Dear Mars

Author: Leopard
Type: Poems
Rating: Safe
Status: Complete
Preceding: None
Succeeding: Dear Orion

Here's to the success of the Orion mission. Here's to our future among the stars. Here's to space travel.

Dear Mars,
The red planet
Smaller than our Earth
A barren, dusty land
Far, far away
That we may now visit some day

Dear Mars,
We sent some friends for you
Sprit, Curiosity, Opportunity
We wanted to explore
And now you seem so close
More so than before

Dear Mars,
They say you had water once
And a rich atmosphere
Like us, but you couldn't hold on
And the sun stripped you bare
Now your rivers run dry
Your volcanoes cold and dead
And still
We want to be there

Because, dear Mars
You're our nearest friend
And to say hello
We would have to send
A rocket out
With just a few
The first time
But after that so many more

Imagine, dear Mars
The colonies we may one day have
Upon your surface
The people who have looked up
In awe to see you
May one day touch your surface
So new, so unexplored

Dear Mars,
Imagine a future
Where you brim with life
Where we spend our days
Away from the world where we were born
Where travel is easy and cheap
Where we look to our next reach
In the solar system
Or beyond?

Dear Mars,
Here it is we start
Our step into the stars
For we took a start
With robots and rovers
And we'll reach out
And touch you with human hand
Very soon

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