Quenya: Hey Merina so what happen.
Merina: Oh It was Mona and she put a spell on New Mood and Everything was black and white and boring and y'all all had a mean and nasty adttude.
Anderson: All this happen! what about the facts of life rule?
Starley: They saw everything and they never bother to help!!
Leigh: Ok.... But why?
Merina: I don't! Know ?
Andery: Mabybe they dint wont to get fected by the spell.
Merina: Maybe?
Starley: Hay Merina Do you think Mona will come back.
Merina: What Why would she come back she exploded.
Starley: Hay things can happen.
A black blur and mona regain human forme.
Mona: Oh Merina you mess with the wrong girl.
Andery: Ok so what do you want to now.
Anderson: I don't know about you but I'm going outside for some fresh air.
Merina: All Right Anderson.
Mona: Look at them talking have a great time it just make me sick!!! Now here my chance. Hi Anderson!
Anderson: Hay your that Mona girl! You tryed to destored Merina!!
Mona: I know and I'm sorry about that.
Anderson: And what do you want.
Mona: Anderson don't you feel like your the third wheel of Merina, Starley, Quenya, Andery and Leigh?
Anderson: Well.... no not really.
Mona: Come on Anderson I mean really you may think your not a third but soon they are going to forget all about like your a third wheel.
Anderson: Well maybe you are right... I guess?
Mona: Just think about it.
Anderson: You know your right I'm becomeing a third wheel.
Mona: Just come with me.
Anderson: Why?
Mona: Does it matter?
Anderson: YES!!!!
Mona: Ok then. Well the reason I want you to come with me is because I can make you feel better.
Anderson: Well since you put it that way.. yes I'll go!
Merina: Are you sure Anderson Ok he been outside for a long time.
Ian: I'm sure he's Ok Merina.
Merina: You sure Ian maybe I should just check outside just to make sure he ok.
Ian: Ok Merina.
Merina: Anderson... Anderson are you out here? Ok Anderson I'm not playing where are you!? Oh No!! Ya'll Anderson is Missing!
Ian: What?
Merina: Anderson is Missing.
Starley: How could this happen?
Andery: Maybe it was Mona.
Merina: don't be redules Mona exploded.
Andery: At this point Merina anything can happen.
Merina: But really... Mona?
Starley: Merina just think about it?
Merina: No you know what I'm going to find him on my own with or with out Ya'll!
Ian: What just happen?
Starley: Really?.... Really Ian... I mean.... Really!!
Andery: We should go after her.
Quenya: Ya'll come on Ya'll lets go.
Merina: Anderson were are you? Anderson were could you be?!
Anderson: I'm right over here!
Merina: Anderson I'm so glad to see you..... wha... What are you doing.
Anderson: APART!
Merina: What in the world I'm going gray! Wait something not right here Anderson would never do this? That means...
Mona: That's right Merina I'm back!
To Be Contured

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