Frost's Shadow

Author: Ducksplash
Rating: Safe
Status: In Progress
Series: None
Preceding: None
Succeeding: None

A cat will be chosen

and like a burning flame it will blaze through the mountains

but the flame will be extinguished

unless another cat can learn the shadow of frost

and the secrets it contains...


"You have to reveal the prophecy sometime, Stoneteller," a translucent tom told a rumpled gray cat.

"I know Running Horse, but how do I explain it to them, that the whole Tribe could be destroyed?" Stoneteller replied, his shoulders sagged, and he looked defeated, worn from the moons spent worrying.

"You have to find a way," Running Horse replied his pelt sleek and smooth, as though he was a young tribemate again.

"I know, I know, but how can I tell them this so soon after Shaded Moss left with the rest of the cats? And now Half Moon's dead, I'm lost Running Horse" Stoneteller replied, desperation in his eyes.

"Just remember you did the right thing, letting those rogues join, they are an asset to the tribe. Some of your Tribemates might not think so, but they are, they are all good cats, who care about other cats. They are truly Tribe cats."

Stoneteller sighed, "I know, Running Horse, but yet the Tribe hates them, and now with this prophecy. How much more can my tribe take?"

"Your tribe has mountain blood running through their veins, they will withstand this, and a lot more, the time is now," Runnign Horse finished, his voice barely over a whisper as he faded, "Tell them."

Chapter 1

coming soon

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