Author: Corey Ranger
Rating: Moderate
Status: In Progress


In the year 2100, the universe grows dark. The world was ruined too much humidity, and pollution. This left someone special behind... Delta Owana. Names were very futuristic in the future you see. Delta was raised but has very special power he is immortal but the universe depends on him. (This book can be comedy/drama.) His best friend/helper is immortal names Beta Frito is very playful and when they can't take earth. They will go along with objects that came to life the names/objects.They go to planet 'elements' what does this planet hold? The 5 objects to come to life by random 1 septillion objects were Axe, Ivy, Firey, Phone and Bubble. What will happen?


 Delta - Immortal King/Power - Boy

 Beta - Best Friend that is playful. - Boy


Axe - Scared of Everything - Boy

Ivy - The Sweet and Sour Girl - Girl

Firey - The Confident Happy Flame - Boy

Phone - The Funny Bot (has emotions) - Boy

'Bubble - The Random One - 'Girl

Chapter Place People Pop.
1 - 2 Earth Objects 8bil
3 - 4 Object Land Objects 8bil

Chapter 1: Earth to Shreads

The earth was coming to the end on the day February 3, 2103 as the boys Delta and Beta were in there caste figuring out there plan. The boys were 12 but did not care about age as the earth did change. They were immortal with powers because of a severe birth defect. But some can be good. Beta did not have powers that he knew of.

"Maybe, no... but, no.. maybe, wait that won't work." Beta said. Beta was Delta's friend but he was not very good at planning as you can tell.

"YES! We need a rocket and need to find new planets remember 2064, 2075 the planets that were made!" Beta shouted.

Delta remembered but he was quite a nervous person and has not found his true power yet. They still looked.

"Yeah." Delta said anxiously.

"We build a rocket we have all the stuff you have to remember 2071 when we got all that new stuff for my rocket kit." Beta said.

TBW (To be written)

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