Dazed and Miffed

Author: Spottehwobble
Rating: Moderate
Status: In Progress

Dazed and Miffed

Author's Note

I feel like this is a love story. It makes me remember when I met my husband. I hope you all enjoy it as much as I did writing it!

Chapter 1 : Monday and Love Notes

I woke up to the sound of a pan hitting the floor. My mom was already downstairs making me breakfast. I knew she would be pissed if I didn't shower before breakfast, so I hopped in and rinsed. Getting out, I realized, Oh my god. Today is the last week of summer. Damn. I dried myself off and plodded down the stairs, stumbled on every step. The scent of bacon and burnt eggs hit my nose. To be honest, my mom sucked at making scrambled eggs. Amazingly, she was better at microwaving an egg and taking it out without it exploding.

"Good morning. The eggs might be a little burnt." She set the plate right in front of me; the edges of the circular egg splatter were crispy and brown, like slighty over-cooked cookies. (hehehe)

"I can tell." I tried so hard not to giggle, so I covered my mouth and pursed my lips. It was so hard, so I just let it out. She turned, but didn't smile back. "Are you ready for your first day at the Youth Center?" I looked up in surprise at her. Youth Center? She waits until the day I go to tell me. What a surprise. "And... why was I not informed about this?"

"Sweetie, you have to learn to take surprises like a death. It comes all at once, and you can't do anything about it. Now, do you have any questions? Like where we are going?" I already had a pretty good idea of where we... I mean, I... was going. My favorite place in all of downtown Fort Myers: the North Fort Myers Youth Center. I almost jumped out of my seat in happiness. That is where all my friends went during the summer, and I went every year. "Well come on! It's already 8:30! You'll be late!"

Mom slammed the napkin down, grabbed her purse and shoes, and bolted out the door and down the driveway. She hopped in the driver's seat while I sat in passengers. 4.7 miles later, she asks, "Do you have a crush on anyone?"

The air in the car seemed to thicken and crackle with an awkward silence. "No. Even if I did, I wouldn't tell you. Jk, mom. No I don't." She smiled slightly and turned back to the wheel.


When we pulled into the parking lot of the Center, we dashed up to the front office and Mom signed me in. The lady behind the counter opened the door for me and I walked back behind and into the cafeteria. They weren't busy; maybe a handful of councilors and 20, maybe 30, 2-4th graders. One councilor, an older blonde lady who looked about 60, pulled me over to the desk and asked my name. "Erin Left...." I pronounced clearly. (the whole name will not be put) She jotted my name at the bottom of the list and let me off with a warning: "Be careful who you hang with. Some people here will do anything for someone to leave." I was anxious, furthermore because I didn't see anyone I knew. I scanned the room, my eyes stopping at someone. He was tall, maybe a few years older than me, his hair was drawn to the side, covered by a black hate the said 'BARCELONA'. He looked tan and athletic, and his teeth... god damn. His teeth were perfect.

He and his brother (I think), lay sprawled out over the bleachers. His brother, who looked about his age, wore no hat, though his hairstyle was about the same, his skin was the same sandy color, and his teeth were almost as perfect. I walked over to them and held out my hand. They both stopped and looked at me, the cuter one the first to say something, while shaking my hand, "Hi, I'm Aron, and this is Carlos, my stepbrother." My heart pounded so hard, I thought he could hear it. I tried hard not to shake. "My name is Erin. Nice to meet you."

"Your name is Erin too? Cool," he said, smiled that cute, I-like-you smile. I thought to myself that question Mom had asked me in the car earlier: "Do you have a crush on anyone?"

I smiled super big. Yes, I whispered. Yes I do.

Chapter 2: Tuesday and Hugs

I woke up super excited Tuesday morning. I didn't even remember to shower and get dressed that morning. I flipped on some super baggy shorts and a T-Shirt I wore to my first dance, which said 'You got problemos'. I tripped halfway down the stairs, landing facefirst into the recliner. I got up and squished myself into the chair, the only one that had padding. Mom actually managed not to burn the eggs today. "So how was your day yesterday? Did you meet any new people?" That question struck me. Aron. I thought about his name, his smile, his hair. "No. No one special." Mom eyed me suspiciously and I hoped she wouldn't question me further, but she didn't, just put her hair into a messy bun and walked to the car with me.


As we walked into the office, lo-and-behold, guess who was sitting behind the counter? Aron! He was sitting in a swivel chair spinning in circles. He had told me yesterday that he was going into 8th grade, which was cool because I was going into sixth. Anywho, he stopped spinning and looked at me while my Mom reached over to kiss my forehead. I looked at the floor and smiled as she did, and when she walked out, (and this was pretty cool), Aron was allowed to go back to the cafeteria. I opened the door for him and let him through first. God, he is so hot. I wonder if he likes me back? I was so happy my head hurt with the emotions running rampant through me. Aron was my first crush, and he looked perfect: a great father figure who loved sports as much as I did.

As we walked back through the cafeteria doors, Carlos (his stepbrother), grabbed by hand and ran to the opposite side of the room. He pulled me close in front of him and said, "You know what? Aron likes you a little more every time he sees you. You know?" I looked at him in surprise. My older brother never told me about his crushes or what happened at school. This was weird, having an-almost-complete-stranger telling me that his step-brother has a backwards-crush on me!

Oh my gosh! I thought to myself. EEEEEKKKK!

Carlos let go of my hand as Aron walked over to us. "Wanna play basketball?" He had asked me that same question maybe 1000 times yesterday, maybe more. And I said 'yes' every time. When we got outside, he threw the ball to me, in reverse, me throwing it back. He started bouncing it as I walked closer, reaching out to grab the ball. Time seemed to slow down at that moment, because when I went behind him to block his shot, he whipped his head around and kissed my cheek. I felt at that moment that I was going to throw up.

He kissed me! He actually kissed me!

I stopped for a second, soaking it in, before I went to block his second shot. He was so strong, yet so gentle, and I admired him for that. As the basketball hit the rim and bounced back, I caught it. Aron darted over to me, but didn't do anything except embrace me warmly. He squeezed me hard and went in. I took advantage to kiss his back, this time on the lips. I couldn't breathe for what felt like eternity. You know when you finally do something you have been waiting for, something that makes you feel awesome, and when you finally do it, the world seems to stop spinning? Well, that is what I felt. But instead, a warm sensation crept up my spine as he drug his index finger up my shirt.

I pushed him away, smiling and giggling. "I like you, Erin, I really do." He said, hand still up my shirt.

Chapter 3: Wednesday and Numbers

(skipping the morning)

12:30pm, Wednesday

Today, I brought my own basketball. But instead of the first question being "Wanna play basketball?" the first thing he said to me was "Follow me." He grabbed my hand and pulled me into the media center, past the people behind the bookshelves (who didn't even look up), and out the other side of the school. In the Amphitheatre back behind the school, he pulled out a tiny black box, about the size of a... a ring????

What? I'm too young to marry! But I'll wait and see what he has planned.

He pulled me closer to him, sharing breaths on the cement bench. Opening the box, the light from the Sun lit up the ring, which was encrusted with little red and green jewels. "Erin?"

"Yes?" I answered.

"Will you be my girlfriend?"

I... oh my gosh.

I almost exploded with happiness. Carlos WAS right! Aron does like me. "Yes yes yes yes yes!" I clenched my hands and laughed so loud. He smiled and wrapped me in a hug. This time though, he went in for a kiss that literally lasted for 10 minutes. God, I'm so happy. Thank you.


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