Smokestar - old smoky dark gray tom with a gray muzzle


Icefall - young white she-cat

Medicine Cat:

Ferretfoot - old brown tom with gray paws


Blizzardspeck - old mottled gray tom
Flowertail - tortoiseshell she-cat with a ragged ear
Stormypaw - silver-gray tabby tom
Talonclaw - light brown tom with very long claws
Meadowtail - gray tom
Nightpaw - smoky black she-cat with amber eyes
Daisywhisker - brown-and-ginger she-cat


Heronwing - light brown tabby she-cat with white patches
Sunkit - small tortoiseshell she-cat
Crowkit - black tom
Grasskit - sickly light brown tom


Shadewhisker - black tom with long whiskers
Whitenose - small gray she-cat with a white nose
Thrushclaw - ginger tom
Applesmoke - smoky brown she-cat

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