A/N: I'm Bramblestar2521, and thank you for taking the time to read this narrative poem. Love is a huge consiquence, and it may be hurtful, so I hope you guys can find a good lover. It will make you put all time on it, and it hurts when the person you love walks away. Here are my thoughts on love, so it's my personal thoughts. Please do not flame the comment box, and I once again thank you for reading this!

Dedicated to Hoffer: If you are reading this, my friend, I just wish that you could understand my feelings. I would like to be your friend, and its not too late to do so. I love you as much as I shouldn't, and I hope you well.

Crush (poem)

It's a chemistry that everyone knows... A crush

I wished for a boy

I wished for a lover

Didn't know that I would be his toy

Didn't think that he was the friend I needed much

I gave him a piece 

Of my very bruised heart

A little blue-ish, cracked piece so he wouldn't break it

But the damage is done

Everytime our eyes meet

My heart beats fast

Everytime he smiles

I want to feel his love

I lost everything 

Everything that I loved

I lost every single thing

Even my last love feared me

Everyone in the outer world knows

I don't really care

I just wish he was daft enough

To think that I was just a friend

Just a friend

I guess I'll just be a hag

A girl, lady who lost everything

Ever since the last time

I stayed away from it

I willed to move on 

Away from him

But everytime I step away

He just comes again




Closer to my heart

She said, "You went war with love,

That's why you sank deeply."

I know I just closed my heart

To the one I loved the most 

It's still cracking, tearing, bleeding

Still bruised and fragile, I swear

If I was to chose my fate,

I'd rather stay away from love,

'Cause he had hurted me badly

And I don't know if my heart can contain anymore hurt  

But I just know that my heart was broken 

And I don't intend to break it again...  

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