f e a r


the trees were green
back when the sky was blue
where are we now?
stuck in the past.
open your eyes
don't fall into the sky
e n d l e s s
the future can't make up for the past,
you know,
and you and i are not alive
merely breathing air
that has truly died.
watch out before your death catches you.
watch your back
watch your words
breaking bones with sticks and stones
cracking in an open flame
tearing at the open sky
don't fall in
don't lose yourself
watch your back
watch your words
watch your soul
and the birds.
you'll see them one day, you know.
they'll descend on you at your time
feed on your soul
and dance in the dark with the bones of the beasts
open your eyes
from the breathing darkness
running away from it
will bring it sooner
and detach from the past.

you had a choice. you should have used it wisely.

the trees were green back when the sky was blue.
and now it is not in me nor in you.

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