolled out, and revised a couple of the rooms, and deployed some stuff. James had a lot of grist, but she didn't think he fought a lot of enemies, but she decided to ask him about it later.

She thought critically, Maybe it's a torrent of some kind, I probably would have gotten it too, if Alex decided to deploy it.

She was tempted to bug him about it, get him out of his weird stupor of thought with the trolls, she put her glasses on, and started pestering him.


IG: Hey bro.

IG: Do you mind looking in the registry of the server client and deploying anything that's there, if possible?

UG: really? i'm really not in the mood to be serving your client right now.

IG: Fine then :I. More specifically, look for anything small and disc like, pleaseeeeee

UG: uggggggggggh, fine


Mary jumped when something fell on her head, she rubbed her head, and snapped, "That's not nice Alex!" but knew he couldn't hear her, I bet he's giggling right now! She thought annoyed.

She grabbed the disk, and took out her computer, and placed it into the disc drive, and started running it. Its name was grist torrent, Mary realised it worked like she could take her friends grist, or if they got too much, it would be fed into the grist gutter and fed into everyone's grist caches gradually.

Heather had loads, which is probably where James and Alex's grist came from, she torrented some Shale and what looked like mercury from Heather, and Mary murmured, "She's been busy."

She started looking through the registry some more, and typed up the names in a writing tool and their uses, she saved and closed it, putting the lap-top away, and looked towards Skaia.

Mary could no longer see the golden moon of Prospit, it was gone. The whole thing was gone. While Derse was safe within the reaches of the Furthest Ring.

Mary frowned, and found herself looking at her first gate, and noted to not try and destroy it, Alex would be affected by destroying his second gate.

Chapter 5

Look upwards, there is sky

Look downwards, there is ground

Look anywhere, there is the void of space.

Unknown date, Unknown Year

I guess that would always be the title, but got to keep tradition of writing dates here, maybe it will be useful to someone at one point.

Or not.

But maybe if I leave notes scattered around, something is bound to happen, if time works differently here, which I think it does, but reporting what I have learned, it doesn't seem to be doing anything, I just find them scattered around again, if anything, it's like a reminder.

But Prospit, the golden moon and the home to the forces of light, was destroyed and me and James were plunged toward the Battlefield, which had reached its full form, it seems that prototyping our kernels affected it, so now the war is really on.

But from what I'm hearing from the trolls, light is destined to lose.

That brings me to Derse, the home to the forces of Darkness, full of plotting Derse agents, and also where Alex and Mary go when they dream, I'm unsure of what would happen to them if Derse was destroyed, seeing as the planet appears to be located in the Farthest Ring.

So I'm guessing like with our clouds in Prospit, they have another way of getting information, CG keeps going on about Horrorterrors, but he's not a Derse dreamer, from what he tells me, but a couple of his friends were.

I think these horrorterrors are affecting Alex, like they are trying to get help, but it's turning Alex weirder than usual.

Hopefully I can figure out this game before this Reckoning starts, and before whatever danger is facing me and my friends.


Heather tore out the page instinctivly after reading it over, and left it lying on the ground, she was getting pestered by both AG and CG, but she didn't answer them, she sat down and got comfortable before she did anything important, she took out her computer and revised Alex's house, but stopped when she saw Alex just sitting on his roof quietly.

His second gate was gone, Mary had told her, and now Alex seemed to be almost instantly regretting it. Heather wanted to reassure him, but wasn't sure how too, not from here anyways.

She looked around Alex's house for something, she opened some cupboards, and saw some candy in it, she grabbed it with the curser, and dumped it on Alex's head. Heather frowned when he didn't really react, he looked up, and made a face, and furthur ignored any attempts Heather made to cheer him up.

Her sprite muttered, "He is being tortured on the inside by the horror terrors, woof."

"They don't mean to hurt them, do they?" Heather asked curiously.

The sprite shook it's head, "No, they want help, but Alex was woken up too early, being a Hero of Void, you must wake up at just the right moment, and not before, woof."

"Wait, a Hero of Void?" Heather turned to her sprite.

The sprite nodded, "He is the Knight of Void, nothingness. He woke up to emptiness when your friend woke him, woof woof." It said quietly

"Which is why the horrorterrors took a liking to him." Heather concluded, and the sprite nodded.

"Your friend, Mary? The Witch of Time was playing with time, and it caused a huge risk, Alex is being too affected by the horrorterrors, he can't understand them yet, and I guess it's driving him nuts, woof woof." The sprite muttered.

"Wait, Mary is the Witch of Time of this game? From what I hear, the Hero of Time has the most important role, although I haven't figured out why yet." Heather muttered.

The sprite said, "It's part of the Ultimate Riddle, and one of your friends jobs is also tied to her job, your knight will help her, while either you or your seer will take another part of the Ultimate Riddle, woof woof." The sprite grunted.

"Wait, why can't you tell me what the Ultimate Riddle is?" Heather asked.

The sprite hesitated, then said, "It is a part of my own job to be cagey, hee hee, you must learn to see things that are hard to see, but yet, are in plain sight, woof."

Heather asked, "What if I can't figure it out?"

"Then you may never see Earth again." The sprite muttered ominously.

Heather muttered as the sprite floated away, "I guess I have no choice then, I'll question Mary if she knows what the Riddle is."

She stood up, but got immediately pestered by AG and CG again, she thought, They have perfect timing, I'll question AG first.

Heather answered AG first.


AG: You still haven't answered Carcino yet?

AG: He says 'fuck you' and lots of other things. ::::)

HS: I'm guessing he's staring at your computer?

AG: Yeeeeeeeah ::::/.

HS: Cool, since he's watching...

HS: Fuck you too, CG, and I mean that in a friend way, and I know you think badly of this disease called Friendship ;).

AG: That was pretty good for a human. He went back to his computer pissed off, but he's probably sending you coarse messages.

HS: I'm sure he swears at all his friends, I've learned to dismiss it as a weird way to show caring towards friends.

AG: He still thinks friendship is a disease????????

HS: Apparently, should I answer him?

AG: Geeeeeeee, if you want to get yelled at, go ahead!


Heather saw that CG was idle, she smiled mischeviously, and decided to continously pester him, knowing full well that if pesterchum made an annoying noise, Trollslum would make a noise that was even more annoying then Pesterchum for notices, and so it had to be pretty bad, and would draw his attention.

I'm going to troll him too, our human minds are better suited for it. Heather giggled mischeviously, and started pestering him.


HS: I know you're going to be very pissed off after this.

HS: But seeing as you can block evade anyways, this is just a formality.

HS: And you're always pissed off anyways.

HS: I guess this would be more of an annoyance to you.

HS: But I repeat and quote what you said to me when I was 12.

HS: You asked me if it was my job 'TO PISS OFF EVERYONE I MEET'.

HS: Thanks for the idea, CG.

HS: I'm glad our friendship consists of trolling wars, I'm obviously winning ;D.


HS: Make this Round whatever of the trolling war.

HS: Because I'm simply the best there is ;).


Heather laughed as she blocked him, knowing full well he would just find another way to evade the block, but that's what made their war so fun. In all honesty, the trolls only gave her friends new material to use against them, And I could use that fact in the next meeting of the trolling war. She thought cheerfully.

Heather checked to see if any of her other friends were still online, none of them were. She started getting a bad feeling, the notes she was leaving around were making her antsy, because sometimes she found some that didn't seem like she had written it, but she did, it was her handwriting.

She sighed, Get a hold of yourself Heather! You wrote those notes and misplaced them, so what? She suddenly felt like she was being watched.

She looked around, but saw nothing, she growled, and said grimly, "If this is how Alex feels, I'm no longer going to bug him about his recent attitude."

Heather stood up, and suddenly stopped, and called out, "Who's there?"

No one answered, but there was a strong wind, she narrowed her eyes, then looked on the ground instinctivly, but nothing was there.

She walked around, and noticed a white piece of paper tangled in reeds, it looked crumpled, as if it was hastily written than tossed away.

She bent towards it, but stopped when she got hasty messages, almost familiar in tone.

It was the same tone James often used when worried, but it wasn't even James.

It was CarcinoGeneticist, Heather was shocked he could block evade her that fast, but what he was saying made her even more unsure of her situation, and the little piece of paper caught between the reeds, maybe he was trolling her...


Alex sighed as he alchemized some new stuff, he was being followed by one of the consorts, he decided to name it Mackeral, he wasn't sure why though, Mackerals were cool. What are Mackerals though? Alex thought curiously.

He jumped when there was a noise, but nothing was around him,ever since he woke up on Derse, he heard strange things, and they scared him, and he felt like he was going crazy, Kanaya had explained him that he was being communicated by the inhabitants of the Furthest Ring.


Alex sniffed, and said quietly, "Sounds like something out of a horror movie, like a bunch of scary ass Cthulu's, with more tentacles and teeth... I wonder if they have eyes?" He giggled, he wasn't a big fan of dark horror movies, but thrillers were okay.

He thought, Is there a difference between the two genre's though? I'll have to ask James...

He saw that James was online, but he seemed to be blinking in and out of connection, but he ignored it, he pestered him.


UG: hey James.

YS: What Do You Want?

UG: i need to ask you a very serious question.

YS: What?

UG: what is the difference between a thriller and a horror movie?

YS: ...

UG: it's a serious question James.

UG: seriously.

YS: Thriller Is Made With Suspense And Expectation, With The Element Of High Leveled Anticipation, And Provides A Sudden Rush Of Emotion, It's Like In The Sub Genre With Horror, They Can Be Used Together.

YS: Horror Kind Of Works The Same Way, But Works Against The Person Who Is Watching, Horror Films Tend To Use Natural, Instinctive, Primal Fear, And Some Scenes Within The Films Are Used To Startle The Hell Out Of People, Mostly Supernatural, And Plot Based Of Evil Intrusions.

YS: Like Nightmares.

UG: horrorterrors...

YS: What?

UG: that's a long description, thanks James, you movie fanatic.

YS: No Problem?


Alex saw his internet blink off and on again, and soon he logged off, James must have given up on trying to stay online. Alex thought darkly and he muttered, "At least, that would be the nicest reason..."

He looked up at his house, Heather had found some time to upgrade it to the third gate, but that was as far as she got, and the place was crawling with imps, annoying things. Alex brought out his weapon, and smirked, he twirled it, and headed to the nearest return node.

Alex jumped through the return node just as Kanaya started pestering him, Alex noted that she seemed unsure with Alex being near gates.


GA: Are You Going To Be Destroying Your Third Gate Too?

UG: nah i'm just curious as to where the high gates lead i know 1 leads to my planets land.

GA: Your Second Gate Would Have Led To Your Server's House.

UG: oh.

GA: The Gate You Are Facing Now Will Lead Deep Into Your Servers Planet, The Same Concept Your 1st Gate Has. While Your Fourth Gate Will Lead To Her Server Player's House, And So On.

UG: sounds complicated.

GA: I Didn't Expect Your Human Mind To Get It Anyways, It's Fine.


Alex looked up at his third gate, and jumped through it, and was surprised when he got drenched by water, he gasped, and looked around. The sky was pitch black, Alex muttered, "I remember being told that the sky in her land was gray, not pitch black..."

Alex looked up at Heather's house, which was obscured by black fog, it was pouring down rain, and he muttered nervously, "This can't be natural..."

He stood up, and tried to look for a return node, he saw one, but it felt weird, he jumped through, and found himself standing in Heather's house, but it was pitch black. He blinked, being eerily reminded of his dreams of the horrorterrors.

Alex didn't feel right standing in the darkness, he went up to the top of her house, and thought bitterly, James has done a lot of work with her house, it's freaking incitricate as hell.

He finally reached the floor with the second gate, he was tempted to jump through it, but realised he would go to where his fourth gate would lead, and if he tried to get back, he might break a leg falling back down to his house.

He realised that the gates that led up to his house were all the way at the top, the sixth gate, and even James hadn't reached that far yet, so he had no choice but to jump through her second gate.

Alex jumped through, and found himself in a much lighter house, and a lot neater, compared to Alex's house, this place was like neat city, and he laughed, "I should have known James would have been neat, I've been dumb," He facepalmed, and called, "Hey James?!"

There was no answer, so he went down to the bottom floor, and saw James sitting on a couch, staring blankly at the T.V, which wasn't even on, and he laughed, "Hey man! This is an awesome way to meet in actual person!"

He stopped laughing when James didn't answer, he cautiously walked up to him, and asked curiously, "Hey, James? You can hear me right?"

James finally looked up at him, and Alex flinched back when his eyes were a weird colour, and Alex said, "Oh my god, why the fuck didn't I see it, you're the seer of our team. Kanaya was talking about you, I'm so stupid!" He stepped back in horror, suddenly very afraid of James, who always kept a promise.

Whice made what Kanaya said a lot more terrorfying.

James stood up and he muttered, "Wait..."

Alex stepped back again, unsure of what to do, Heather had never told him James had visions, and he was having one right in front of him, and he said quickly, "Woah hold on bro! You can't be walking while in vision mode, sit down!"

James ignored him, and his eyes flashed, and muttered something in a foreign language, and he threw a punch at Alex, which he dodged, and Alex gasped, "What the fuck?!"

James stopped suddenly, his eyes turning back to a greenish hazel, and he blinked, and asked, "Alex?"

"No, it's Santa Clause, here to bring you presents, of course it's me!" Alex snapped, pushing James. James blinked.

"How did you get here?" James asked curiously, Alex noticed that he had an accent, but he was unsure of what it was.

Alex hesitated, than said quickly, "Through Heather's second gate, since I destroyed mine, and now I can't get back to my house unless I want a broken leg bone whatever, maybe an arm, what do you think would be worse...?"

James's eyes widened, and he muttered something in the language, and turned to his computer, and growled darkly, "Heather..."

Alex held him back, and he asked, "Woah, hold on a minute man, what did you see?"

James hesitated, the said darkly, "Darkness..."

"That's it? Then why are you worried?" Alex asked.

James looked back at him angrliy, and snapped, "I only have visions when one of my friends have a instinctive desicion to make, fuck!" He stopped, then looked at Alex, and asked curiously, "Did you see Heather when you went through her third gate?"

"No, just black fog." Alex said.

James groaned and rubbed his head, and Alex asked quietly, "What?"

"Before the darkness, before that weird darkness, I saw Heather holding a piece of paper, and she was getting bugged by CG, but he was trying to stop her from reading the paper, guess she thought he was bluffing, too bad he wasn't." He murmured.

Alex asked, "What are you talking about, James? And I can barely understand you with your accent!"

James glared at him, and growled, "Americans..." He sighed, and then said calmly, "Heather believes we are dead, Alex."

"Wait, what?" Alex muttered.

James pushed him harshly, "Dead, Alex! Dead! Dead as in no longer breathing, no longer alive!" He snapped, losing his patience, "She thinks we're dead!"

"Why the fuck would she think that?!" Alex asked.

James held his head, and muttered, "I have no idea!"

"Well we should contact her!" Alex snapped hurriedly, going for his phone, but James stopped him.

"It's too late, Alex!" James snapped, "She's gone into what your troll friend explains as Grim Darkness!"

Alex stopped also, and said, "Hold it, Mary told me that grim darkness mostly happens when there's a great power surge within a Derse dreamer. Heather is a Prospit dreamer. Because the horrorterrors are closely linked to Derse!"

"I don't think that matters in this session, Alex, actually, I don't think it matters at all, Horrorterrors are gods!" James snapped back.

Alex hesitated, then asked sadly, "What can we do then?"

James made a face, "Nothing I'm afraid." He muttered, then stopped when he his pesterchum started beeping.

Alex asked, "Mary?"

James shook his head, and started staring at his head-top computer, he was silent, then he said, "Well... I guess there is a way to fix this problem."

Alex looked up hopefully, and James rubbed his head, and said, "However, it's complicated, we need to find Heather and get her out of it, somehow."

"Somehow?" Alex muttered.

James blinked, and said calmly, "At least there's that chance, Alex."

Alex groaned, "What's the trick?"

"Trick?" James mused.

"What's the trick to it, it's like in a movie, where the main character is in trouble-" Alex was interrupted by James.

James grunted, "This isn't a movie, Alex."

Alex narrowed his eyes, and saw that James was shaking, and he sneered, "There is a trick to it isn't there? And it's one you'd like to avoid."

James made a face, and snapped, "There is no trick to this Alex, we just get her out of it."

"Oh come on man, it can't be that easy!" Alex snapped.

James frowned, and looked around, and he said darkly, "Come with me."


An hour later, James had led Alex to a cave, and Alex muttered, "What is this place James?"

"What do you think it is?" James asked carefully, and looked at the walls, trying to make out the pictures, one of them he could make out clearly, and it was what the leet speaking troll was the sign of the Hero of Life, he was talking to GallowsCalibrator before he had a weird vision and almost punched out Alex, which Alex might have deserved sometimes.

Not this time though.

Alex muttered behind him, "Pictographs in a weird cave?"

James rolled his eyes, and tried to make out the other symbols, he ran his hand down the wall, brushing away what looked like moss, and he said, "Almost."

He pointed to what was the Void symbol, "Know what this is, Alex?" he growled.

Alex stood in front of the symbol, and narrowed his eyes, and grunted, "No idea."

"That's the Void symbol, and you're the Knight of Void, from what I hear." James muttered, getting nervous as he neared the darkest part of the cave.

Alex looked at the symbol next to it, and asked, "That looks like a heart."

James stood in front of it, and said darkly, "It is."

"That's you? The Seer of Heart?" Alex asked carefully, James noticed a flash of fear and nervousy in his eyes, and James looked at him confused, but decided not to question it, lest Alex has another personal crisis problem that he recently got over.

James nodded, then looked at the last symbol, and Alex pointed out, "It looks like a gear!"

"Time." James said bluntly.

Alex stared at it in curiousity while James explained, "I'm guessing Mary is our Hero of Time, I think specifically the Witch of Time."

James jumped when he started getting pestered by Mary, he thought amused, She has really good timing.


IG: Yo, you with Alex?

YS: Yes, Why?

IG: So he went through Heather's Second Gate?

YS: I Guess So.

IG: Hm, okay, but you know...

IG: You really should tell him what needs to happen for Heather to get out of the Grimdarkness.

YS: There Has To Be A Way To Avoid It.

YS: And How Did You Know Heather Was In Trouble?

IG: Awesome time glasses 8D.


James raised an eye-brow in confusion, unsure of how to react to that. But if Mary was the Witch of Time, he could no longer question how she knew stuff. He looked at Alex, who was examining the wall in curiousity, and James called, "Hey!"

Alex looked at him, and asked quietly, "Do you think... I can help her?"

James looked at his friend thoughtfully, and said, "It's better than the other thing..."

Alex frowned, and said in a growl, "Why can't you tell me?"

"It's best that you stay sane as possible through what might happen, right?" James grunted.

Alex made a face, and turned back to the symbols, and James blinked, his vision getting blurry, he growled, "Ugh, not now..."

He looked up and his vision blackened, but he found himself standing in darkness, he looked around, and asked, "What is this?" He waited for the voice to answer, but it never did, which surprised him, but also made him nervous.

He narrowed his eyes when there was a light, and he found himself looking up at four coloured lamps, the others were shining normally, however, the green was getting brighter, then duller, as if it was coming in and out of focus, and there was a dark aura to it, which gave him the shivers.

Finally the voice spoke.

Seer, the light of your souls reflect the lights of the lamps, the Sylph has great power, you must get her to a place where she may ascend to godhood, her quest bed.

James asked curiously, "Godhood?"

If your hopeful plan doesn't work, and I doubt it will, you have no choice, or the Derse Archagent will kill her dream self before she can reach her quest bed, they will sense it on the battlefield... They will see it. You must do what you dread, it's the only way to save her.

James muttered, "That's dumb."

The voice said nothing else, and he started to regret that he said that, because as he did, the green light faded away completely, and he was thrown into another vision, and realised he was on the battle-field. But it seemed different, the war was still going on, but then he found himself on Heather's planet, and looked around.

Everything seemed dead, he looked around, and he growled, "Ugh, I wish I kept my mouth shut!"

There was a flash of green light, and he was thrown out of the vision, he found himself on the ground, and saw Alex standing over him confused.

"Ugh, what happened?" James sat up, rubbing his head.

Alex said, "I turned around and you fainted, does that happen often when you have visions?"

James looked up at his friend, who was out of focus, and he shook his head, and Alex asked curiously, "Are you all right?" He sounded like he was muted.

James looked around, the whole world seemed disoriented, as if it was twisting with his vision, and he looked at Alex again, and shook his head, he couldn't feel anything, and when he tried to speak, he couldn't.

Alex started to back away from him, and said, "Come on dude, say something."

James just stared at him, he was still out of focus, and he could barely hear him. But there was another shape forming behind him, and it was more in focus.

It was a robed person, and was a girl. She looked a lot like Heather, her robe was a beige and brown colour, while she had the life symbol on the robe, and her expression was flat. He could still somewhat hear Alex in the back-round, but Heather was also trying to say something, but it was like watching a static T.V show, and she seemed desperate.

James said, "I can't hear you!"

Heather stared at him, and took out her scythe, which was a glowing yellow, and also had the life symbol on it, and she raised it, and made it cut through the vision, and everything came at James like a blur of sound and colour.

"James!" Alex yelled in his ear, and James jumped.

"Ah!" James gasped, rubbing his head, and Alex snapped, "How many times do I have to say your name to get you to answer?"

James turned around Alex to see if Heather was still there, but she wasn't, Alex also turned to look, and he asked, "What?"

James flinched, "Didn't you see it?"

Alex looked at him, "I don't know, all I saw is you sit up and just stare at the wall with the symbols." He muttered.

James turned his gaze to the symbols, and said, "I thought I saw-" He was interrupted by Alex, who was kicking rocks on the ground.

"You saw, I'm not a seer, remember? I can't see the things you do!" Alex pointed out, annoyed, "You tell me what you saw, I didn't see anything!"

James narrowed his eyes, "I thought I saw Heather." He said, indicating to the place where Heather's projection was.

"Oh no, it's like The Sixth Sense, you're going to go crazy." Alex stepped back from him when he stood up. James scowled at Alex.

"Have you even seen The Sixth Sense?" James asked. When Alex didn't answer, James dismissed him, "What is going on with me is so different from the plot power in that movie."

Alex asked eerily, "Is it?"

James stared at him, and poked him, "Yes, this is more of a predicting thing, although I have yet to see a movie with one of the characters having vision powers." He said.

"Oh, I've seen loads of those!" Alex laughed.

"Like what?" James asked carefully.

Alex just stared at him, then suddenly asked, "Your accent!"

James stared at him, Alex took a cautious step forward again, and asked, "What is that accent?" James made a face.

"Why?" James asked.

Alex shrugged. "Just curious." He muttered.

James looked up at the cave ceiling, rolling his eyes, and grumbled, "I can't believe this..."

Alex just stared at him, then got a sudden realisation on his face, "Hold on a sec! What did you say, I can't understand you."

James repeated himself, "I said I can't believe this."

Alex muttered, "Hm."

James rolled his eyes again, pushing past Alex, and he said hastily, "I'm going to get Mary to use her 'awesome time glasses' so I can figure stuff out."

"You do that, I'm just going to hang out here." Alex walked away from him deeper into the cave, James rolled his eyes, and started pestering Mary for the favour.


YS: Mary.

YS: You Don't Have To Answer To This.

YS: Is It Possible For You To Use Your 'Awesome Time Glasses' To Figure Stuff Out.

IG: Yep!

IG: What do you need me to do?



Mary listened to James's odd request to search through the future to see what happens. She put on her awesome looking times glasses, and thought, Heather, future. She waited for the picture, like waiting for a show to come on. But it never did, it showed only darkness. Mary murmured, "Must be because there's a choice involved still..."

She texted James back, who showed distress, she was confused why he was so distressed, she looked up at her gates, and continued to bug him.


IG: James.

IG: I know you're upset I couldn't see nothing, but that's not my purpose, I can only see what's set in stone.

IG: Time shenanigins.

YS: I Know.

IG: I'm sure you can make the right choice, James!

IG: You're just that person who I know can do it! Very few people can make hard choices!

YS: But Mary.

YS: That's The Problem.

YS: I Just...

YS: Don't Think I Can Make That Choice When The Time Comes.

IG: James...

IG: You'd be surprised at just how easy your choice is, it's a hard choice, but easy when it's happening.

IG: I know you can do it, because I know you're a loyal friend :D.

IG: And no matter what, if it would save a friends life in the end, you'd do it.

IG: That's why you're the Seer of Heart.

IG: Because of that quality.


Mary smiled, she had faith in James. He would come through for Heather and Alex in the end, he always did, and with this game, his loyalty is what would keep their whole friendship from crumbling in on itself, and it was heightened when he was the Seer of Heart. He would be the one keeping them in line as the challenges got tougher in the game.

But she frowned, James was really unsure of himself, and if he was unsure of himself being able to make the choice, it was her job to show him that he could do it, especially when his friends life was on the line.

She looked around, most of the frogs were quietly hopping around or weirdly frozen, she frowned. Her land wasn't that cold, but she guessed it could be sometimes, the tempature tended to be unpredictable, even it confused her sometimes.

Mary started getting pestered by one of the trolls, and it was AC. But something told her not to talk to her, not yet. She had something to do first.

She stood up and walked around, she headed up to her roof, and saw what looked like a cloning device, with the platform bearing the familiar symbol, the same symbol of the gates, she looked at it curiously. Alex must have deployed it.

Mary took off her glasses so she could concentrate. She toyed around with it, but had no success, it didn't seem to want to work. She wasn't very good with technology anyways, except her computers, she was good with computers.

She stopped, and saw Jackie coming up to her, it stared at the device, and once again spoke in the head-ache language, and Mary asked, "Can't you just meow? I can understand you better when you're meowing."

Jackie stared at her, and said nothing, Mary made a face, looking through her inventory, she had very little stuff save for her computers and some books and stuff she found in her land. She tried alchemizing them, with mixed results.

Not always something she expected either. One of the combos just gave her a book about the land, but that was the only helpful thing. She could also add to it too if she felt the need to fix or add something. the book wasn't always accurate.

Maybe it was because it used to be a fiction book, Mary didn't know.

There was a lot of stuff she didn't know, and that included what might happen to her friends, and even then, it made her worried to think about it.

Because she didn't know what would happen until the choice was made and even then, there is a danger in the choice either way. James had a good reason to be unsure.

Chapter 6

See in the sky.

There are messages in the stars.

And hear the wind whistle through the trees.

Heather answered CG cautiously, unsure if he was just trolling her this time around. However, the tone seemed different, but Heather was unsure if to believe him or not, as his capping and swearing made it hard to tell if he was being legit serious.








HS: Yes, our kind has a tendancy to have weird ways of surviving.

HS: I'm going to read the paper, because I can no longer tell if you're trolling me or not.

HS: You can't stop me now.




HS: That's the question, CG, or whatever your real name is.

HS: Why would I regret a piece of paper?


Heather made a face, and shuffled through the reeds to get the crumpled piece of paper. She tried dechiphering the words, but couldn't make them out. She tried straightining the paper out, but she could only make out some words.

She began to read the beginning part, as the last parts were barely tangible, as if scrawled hastily, as if the writer was in a rush to get it over with.

Unknown date, Unknown year.

I guess this is it then. I've tried so hard to figure this game out, to tear it apart to find the answers I needed, but at what cost?

My friends, James, Alex, Mary... They're all dead.

Every single one of them is dead because of me, and the stupid mistake I made. If only I had time to say sorry, if only I had listened to James in the first place, and if they would even forgive me if I had that chance, but it's too late for that now. I'm stuck here without friends, who are dead.


(the other part is barely tangible, and unable to be read)


Heather stared at it, it was her signature, her handwriting. She frowned, and murmured, "I..."

Heather thought grimly, Alex, Mary, and James are... Dead? But... They can't be... I would know, something would tell me.

She narrowed her eyes suddenly, images flashing across her vision, and her vision went dark as she let the piece of paper slip from her grasp.


Alex and James ran out of the cave, they turned back, and James murmured, "We need to find Heather, try and get her out of that state."

Alex asked curiously, "How are we going to do that James?" He stared at his friend, James is definately hiding something, something he wished he didn't learn.

James looked back at Alex, and said, "I think you can coax her out of it, I'm going to get you back to her house, and I'm coming with you, if the plan doesn't work..." He faltered, and frowned. 

"If the plan doesn't work we can just use the one you learned." Alex shrugged, but wished he hadn't with the look on James's face. He looked away from him as James lead him up to the gate Heather's house was supposed to be. Alex sighed as they got there, and shrugged.

James nodded to him, and they both jumped through the portal, landing softly on the ground, Alex turned to James, and muttered, "You did a good job on the place, reaching the 5th gate and all..."

James smiled, "I had a feeling I would need too," and walked around the dark house, he stayed silent for a moment, and he murmured, "She's not here."

Alex looked out the window, and saw a purple and black storm on a tall mountain. Alex pointed, and asked, "Think she's over there?"

James looked out the window also, and he made a face, "Yeah, let's get going!" James ran out of the house, Alex followed him hesitantly, he thought, But... What is the other way?

They found her first gate, and jumped in it, Alex followed James. Heather's consorts were hiding among the shadows, whispering something about the Sylph of Life. Alex glared at them, and they slinked back even more into the shadows.

They were afraid of him.

James looked back, and he growled, "Leave them alone, Alex, they may not be smart, but they're useful with simple instructions."

Alex stared at him, shrugging and continued following him to the black and purple storm, and he murmured, "Usually people would be running away from the dangerous situations."

"Well we can't do that, especially when Heather's in the middle of it." James grunted, there was no amusement in his voice, it was perfectly flat.

Alex sighed, and followed James. He stopped when they were near the mountain, but they still had to climb it, Alex growled, "I don't often exercise."

"Well you're going to start now." James was already taking the steps, not even out of breath. Alex just stared after him, than ran after him.

"Do you play sports?" Alex asked, curious.

James continued climbing, and muttered, "Ironically, Rock climbing, Archery is one of my sports."

Alex laughed, "Well, look at you, you're climbing a heap of rocks."

James smiled also, but it seemed more like a grimace, Alex couldn't blame him, the situation they were in, and what Heather was going through. It probably bugged the hell out of James, and having to watch it happen, watch the outcome of the wrong choice, and maybe the choice that seemed bad was the only choice.

"James." Alex stopped.

James stopped also, and looked at him, Alex narrowed his eyes, and he asked, "This choice of yours... What does it involve?"

Alex saw a flicker of horror in James's eyes, but he tried to hide it, and he shrugged, "It's nothing, we'll see once we get up there."

Alex made a face, James is really stubborn...

They continued walking, and soon they reached the top, Heather was facing an individual, with her scythe in hand, and James whispered curiously, "How did a Derse agent get up here?"

Alex gaped at him, "A Derse agent?"

The agent noticed him, but Heather didn't, and he called, "Heather!"

Heather stopped, and turned to look at him, and he almost stumbled back, she didn't look well, her eyes were dark coloured, and her skin was a scary grey, and she looked absolutely furious. "Oh my god..." Alex murmured.

Heather turned to him, a flash of recognition as she stared at him flashed across her eyes, but she didn't speak, Alex ran up to stand beside her, and he asked curiously, "What's the Derse agent doing here?"

Heather stared at him, and seemed to be begging. As if to make him go away, Alex said happily, "I'm alive! Heather, I don't know why you thought I was dead..." He faltered at her expression, a look of pure horror and stress.

Heather seemed even more frantic now, she growled, and he turned around to see the Derse agent raise his regisword, and that was all he saw. What he saw next was darkness, a darkness where he couldn't see anything.

A darkness he couldn't get out of, he was trapped in what seemed like neverending darkness, he couldn't even hear anything.

What happened to me? Alex thought in horror.


James and Heather watched both watched in horror. Alex stood in front of Heather, silent. Heather looked like she wanted to say something, but James noted that the words sounded different, they weren't even English. The Derse agent pulled his sword out of Alex's chest, and backed away.

Alex shivered, and looked down, James took a step toward him and Heather, but Heather turned to face him, and he could almost hear her, Don't go near him. But it wasn't Heather telling him that. It was instinct. Heather stood in front of Alex, who was on his knees, trying to figure out what just had happened, and she growled, she took her scythe, which was scary and thorny looking.

James finally walked towards Alex, who was murmuring something under his breath. James raised an eye-brow, and asked quietly, "Are you okay?"

Alex shook his head, his hands were bloodied, and he was shaking his head in horror. James made a face, I need to get him back to his planet, but I won't make it in time...

He jumped when Heather and The Derse agent flew off, attacking each-other, and James muttered, "I need to get to whatever that thing was called, the Quest Bed."

Alex looked up at him with glazed eyes, James helped him up, and looked around as he tried to keep Alex concious, wondering where Heather had flown off to with the Derse agent, as she looked furious.

He jumped when there was a flash of green energy. He nearly dropped Alex, but realised it was Jackie in sprite form, he could barely understand what it was saying, but he got the point when it started sparkling with green energy.

James flinched when Jackie and them disappeared. He found himself on a mountain, and realised he was standing in front of a quest bed. Alex was barely breathing beside him. He put him on the stone, and paced around, he looked down at his own hands, which were also red from the blood, and he stared at it in horror.

James watched as Alex was dying from blood loss on the stone table, and he jumped when he started to get a message from Alex's weird troll friend.


GA: I Hope This Isn't A Bad Time To Talk To You.

GA: But I Believe You'll Listen.

YS: Now? You Pick Now To Talk To Me?

GA: Seeing As You're Watching Your Friend Die, You'll Have To Kill Him.

GA: It's The Best Way To Get Him To Godtier. To Be Killed By A Friend.

YS: I Won't.

GA: You Don't Have Much Choice, James.

YS: Ugh... Fine. However, I Have One Condition, And Alex Probably Won't Take Me Seriously.

YS: Tell Him I'm Going To Personally Kill Him.


James turned off his computer, and stared at Alex as he bled out onto the stone. James made a face, unsure of what to do. He looked around, than saw that Alex also had a blade. It was leaning against the stone, as if he had left it there and didn't bother to retrieve it.

James grabbed it with both hands, and he made a face. Mary's words ringing within his ears. James frowned, than stood above Alex. He gripped the sword as he stared down at his dying friend.

He closed his eyes, and raised the blade, he plunged down, and heard nothing. Alex had stopped breathing. James pulled the sword out, and dropped it, he didn't look at Alex as he retreated from the quest bed. He reached the base of the mountain. He sat down, horrorfied, and murmured, "What the hell, what the hell."

He sat as his vision went dark, and he realised he had a vision. He saw Heather, who was walking around, she was no longer surrounded by the Grimdarkness, but she was in Sylph clothes, and she looked bothered, but she was apparently talking to someone.

The scene stopped, and James looked around, then looked skaiawards, it was a starry sky in Heather's land, not even a cloud blocked the beautiful night sky.

The voice murmured, You've finally learned Seer, to trust your instinct, you did the one thing that was so hard to do for the sake of not just your friend, but your whole group. But there's more choices to make, you're just seeing the outcome of your instinctive choice. But beware seer.

Your going to have a huge problem before you reach godtier, and you may not make it.

James vision ended, and realised he was still sitting at the base of the mountain. He found the near river, and washed his hands, he sighed, shaking his head.

He looked up at Alex's gates, and realised Mary had done some work, and he realised, Alex's gate that he reached led to James's land, he hurried to Alex's house, he reached the door, and ran up to his gate, he faced it, then looked back at the mountain in silent horror.

James jumped through the gate without a second thought, and ended up in his house, he sighed, sitting back on the couch. He started getting pestered by Mary, but he ignored her, he needed to think. What the hell did I just do? He looked down at his hands, they were no longer red, but they were shaking from the horror. Heather had disappeared with the Derse Agent, and Alex was dead.

He wasn't sure what godtier meant, he flinched when he heard a slight buzzing noise. He headed towards the top of his house, and realised the buzzing was coming from Heather's gate. It seemed to ripple with dark energy, he was tempted to jump in.

He looked through his movies, accidently knocking some over, he frowned down at the fallen movies, unsure of what he was doing, or even what he was looking for. He brushed his hand through his hair. The images of Alex dying and Heather disappearing with the Derse Agent still crossing his mind, he shook his head, trying to clear the memory.

James continued to stare at the gate quietly, unsure if he should jump in at all. He made a face, Mary was still pestering him, and he didn't feel in the mood to talk to her, even though he knew she would have good advice, so he answered her.


IG: Hey bro, are you okay. :/?

IG: That couldn't have been easy for you...

YS: Mary.

YS: You'd Be Surprised On How Easy It Was.

YS: Just Dealing With It After Is Hard.

IG: Jump in that gate, James.

IG: You've got another friend that needs help :3


James grimaced, unsure of what to do, and stared at the gate, he narrowed his eyes dangerously, and jumped in without hesitation.


Mary saw James log off, she smiled, I knew it must have been hard, but he did it, but now there's another problem I'm worried about.

She stood up, Jackie had disappeared so suddenly and reappeared so quickly that she didn't notice he went missing. She asked, "Where were you?" Jackie said nothing, and only floated away. Mary made a face, and looked up at her gate. Heather's gate was shimmering with dark energy.

Mary smiled, and said in finality, "Now to wait, my friends will come through! But first, I have to deal with some troll friends now!"

She brought out her computer, and started looking around in her Sburb server. James was already gone from his house, so she decided to reach up to his 5th gate a little more. She also tidied all the movies strewn about. Unlike James to be messy... Mary thought grimly.

She moved the movies to the side, and looked at the title's sideways, she stopped suddenly, she looked around. She took her lap-top, and headed up to her room. She saw the sky suddenly fill up with a dark light, and an aurora streak across the night sky.

Mary grinned, "Great, Alex!"

She jumped in her bed, and closed her eyes tight.

Mary thought she would wake up on Derse, but she instead woke up on the battlefield. She looked around confused, as Derse was still standing there. She saw the familiar dark light. She stood up, and turned to face the one person who was causing the spectacle.

Alex floated down to the ground in front of her, and Mary waved, "You reached Godtier!"

Alex stared at her, than looked at his hands, and he murmured, "For a second there, I thought I really was dead..." He was wearing a blue cloak, he had taken his hood down. Mary noted the Void symbol on the robe, and she suddenly found herself hugging him.

Alex seemed confused, than hugged her back, and he asked curiously, "What do I do though?"

Mary looked around, than pointed to the four planets circling around Skaia, and she said quickly, "It's your turn to save James and Heather!"

"Oh yeah, he killed me... Well, finished me off..." Alex faltered, and faced up-wards to see Heather's planet, which was dark.

"I'm sleeping, so I can't come with you! Sorry Alex!" Mary laughed, and Alex stared at her, and he smiled also.

Mary found her vision darkening as he flew towards the planets to save his friends, she smiled as she woke up in her own house.

The dark light had ended, and she walked upstairs to where the transporter was, and began to get to work with it, unsure of it's actual purpose.

But I'm going to find out! She smiled in dedication.

She started getting pestered by AC, she answered her roleplaying friend happily.


AC: :33 --> *ac walks up to Mary human curiously, hearing some stuff from the others.*

AC: :33 --> *ac quickly asks, "what happened Mary human?"

IG: *Mary replies that one of her friends died and reached Godtier.*

IG: *Mary says that she's worried about her friend, James, and explains that he had to make a hard choice.*

AC: :33 --> one of your friends reached Godtier?

IG: Not very nicely, but yeah.

AC: :33 --> you're purried for your friend?

IG: Yeah... He seems to be taking it really badly, he's usually a neat person and his movies are strewn everywhere.

AC: :33 --> maybe you should talk to him? see if he's all right?

IG: I tried already, but it's like nothing I say reaches to him :(

AC: :33 --> you're a pawesome friend, you just got to keep trying!

IG: Thanks Arsenic. What's your real name though?

IG: If you don't mind me being curious...

AC: :33 --> oh I don't mind! my name is Nepeta!

IG: Nice name!

AC: :33 --> thanks! I like your name too! It's purrty!

IG: Hehe, thanks Nepeta! I have to go though, let's rp later okay!


Mary couldn't help but smile more. AC.... Nepeta, was such a good friend, which made up for her bad trolling talent, Mary remembered helping her out with trolling, but she didn't seem to get the point of trolling, she roleplayed instead.

That was the thing she liked about Nepeta, good friend and a good roleplayer. The other trolls were okay, but Nepeta was like a closer friend to Mary than the other trolls, they were so much more alike in a lot of ways. Both of them loved cats.

Mary looked up from where she was sitting, and saw that Jackie had fetched her time glasses, which she had thrown from shock, she smiled, and said quietly, "Thank you, Jackie."

Jackie made a mewing noise, and floated away from her. Mary felt something hit her chest, a horrible feeling, like the feeling you get during an intense movie or video game, like something was very wrong, or was about to happen. She looked at her glasses carefully, Should I look through them? Someone turned them on...

Mary continued to stare at them, contemplating on whether she should put them on or not. They felt heavy in her hands, heavier than they were before. She could see a small image within them, a image she would fully see when she put them on.

But is it a vision I want to see? This is pretty much the same thing that happened to Heather... I need to be careful... Mary thought darkly.

She looked around once again, the night sky was littered with pure, snow white stars, that glittered with the snow on her land, making it look like her whole planet was shimmering with space light. It looked almost mystical. Mary looked down at the glasses again. 

She was getting a bad feeling, maybe even a horrible feeling, but something was also telling her to put them on and face whatever the glasses were showing her, as it was important.

Mary shook her head, and murmured, "But what if I don't want to see what's on my glasses screen?"

She continued staring down at the glasses, raising them up a bit, trying to look a the image from a distance, but she couldn't see anything, it was more like static on a T.V. She could only see the image if it was close up.

Mary clutched the glasses in her palm, than finally raised them to her face, and put them on.

Mary found herself on James planet, she looked around curiously, than looked up at the sky. She didn't know why, but being here gave her a head-ache, like the whole planet was radiating energy, she looked at James house, which seemed off. She used to get a welcoming and secure feeling from it, but now, it radiated with the same energy as Heathers.

She found herself in James's house suddenly, the whole house was giving her a huge head-ache, she looked around. It was messy, and she narrowed her eyes, "I thought I cleaned up!" She walked around his house, followed by the radiating energy coming from the planet.

She was still getting that annoying head-ache, as if something was horribly wrong about the place. Or something had gone wrong.

Mary looked around James's house and nearly gasped in horror from what she saw.

It was the last thing she wanted to see.

Mary wanted to cry, scream, yell out, anything. But she couldn't, something seemed to be stopping her emotions, she didn't even feel anything from the scene in front of her, like that horror movie that shocks you so much you can't even scream or gasp.

They never give you that time, it just happens.

In a split second, and it's gone.


But this wasn't a movie, this was real, and it happened faster than a split second, Mary wished she didn't see it though.

She wished she didn't put on those glasses when she got that instinctive feeling that something was terribly wrong, gut feelings were always right in one way or another.

She just didn't want to believe that.


Speak what you see

Hear what you speak.

The wind blew around the fog, a girl growled in annoyance at the fog, and she asked harshly, "Is it always foggy here?"

Another shape formed behind her, this time, a boy, and he nodded, "Yeah, still haven't figured out how to get rid of it yet..." He muttered.

The girl stopped to look at him, and she said jokingly, "Maybe you can get a big ass fan and blow it somewhere else?"

"Right, maybe I should create a huge fan that will send the fog to the Furthest ring, serves the black kingdom and horror terrors right." The boy laughed.

The girl blinked, and laughed also, "It'd give us an advantage, they'd be blind from the fog!" She said, and face-palmed, while they continued walking in the never-ending fog.

"Hey, that's a valid point!" The boy laughed.

They stopped walking, the fog had gotten thicker.

"This must be the place." The girl muttered quietly to her friend, who was beside her, and was staring up at the huge shape that they both could barely see through the heavy and immense fog.

"Yep." The boy said quietly, somewhat regretting coming here, I have too many really bad memories of this place, I'd rather not go in...

Yet I have too.

I have too for this whole plan to actually work.

Karma man...

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