Goodnight Moon

Author: Leopard
Type: Poems
Rating: Moderate
Status: Complete
Preceding: Dear Mars
Succeeding: Dear Orion

and the moon was out

Goodnight, Moon
Each night you greet me the same
Whether you wax or you wane
You are there
And you shine, oh you shine
So bright, so bright

Goodnight, Moon
I will see you again come morn
And bid you again farewell
For you know your place
In the endless sky
You are constant, oh ever there
So big, so big

Goodnight, Moon
You know not your fortune in life
You have but one purpose
Not one worry
Unlike us lowly below
And we adore, oh adore you
So much, so much

Goodnight, Moon
If I love you with all my heart
You will say not a word
To ease me
But yet your whole being
It puts peace, oh peace in my mind
So calm, so still

If I wish you one final
Goodnight, Moon
Will you weep to miss me?
Will your seas reach out
And gently kiss me?

For, my dear Moon,
You have seen all on this earth
And cast your paling light
Over all who gaze to see
They love you as fondly as me
Command the tides and my heart
Moon, oh my love the Moon
Take me to you
So far, so far

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