Don't Let Go (The Selection Fanfic)

Things to Know

This story takes place right after the rebel attack where Maxon was shot in The One. The King and Queen never die. The rebels develope a new type of bullet that is much more painful, mainly used for torturing. Wedding date is rearranged. Aspen never falls in love with Lucy. What will happen? Will there be a happily ever after? Or will everything all come crumbling down.......

Chapter 1 Part 1(America's pOv)

Hi guys! So, every chapter I will will begin and end with a little note. So, let's begin! I suggest that you guys read a chapter a day, and by that I mean a part. As you can see, each chapter will probably consist of 9-11 parts. A part a day! Continue with caution, for this contains various spoilers for The Selection Series.

"I see you're still in the competition," King Clarkson said, raising an eyebrow at me. He clearly wasn't happy that I hadn't been eliminated yet.

"That I am," I reply smoothly. I couldn't afford to make another mistake in front of him, Maxon has fought to keep me in this competition too many times.

King Clarkson paused for a moment.

Then, he smiled lightly.

It wasn't a friendly smile.

"No worries. Considering the proposal will be next week, I suppose we all already know who will earn the heart of Prince Maxon," he said lightly.

I looked into his faded blue eyes, showing no signs of fear. I like to think that it was a challenge.

"Well, have a nice dinner, your majesty," I finished stiffly as I walked away from the king and towards the dinner table to get seated. They had just signaled it was time for dinner.

I took a seat across from Maxon. I gently fluffed my dress out so it wouldn't be crinkled as I sat down to eat.

The maids brought in piles of food, and we had a great abundance to choose from.

I tucked my hair behind my ear and looked up at Maxon and saw him staring at me. He tugged his ear.

i froze for a moment, but after a while, I returned the tug.

His face was cold and reached over to grab some salad along with some dressing to lightly dress over top his salad. I watched him carefully and noticed that he added tomatoes, mango, and dried apple slices to his mixture.

I know he hasn't completely forgiven me for talking with Aspen.

He proved that he still loved me when he saved me from getting shot, but I don't know if that's enough.

Will anything ever be enough?

We rearranged The Selection's deadline so that Maxon would have time to recover from his injuries. I still don't know who he will marry.

But why did he tug his ear if he didn't forgive me?

I shook the thought out of my head and looked around the dining table, still amazed of the abundance of food. I noticed Kriss grab some strange orangey meal along with some salsa.

Trying to stay formal, I made a fruit salad just as Maxon had but with a quite different selection of fruits.

Maxon was shifting in his seat, trying to get comfortable even though I could tell he was in great pain from when he was shot.

Dinner was bland and uninteresting. I didn't like it very much. But I was very excited for my date with Maxon.

I know, it's a boring start, but it gets interesting in *hint hint* Part 3

Chapter 1 Part 2 (Maxon's pOv)

Aspen VS. Maxon Who do YOU like better?


Him. Him. Him.

Aspen Leger.

I still can't look him in the eye.

He disgusts me.

I still see him every one in a while around the palace. I prefer to look at his neck and pretend that I'm actually looking at him rather then see him.

When we bump into each other, we each give a stiff nod and go along our own ways.

I need to stop lying to myself.

Life isn't that easy.

You know why?

Well, it'

I'm sorry Aspen fans, but this is from Maxon's view, so I had to make it this way. I'm personally a Maxon fan so just so you know, Maxon will have a lot of Parts and Chapters in his pOv. I'm also sorry this part is so short, but it was meant to be. Hope you understand.

Chapter 1 Part 3 (Maxon's pOv)

This is where it gets iNtErEsTiNg!!!

I find myself getting ready to meet up with America.

First, I have to bandage up my shoulder wound again and redress my wound so it wouldn't get infected. I refused to let the maids do it so I did it myself. I slowly rubbed some ointment on the wound, and stiffly flexed my shoulder, wanting to loosen it up, but not wanting to open up the wound even more.

I stifled a groan as the ointment soaked into the wound and into my flesh.

I tried to ignore the pain, but utterly failed.

I put on a suit on along with a tie, trying to be formal, but not too overdressed.

After I was done with that affair, I walked out of my room stiffly, still uncomfortable.

I went outside to the garden, hoping that America would be there.

That she was.

"Hello," she says nervously. I feel some coldness enter my eyes. I loved this girl with all my heart, but her having another love in her life was not something easily forgiven.

It still hasn't been forgiven.

I dipped my head in greeting.

"So, what did you want to talk about?'' she asked, trying to start up a conversation. I saw her beautiful blue eyes flick around our surroundings as if someone was going to pop out any moment and kill her.

"We need to talk about our relationship," I said.

"What about our relationship?" America replied, twirling her hair and pretending to not care.

I saw a flash of white on her finger nails.

She had her nails done.


America had her nails done.

They were all covered in hearts.

Broken hearts.



One of them.

I try to ignore this the best I can and continue on talking.

"You know what I'm talking about," I say, a little to harshly.

America stopped playing with her hair and stared at the ground.

"Are you... are you over him? Aspen, I mean," I ask as gentle as I can manage.

America paused for a moment.

"Maxon-" she began.

I heard gunshots fire.

Oh no.

The rebels were here.

I started trembling. Their last attack was 3 days ago. How were they back so soon?

"Shh, calm down Maxon. It's gonna be alright. Come on, let's go hide," she said slowly. She seemed calm. Of all the times she could have been calm, she chose now. That's my America.

I nodded my head slowly, agreeing.

I saw a figure pop up at the edge of my vision and I saw Aspen. That dirty little...

"Mer!" he shouts.

"Where are you Mer? Come out, quickly, I need to take you to a shelter!" he yelled over the gunshots.

"I'm here, Aspen! Maxon's with me too!" America hollered back, and I saw something enter in Aspen's eyes I couldn't quite identify.

"I'm coming!" he says, running towards us.

I see him fall.

I see him lose some of the light in his eyes.

He hits the grass with a thump.

"ASPEN!" America screams.

Aspen doesn't move. He lies there, blood pooling out of him.

Oh no.

Did you enjoy it? I hope you did! Please leave me any critiques to help improve my writing and your reading experience.

Chapter 1 Part 4 (Aspen's pOv)

Uh oh. Aspen fans, brace yourself.


So much pain.

I see black cloud the edge of my vision, and all I can hear is America's screams.

I never want to hear that again.

I feel her shaking my head, trying to get me to communicate with her in some way.

I give her a weak smile, showing her that I'm still alive. She looks relieved.

I see Maxon come rushing behind her, and it looks like he tore his shoulder open again. His suit was soaked with blood.

I hear the man who shot me running over, and I start panicking.

''Run America. Before he gets you. Please. Do it. Do it for me," I say, urging her to move on.

America is crying hysterically, and I hear the footsteps getting closer and closer.

"Oh for God's sake, lead the way, America. I'll carry him," Maxon says, and I hear his voice shake a bit. His shoulder was getting to him.

I feel him drag me onto his shoulder.

For the sake of him, I lean my body over a bit to relief the pressure on his left shoulder.

Then, the blackness takes over.

Sorry for the short part again. There IS a purpose for it though.

Chapter 1 Part 5 (Maxon's pOv)

Maxon fans, this is where YOUR torture comes in. Prepare for some pain, be sure to have some tissue boxes next to you if you hate when Maxon is in pain. Oh gosh, I spoiled a bit too much, didn't I. =)

I feel Aspen's body go limp over my shoulder, but I said nothing to America, not wanting to worry her. I feel that my bullet wound is now drenched with blood and it throbs terribly, but I stifle my groans, and America doesn't seem to notice.

I'm grateful for Aspen leaning over to the side a bit, relieving some of the pain that was on my bullet wound.

"STOP! STOP WHERE YOU ARE! STOP, OR WE'LL SHOOT!" I hear a sudden voice yell. I see America's hair whip around as she turns to see what's going on.

"Run," she says, no life entering her voice.

"Run!" she says again, raising her voice a bit.

"RUN!" she screams at me.

The rebels who threatened to shoot us where charging toward us at full speed, and I started panicking.

I ran as fast as I could, but since Aspen was so bulky as a guard was trained, it was hard to carry him around.

I felt a bullet hit me in the back. Near the spine area, I think. I fall to the ground.

America's screams will haunt my dreams. I felt my heart break a little bit when I heard that.

I didn't move for a few moments, in shock.

America grabs the gun out of Aspen's pocket and shoots blindly at the guards, shooting all of them down eventually.

She sees that Aspen is unconcious, but says nothing.

"Come on, Maxon. I know you're in pain, but they're probably sending reinforcements right now, we need to move," America says urgently.

I open my dry lips for a moment, and it takes me a second to speak.

"Darling?" I called America.

"Yes?" America responded. I can tell she was shocked that I was calling her ''my darling" in a matter of life and death.

"I...I think I'm paralyzed,"

America gasps.

Then, I feel the panic set in.


Chapter 1 Part 6 (America's pOv)

Need to have more Parts in America's pOv, so... here you go!

Oh no. Aspen's passed out and Maxon is paralyzed from the chest down and having a panic attack. Oh God no. The 2 love of my lives, who battled for me, loved me. This is what it has become. A matter of life and death.

"Calm down, Maxon. We just need to get into a safe room and then you can relax, okay? Can you please lead me to where the nearest safe room is?" I say slowly, not wanting to panic him even more.

I see a surge of blood pop out of Maxon's shoulder wound and I see his suit is now torn, drenched from his blood. His spine isn't doing well. He's leaning on me, but I'm practically carrying him at this point. He's gasping for air, and it breaks my heart to see his like this.

"It's... up ahead," he gulps.

"Good, now, lead the way," I say.

He is shaking uncontrollably but I can see how hard he's trying to keep it together in front of me, for the sake of me.

When we finally reach the safe room, Maxon collapses in relief. He's wiping beads of sweat off of his forehead, and he's starting to get better control of his breathing, but still having lots of trouble breathing.

"Maxon...are you..alright?" I asked him gently.

Maxon looked up in embarrassment.

"Umm, yes," he said, gulping.

"America, can I ask you something?" he said, nervously.

"Of course, anything," I replied.

"Did you...did you ever stop loving Officer Leger? Aspen, I mean."

He said this with great sadness in his voice and I could tell I needed to tell the truth.

"No...but I can assure you of one thing, Maxon," I say quietly.

"What you and I's not less than what Aspen and I have, but...I can't necessarily say it's more, either," I said awkwardly, but I can tell Maxon is gratetful I told him the truth.

"Thank you...I hope..someday our relationship can become more," he forces out.

I smiled.

"Of course."


Chapter 1 Part 7 (Aspen's pOv)

Haha Maxon's MuScLeS

I wake up to the sight of seeing America's eyes. Beautiful icy eyes.

But..there's something in them.


And it wasn't for me.

"Oh, Aspen! You've woken up, that's great!" America exclaims.

She hugged me. Hard. I forgot all about her icy eyes being in love with Maxon.

"Whoa, Maxon, what the heck happened to you?" I asked Maxon. He was in a strange position and blood was pooling out all around him.

"Shot in the spine," he said, shrugging it off.

"Paralyzed?" I asked, shocked.

"What do you think?" Maxon said in almost a cold tone.

"Does anybody have any bandages? My stomach is kinda dying here," I say in a laughing tone, trying to cool things off.

America pushed me playfully.

"If there was, don't you think I would've bandaged you up already?" America said.

I smiled a bit. The pain of my bullet wound had numbed itself but there was still a small stream of blood coming out. I see America pressing her hands to Maxon's spine and his shoulder, hoping to stop the tremendous amount of bleeding.

"How long has he been bleeding?" I asked, gesturing to Maxon.

"10 minutes. I would've thought he'd died of blood loss by now, honestly," America replied.

America started suddenly taking Maxon's suit off, which surprised me. Maxon seemed like he was used to it.

"Slowly," he breathed. America nodded in understanding.

How had they gotten so used to this? It seemed like a routine to them. What did America do, undress him everyday?

When America fully undressed his top I saw his muscles. Strong. And holy crap the scars on him I didn't even try to count. It's like the amount of scars the average person gets in 5 lifetimes.

And how could the prince have some many scars and be so strong? For God's sake, the prince!

Maxon saw me staring and gave me a glare. I looked away, ashamed for looking too long.

"So, umm..." I begun awkwardly, trying to start up a conversation.

"Do you..undress Maxon often, America?" I asked, trying not to make it come out too harsh.

Maxon smirked at me. I'm surprised that he can smile through the pain. I guess he is the prince, after all.

America started blushing fiercly.

"Well, you see..." she began, trying to distract herself by dabbing the side of her dress on Maxon's wounds.

I felt my heart drop a bit. She was hiding something. Something big.

"America...don't forget. That goes to our graves. No one will know. No one! Ever," Maxon said, not bothering to keep his voice down.

America nodded forcefully as she pursed her lips and kept dabbing.

Goes to our graves? What did Maxon mean? A secret? What's so important that it goes to their graves? And it relates to undressing Maxon? Gosh, I'm confused.

I heard pounding on the door.

I froze. I saw Maxon alert, and he nodded at me and glanced toward my gun.

This is it.

This is where it all ends.

I have to do it.

I pulled America in for a kiss.

One last time.

Haha, don't worry Aspen fans, I'm just trying to give you a fright. Something WILL happen, but not TOO dramatic. Lol, dun DuN UDNudnunDUUDNUDNUN. Until we continue.... lol (I post somewhere between probably 2-9 parts a week, depending on how much time I have)

Chapter 1 Part 8 (Maxon's pOv)

You never know what to expect... PrEpArE YoUrSElf

I can't believe it.

He pulled in America for a kiss.

In front of me.

In front of me, for God's sake!

Aspen aggressively pushed his lips onto America's.

America gave me an apologetic glance as Aspen continued to press his lips on America's.

"WE'LL GIVE YOU 10 SECONDS TO UNLOCK THIS DOOR BEFORE WE KICK IT DOWN OURSELVES!" voice yelled from the other side of the door.

A flash of fear clouds America's eyes, and she starts desperately pulling Aspen off her, but Aspen didn't budge.

"Get off her Aspen," I growled in a low tone, enough to make even myself shudder.


Aspen pauses for no more than a millisecond to take in my strange, guttural sound before going back to kissing America.

I had finally had enough and dug my fingers into his shoulders, ripping him off her.


Aspen snarled slightly but was finished with kissing America, for the moment.


"Oh for God's sake, follow me Aspen,"

More coming soon... Blueleaf245...

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