Giant Heroes is an original Team Fortress 2 story written by BetaRain. It centers around two individual "heroes" saving their teammates from an "evil" threat from somewhere new.


25 years ago, a threat has terrorized and rose to power against a common unprotected facility from Mann Co. just for the money. Now, the facility's only hope is for two brave men to fight the threat from years earlier to restore the company and become well known heroes of giant proportions.


  • Captain Connor (original character)
  • Colonel Johnathan (original character)
  • Heavy/Captain Blizzard
  • Scout/Sargeant Speed
  • Demoman/Demolition
  • Pyro/Pyromaniac
  • Spy/Lieutenant Rogue
  • Sniper/Major Dundee
  • Medic/Lieutenant Frankenstein
  • Engineer/Mr. Gears
  • Soldier/Doe War
  • Miss Pauling
  • Administrator
  • Saxton Hale
  • Radigan Conagher


  • This story was originally going to be set in outer space involving a fight with an advanced species of artificially intelligent aliens, but this was scrapped and saved for the plot of the MaggotPain Pictures motion picture Heavy's Huge Movie.

The Story

Link: Coming Soon

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