David and Me

Author: Vixy
Rating: Moderate
Status: Complete
Series: None
Preceding: None
Succeeding: None

Author's Note Please Read!

I wrote this fic a veeeeeery long time ago so heheheh... it's very bad. But hey, I think it's a good start for this wiki and I plan to make better and finished fanfics in the future.

This was a dream I had when I was 13 and I was obssessed with David Tennant. So it's going to be all over the place XD

There will be mistakes! This is old and a million chapters long so I can't fix everything...

So yeah :3 enjoy I guess?


Rain battered down on the pavement soaking everything. Cars drove by and splashed puddles of dirty water. In the distance stood a figure. Their boots squeaked as they walked up the parking lot that led to Ace Hardware and Laborgotta Pizzeria. The figure approached the wooden stairs of an apartment with a brown door and the numbers 1256. The figure put down what it was carrying and knocked on the door 4 times. Then, it took off, boots squishing in the distance. A young girl, tall, 13ish, golden haired and blue eyed, opened the door with a gasp. What lay before her was a young unconscious boy in a brown pinstripe suit, and spiky brown hair.

"Mom, your not gonna believe this..."

¿Chapter 1?

I couldn't believe it. The Doctor was on my doorstep! He looks younger somehow... I began to drag the soaking wet boy in when mom came rushing down the stairs. "Believe what?"

"It's the Doctor!" I exclaimed as I propped him up on the stairs.

"It can't be! Why is he so young?" She asked and sat on a step.

"I don't know... We need to get him dry." I closed the door and mom and I carried him up stairs and into the living room and we put him on the couch. Mom ran to get some dry cloths and I watched over him. Question pooled from my mind.  Why is he so young? What is he doing here? What happened to him? Who did this to him? Mom appeared from the hallway with a Beatles t shirt and some jeans. I turned away and she undressed him and threw the wet suit in a heap next to the couch. I turned around and looked at him. The shirt fit nicely and the pants a little big. He really is as skinny as they say. I thought with a smile. Mom took the wet heap away and I was alone with him once again. I decided to check his hearts. I put my head to his chest. I tried the right side. No heartbeat. In fact, no heart at all... I tried the left. Slow but working. I lifted my head up slowly and stared at the wet boy. This isn't the Doctor, it's not him at all.

"Mom, it's David Tennant."

¿Chapter 2?

"He's not a 900 year old Time Lord, he a 42 year old human turned teenager." I said as mom rushed into the room, startling my cats Jewel and Meow.

"And," I continued "he looks like he's around my age. How did this happen?"

"We'll have to find out when he wakes up." Mom said.

I searched his suit just in case he, or the person who changed him, left anything. My fingers wrapped around a piece of folded up paper. I pulled it out and unfolded it. It was a Pennsylvanian birth certificate. It read: David John McDonald. Born: 4/18/2000. 🇨🇳

2 days passed and still no sign of David waking up. I sat by him each day (thankfully it was summer vacation.) and checked his heart and temperature, all that good stuff. On the 3rd he stirred. I called for mom and he slowly woke up. He looked around the place and stared at me.

"Hello, I'm glad you're awake now." I said gently "don't worry you're safe and we have you're suit nice and dry now. I'm Shea."

"What happened?" He said in his Scottish accent. Only it was younger and higher pitched.

"You don't know? Memory loss... Ok then well, some one knocked on our door, you were soaking wet and mom and I carried you up and I looked after you. You were out for 3 days. What are you even doing in America anyway?" I asked and sat on the couch next to David.

"I- I don't know... 3 days? Wow... Any why do I sound so... Weird?" He said as he felt himself.

"I have no idea but you were changed into a 13 year old." I said "I bet it was the Master."

Mom laughed and David's face became serious. "The Master? Where?"

"You still remember being the Doctor but not being David Tennant..." Mom said

"I'm the Doctor and some how someone made me younger... And lose some memories... I feel like half my life is missing..." David said as he looked down sadly.

"Your human life." I added


"You are not really the Doctor David, you are a 42 year old Scottish actor. You play the Doctor in Doctor Who, a British TV show." I explained and held up the birth certificate I found earlier."But now, you're a 13 year old Scottish boy with only Time Lord memories and no human ones..."

He looked utterly lost. "What? So I'm not really a Time Lord?"


"Not an alien?"


"Rose, Martha, Donna?"

"Billie, Freema, Catherien."

"My TARDIS... Everything?"

"Sadly yes... But, the real question is, who did this to you and what will you do now?" I asked

"I think it's better if I stay with someone who knows the area, knows me, and has helped me. If you don't mind?" David asked

I looked at mom and she nodded yes. "But he's gonna stay in your room and go to school like a normal kid."

"What day is it anyway?" He asked

"August 10th 2013." I replied

"Alright, August 10th, my first day as a teenager... Again..."

¿Chapter 3?

"Where is he gonna sleep?"

"On the air mattress."

"In my room?"


"David Tennant, in my room?"

"Yes." said mom with an exhausted sigh

"What is he gonna wear? Not all suits?" I asked

"We'll go shopping." She said

"I bet he'll want suits and ties." I said excitedly

"Shea, we will shop tomorrow ok?" Mom confirmed

"Yeah, back to school shopping." I jumped around a bit and went to go tell David. He was still on the couch and he was watching Jewel bat at the fish in the fish tanks.

"Hey Doc- I mean David," I said awkwardly "Mom said you would stay in my room... Not in my bed or anything... We have an air mattress. And we are going back to school shopping tomorrow. Cause, until we figure out who did this to ya and how to change you back, you should enrol in my school..."

"Yeah ok..." David said preoccupied with my cat

"So you heard me?"


"About tomorrow?"


"Do Daleks shout delete?"

"Yeah... I mean no!" He look at me "They shout exterminate. Cybermen do all that deleting stuff..."

I smiled "Just wanted to see if you were paying attention."

"Who says I wasn't?" He challenged with a smirk

"Aw c'mon. Lets go." I said and turned around

"Where to?" He said raising an eyebrow

"Out to dinner." I said and beckoned him with my hand.

"Dinner?" David said puzzled

"Yeah, since you were unconscious for 2 days mom and I figured you were starving so we're going out. If that ok and everything..." I explained

"Yeah that sounds good." He smiled "Right then, dinner. May I ask where?"

"Oh just downstairs. Some good pizza and French Fr- um...chips. Sorry not used to using British words." I smiled in embarrassment

"Oh no no you can call things the American way. I quite like it." David said and got off the couch to stand next to me. "It's different."

"Well I uh..." I fumbled and turned around quickly "better tell mom you're up to it. See you later..." I began to walk and stumbled over myself. "I'm fine!" And I continued to walk to my mother, ready to tell her how stupid I am. Then I began to think of 'The Decoy Bride'. The "I'm a lot hotter than I look." scene played through my mind over and over.

"Mommy, David said he would like to go for pizza." I announced as I entered her bedroom

"Ok go get ready." She said as she fixed her hair

"K." I went to my room and picked out a random t shirt and shorts. I quickly threw them on and brushed my hair. I saw mom put the air mattress on the floor next to my bed and I began pumping it full of air. After I screwed the cap on and turned the mini air pump off, I headed back into the living room where David and Mom were waiting.

Mom was wearing a blue Wonder Woman shirt and jean shorts. Her red hair was in her usual bun. David was still in the Beatles shirt and jeans.

"Ya ready?" I asked them

"Yeah" said David

"Let's go." Mom said as she stood up, grabbed her purse, and we headed downstairs.

"He he allons-y to dinner with David Tennant!"

¿Chapter 4?

We walked outside and headed down the damp parking lot.

"So you live above a hardware store AND a pizza shop?" David asked as we walked through the entrance of the small pizzeria.

"Yep, pretty convenient right?" I smiled and waved at the cashier

He smelled the pizza filled air "Yep."

Mom ordered the pizza: six pepperoni and a side of fries (chips).

We all sat down and a waitress brought us our food.

"So who's your friend?" She asked (she's a good friend of ours)

"This is David my..." I struggled

"Boyfriend." David put in.

My face became  hot. "Yep my boyfriend. He's meeting my mom for the first time so I wanted to talk about things over dinner..."

"Good for you two! Enjoy your food!" She finished and went back into the kitchen

"Good improvising." David said as he took a bite of the pizza

"Why'd you say boyfriend?" I said flustered

"What, I couldn't say brother-"

"Or cousin or friend..."

"Oi, you two." Mom said in a British way "just eat your pizza."

David and I did as she said and finished it off in silence. We then gave the waitress the check and walked outside. A light drizzle began so we walked under the overhang until then end and made a mad dash to our door. I kicked my shoes off and ran upstairs before anyone else. I went into my room and closed my door. I sat on my bed and began to smile and laugh. David Tennant called me his girlfriend. He he I knew he was pretending but still, ^3^ awesome.

There was four knocks on my door and a quiet "Hello?" from David.

I opened the door and let him in.

"If you do that, your gonna die ya know." I teased

"Ah well," he kicked off his shoes and flopped on my bed " I don't feel like doing that today. And, is that me on your door?" He pointed to a mini black and white poster of himself. The Doctor was peering over an office cubical and the meme caption said 'Trust me I'm the Doctor'.

"Yeah... thought it was funny and i always say that too my friends." I giggled nervously.

"Boy do I look old." David said and ruffled his hair.

I laughed and looked at his soaking wet hair and cloths. "You're gonna get my bed wet."

"Oh this is..." He looked at my bed with a surprised face and then looked down at the air mattress "Sorry..."

"No, it's ok." I sat down next to him. " I was gonna ask if you wanted the bed or the air mattress..."

"No, I'll take the air mattress thanks. Don't want to be rude or anything..." David looked around "nice room you got here."

"It's a piece of crap. Can't keep it clean ever." I said and kicked a stuffed animal that was on the ground.

"Have you seen the TARDIS?" He laughed "This is sparkling compared to her..."

"Do you wish you could remember your human life?" I asked

"Oh yes." He replied with sadness " like I said before, it feels like half my life is missing."

I put my hand on his wet shoulders "We will find whoever did this to you and fix it."

"Right," he smiled at the thought "now, do you have any dry cloths by chance?"

"Yeah sure wait a sec I'll go ask mom." I stood up and went into her room. She was already in dry cloths and pointed to a pile of nearly folded cloths.

"Thought you'd need those." She said as she hugged me"goodnight Shea."

"Thanks, night." I picked them up and turned around and went back into my room.

"Here," I threw them at David. " bathroom's over by the living room."

He just looked at me blankly.

"You and I can't change in the same room." I said

"Why not?" He asked and began undressing

"F-fine do it your way..." I grabbed my pajamas and went on the other side of the room and began undressing myself. I took a quick glance at David and he was buttoning his pj shirt and his underwear was still showing. I quickly turned around and put my grey Doctor Who Wibbly Wobbly Timey Wimey shirt on and black shorts. I turned around and David was done. He wore some of moms sweats and a random colorguard shirt.

"Oh and you'll need this." I gave him my pink fuzzy blanket and orange cat pillow. "I know it's girly but use them for now ok?"

"But it's summer." He said confused

"It's alway 66 degrees in my room when it's summer." I turned on my AC and hopped on my bed. David climbed down into the air mattress and set up his 'bed'.

"Ah I see. I like it cold too." He looked up at me and smiled "Goodnight."

"Goodnight." I reached up on my bookshelf and turned my lamp off. I let my eyes adjust to the darkness and then I peered over my bed and looked at David. His eyes were shut and he was curled up in a little ball. I smiled and flipped around and shut my eyes, letting sleep take me.

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