Merina: Wait I don't understand you exploded!!
Mona: You though I did but I was able to regain human form.
Merina: How could that even happen its impossible!!!
Mona: Oh Merina has anybody told you that anything can happen?
Merina: *sigh* Yes Mona
Mona: Now Anderson take her away!!!!!!!
Merina: No someone help, help!!!!!!!!!!
Starley, Ian: Merina!!
Merina: Oh I'm so glad to see Ya'll!
Mona: Not so fast she is bog going any ware and neather is Ya'll not going anywere theirs someone I like for Ya'll to meet.
Starley: Anderson boy am I'm glad to see you.
Merina: STARLEY WATCH OUT!!!!!!!!
Starley: Hay what the... Anderson what are you doing?
Merina: Its Mona she somehow brain wash him!
Mona: That's right I brain wash him!
Leigh: But why!?
Mona: So I can take over the world!!!!!!!!
Merina: But why?
Mona:BECAUSE OF YOU MERINA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Starley: Merina?
Merina: Me? what did I ever do to you?
Mona: Your parents that's what!
Merina: What does my parents got to do with anything?
Mona: Your parents destroy my parents the day I was born. So I literary had to take care of myself!
Merina: Mona what ever my parents did please don't take out on me.
Mona: Whatever just get them out of my site Anderson!
Anderson: Yes Master.
Merina: Wait Anderson stop its us your friends.
Anderson: I only obay Mona.
Merina: Oh no!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Everyone: owwww!!!!!!!!!
Ian: Great thanks a lot Merina!!
Merina: Ok how is this my fault?
Audrey: Yeah I mean she dint even know the poor girl.
Ian: Sorry I'm just ma.... Merina what's wrong?
Merina: Your right it is my fault I should have never came here!
Quenya: Hay lets not have any regrets. Remember when we first met. You were a different girl back then. That girl wouldn't even have the guts to fight a monster like Mona.
Starley: He's right you now have guts and bravery.
Merina: You really think so?
Quenya, Starley: Yeah.
Ian: And Merina I liked to say I'm sorry for the way I been acting lately I should have never underestimate you.
Merina: Its ok Ian I for give you I just like to know how the heck are we going to get out of here?
Leigh: Ok even if we do get out how are we going to save Anderson.
Merina: Oh that's right..... uh.... I don't know. Starley?
Starley: I don't think I can help us out of this one.
Merina: Are you serious?
Starley: Very serious.
Merina: No this can not be over I'm mean we will create a spell.
Starley: But Merina not have never been done before. Not even by me!
Merina: Oh yes it has because I open a portal between the real world and New Mood. So lets give it a try.
Starley: Ok Merina lets do it.
Merina, Starley: Big medal door that lock us in open up, open up!
Ian: Its working!
Merina: Come on Starley louder!
Merina, Starley: Big medal door that lock us in open up, open up!
Merina: One more time!
Merina, Starley: Big medal door that lock us in open up, open up!
Starley: Merina we did it we really did it!
Merina: Yeah now its time to same Anderson and destroy Mona one and for all!
Mona: Good job Anderson keep this up and you just might get promoted.
Anderson: Yes Mona
Merina: Ok Mona this ends now!!!!!!!!
Mona: You! Well I thought you have more brains then to show up here again. Anyway Anderson you know what to do.
Anderson: Yes Mona
Merina: Whoop Anderson snap out of it. Its me Merina!
Anderson: Mona said I'm just the third wheel.
Merina: What!?
Anderson: She said that y'all don't even noticed me.
Merina: No Anderson its not true. We are not going to forget about you your not a third wheel.
Anderson: Wait.... Merina?
Merina: Yes Its me.
Mona: Thats it I had it with you! Lets settle this once and for all.
Merina: Ok then lets go.
Mona: What are you going to spell me away.
Merina: No something better.
Mona: Oh no what is this. Oh no!
Merina: Say bye-bye forever!
Mona: bye-bye.... uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!
Merina: And go redious!
Starley: Whooo! What did you do?
Merina: I send her to hell where she belongs.
Anderson: Ok can anyone explain to me what just happen.
Merina: I'll eplain to you tomorrow. Right now lets just go home.
The End

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