Dear Orion

Author: Leopard
Type: Poems
Rating: Safe
Status: Complete
Preceding: Dear Mars
Succeeding: None

Betelgeuse, Bellatrix, Rigel, and Salph.

Dear Orion
How glitters your belt tonight
Three most famous stars
Joined to hold your trousers up
As you hunt the scorpion across the sky
An endless hunt in the night

Dear Orion
We forget your heart is a nebula
Forging stars and worlds anew
And your shoulder, it flickers red
A dying star that will soon
Maybe in a million years
Give its life to make life new

Dear Orion
You are so distant to us
Yet you make us wonder
We may travel to you yet
In someone else's future
But here, but now
You inspire us still

For as we step out
Into our tiny part of the universe
It is your name, dear Orion
That we give our shining ship
A name of hope
The name of our future

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