Glitter Force: Sparkle Power is a series by ★Bubbles--Blossom--Buttercup~~ Powerpuffs Forever02:47,12/25/2015 and a fanfiction series that is a generation after the show Glitter Force, a Netflix original by Saban. The children of Emily (Glitter Lucky), Kelsey (Glitter Sunny), Lily (Glitter Peace), April (Glitter Spring), and Chloe (Glitter Breeze), the original Glitter Force, are: Clover (Emily), Blaze (Kelsey), Orchid (Lily), Vinia (April), and Stream (Chloe). 

Name Mother Glitter Force: Sparkle Power Identity Unique Power
Clover Emily Sparkle Hope Glitter Tornado
Blaze Kelsey Sparkle Flame Glitter Blaze
Orchid Lily Sparkle Petal Glitter Storm
Vinia April Sparkle Vine Glitter Tangle
Stream Chloe Sparkle Water Glitter Wave

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