Disclaimer: All of the people in this story are fake, and the show is fake. So are the crimes.

Overview of the Show

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Walker during the interview

A former detective named Albert Johnson hosted a show from 1997-1998 for two five-episode long seasons about crimes that had been solved. He'd interview the criminals before they were executed or went to jail.

Episode One - Johnson Terry Walker

Johnson Terry Walker was a mass murderer from Texas. He was born on the second of December, 1963. He is currently deceased. Johnson Terry Walker was charged with first-degree murder, second-degree murder, fraud, theft, cult killings, assisted murder, assisted suicide, and other major crimes. Johnson Terry Walker was involved with the Hamilton-Hudson Killings in which he assisted Jerry Hamilton to kill Edgar and Sharen Hudson in 1995. Johnson Terry Walker also had been charged with rape and sexual assault in 1994 and substance abuse in 1993. In 1995, after the Hamilton-Hudson Killings, Walker changed his identity to Gary Dwight Rayne and formed the Cult of the Apocalypse in which he kidnapped Daryll Charles, Linda Golsten, and Henry Holt and let four others join. He then brainwashed them using Class-A Drugs and made them kill four Austin, Texas police officers and later killed them all in 1996 after he "ran out of uses for them". Johnson Terry Walker, before the interview in 1997, was put on death row and executed a week after the first episode he appeared on.

Episode Two - Randall "Phone Guy" Gary White

Randall Gary White was a rapist and sexual assaulter from Boston, Massachusets. He was born on November 10th, 1948 and is currently 68 years old. White sexually assaulted eleven women in 1968 at 20 years old and spent 30 years in prison due to his crimes. White is not married, but currently has three children with


Picture of Randall White in 2005

 different mothers (Daniel Marigold, Eric Jenson, Felicia Night). Randall also called his rape victims and made up occupations to get into their houses. Randall also had one child with his former wife.

Cancelled Episode - Daniel Egbert?

Only five minutes of footage were shot for this episode about a criminal named Daniel Egbert. The current owner of the footage has not released it on the internet. Not many people know about it, or have ever seen it. Nobody has ever seen Daniel Egbert since 1998, a year after the interview.

Drawing of Daniel Egbert

more info soon

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