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Alright, I’m just going to tell you everything I can about myself, because, honestly, I don’t want to start from the beginning. I’ll start from Friday, September 8th, 2015. One: I’m named Charlotte Carmine. Two: My life is significantly weirder than yours. I’m older than the universe, I’m a Goddess. Lost most of my power around October 14th, 2014. The universe changed very, very radically. This is because a being that no one knew this reality needed was killed.

A short run-down of things I can do: Control and manipulate candy to my whim, no matter what that whim is, changing forms between male, female, and a cat. So yeah, that’s really about it. Currently, I’m in a relationship with Alexis, who will be explained later. I’m fairly open in my relationships, though I have yet to talk to Alexis about this in regards to our own. A good chunk of my friends in the past have had “with benefits” attached, and right now, that’s no different.

Best “friend” in that regard is Esmer Ravensblood. Refugee from Black Eden, which is a common occurrence around here, sadly; and she’s beautiful. She’s been tolerant of me and my bullshit, which, if you ever get to know me, is basically the hardest thing on the planet. I’m a 14.5 billion year old woman trapped in the body of a 20 year old and the mind of a ten year old with the horniness of a 15 year old boy and the logic of fairness of a child. Honestly, though, I think children may have the best concept of fairness: Treat everyone equally, but if something is detrimental to you and beneficial for another, you should give yourself priority. I like that idea, a lot.

I live in the woods near Damascus, Georgia, in a small cabin. I pay taxes, I go to town to buy food, but mostly, I stay in these woods with my friends and the clearing, the river running near them. It’s a pretty good life, I think, as long as the various cults fighting over someone who lives with me don’t disturb me. Of course, they do.

The Researchers wanna destroy Fears (they're a tad complex), the Principle wanna save them, and the Stalked want to worship their God (The Fear of the Unknown, called The Slender Man), but, apparently, to do that, they feel like they have to fight us and the other cults. I like the Principle, after all, my best friends are from them, as is my girlfriend, Alexis.

As for Fears...they are embodiments of Humanity's Fears, and they are...something else. Can't quite explain them, don't really wanna. They'll become important soon. Maybe.

The universe died when one of these things died, so they are pretty important. Just note that, okay?  

So, yeah, that's everything you need to know.

Diary of an Organic PEZ dispenser - 2

Diary of an Organic PEZ dispenser

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