Author: Leopard
Type: Poems
Rating: Moderate
Status: Complete

A rejected test of a poem for my English Lit coursework, written in the style of Carol Ann Duffy.

Distract her he said, said he
He danced off with lovers
She was left with me
I chattered and sang and giggled
She laughed with underlying suspicion

Then time drew by, night after night,
She was his wife, it was my life
Then in the fading summer light
I paid the price. Lost my tongue
And then he came along

If only I could speak
Not simply repeat
Like a dumb owl's hoot
Maybe then I could have kept him
In my cave where I am an echo
Is anyone here? asked he
Here? Just me.

Though he put up with me
He was one for small talk
Not a long walk, in silence
Bored, in the night, he ran away
All I could do was cry
Goodbye, goodbye, goodbye

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