Author: One Of Our Users
Type: Poems
Genre(s): unknown
Rating: unknown
Status: unknown
Series: None
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Authors Note

This is a poem of which I made as a loose description of what humans are causing my the multiple things we do that negativly affect not only us, but our enviroment and what kindness and love stands for. Sometimes we focus so much on what we want that we forget the difference between want and need and so we are doomed.

Doomsday Poem

Thunder roars

rain pours

a lightning flash

cars crash

tree's burning

the sea churning

dooms day

we all must pray


the deaths are high

say goodbye

rough tugs

loving hugs


world shakes

splash upon splash

mountains of ash

take a breath

run from death

thick smoke

people choke

Waves come smashing

Buildings are crashing

No where to run

The earth is done

Nothing but sadness

The world is madness

The rocks are scorched

The trees are torched

Flames burn bright

Lovers fight

Tis the night

When misery reaches its height

Brother on brother

child vs mother

Foundations shake

a heart to take

a soul to break

silence takes over the air

no one left to care

here on the place

where once lived a race

that held so much destruction

so much deduction

that they couldn't save themselves

from themselves

Now I say

humans caused doomsday