Dark and Light

Author: IRmjii
Type: Poem
Rating: Moderate
Status: Complete

A Poem by IRmjii

I helped an old lady across the street.
I took that lady for something to eat.

I gave money to the poor.
I robbed the poor more and more

I made my mother some breakfast.
Too bad it was gone as it was really pleasant.

I gave my friend a action figure to cheer him up.
Shame the head is missing inside a cup.

I gave my newborn a new nappy.
Full of holes and smells really crappy.

I showed my grandpa my latest creation.
It made him faint for him and his nation.

I fixed my neighbors car.
By smashing it with a hammer from afar.

I turned myself into a good person.
No matter what i will still be bad.

This is life. This is Dark and Light.

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