Embrace of the Skies

Author: Leopard
Type: Poems
Rating: Moderate
Status: Complete

The sky looked nice the other night.

The sky tickles my lungs
Touches my eyes
Kisses my lips
Holds my hand

I look to embrace the sky
I meet the midnight blue
A soft blanket woven
From night and dark
From galaxies and moons
And all the vastness of space
Clouds embroidered between stars

I look to feel the sky
I touch the watery blue
A pastel painting made
With the gentlest of strokes
With a blend of air
And washed up above
Clouds the gaps in between

The sky is shaken by storm
The stitches unpicked
The paint splashed
Tears ripped through
I am trapped inside

I look to embrace the sky
I am met with a tumultuous grey
A fractured surface of clay
Blotted with clouds
Ashen burns on pastel skin
Red seeping from beneath
Staining the midnight sky bloody

The embrace is tight
Too tight, too long
I suffocate in paint.

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