this book is my second book ever, i would REALY like you to send feed back, and tell me how to improve. thanks :) - Daniel


David moved his mouse over to click on the little yellow button on his MacBooks screen. He had gotten his computer for free second hand, he nor his parents had the money to buy a new one. It didn’t play games well but it worked ok.

Minecraft slid down into his hot-bar, to bring up if his mother came back, she didn’t like him watching the new, because she knew it was bad, and there was nothing they could do about it. She couldn’t keep on lying say “Its all going to be fine” or “It’ll get better”.

The dark room flickered with the light from the screen. There had been an other power cut, this time it had lasted a week and counting, the longest yet. In the dim light from the moon, along with the screen, david could almost make out the out line of his bed and shelves.

One NEWS at six started, the lady on the news started running off the list of events for that day: 200 dead in bombing, 1,000 dead from virus infected milk, virus killing live stock is confirmed to be weaponised, the list went on. They didn’t cover all incidents now, all the shootings, all the stories of peoples farms being destroyed, there wasn’t time.

The biggest story that night however as the economy. After the dairy industry started to fall apart, One of New Zealand's main exports, the economy fell apart with it. Trying to go any where in the world, even poor countries, and the exchange rate killed your trip. People had started moving there money into different currencies or invested it into assets.

The next story was on the recent cable bombing, it had shut down all power to Davids island a week ago. It was one of the easiest things to do, the cables underwater where virtually unprotected, only ten small bombs dropped from a boat and the power was gone.

David shut the screen on his computer and looked out the window. The window was reinforced with plywood but it still scary at night knowing you couldn’t see who hid in the dark, so David always checked out his peek hole in the ply he had made before bed.

He unplugged the fully charged laptop from the battery and hoped into his bed, sleeping soundly yet surrounded by the badness of this new world.

That night he dreamt he was stuck in one of the malls taken by the rebel fighters. He tried to run. He could hear the shouts getting closer by the second, the shootings of there guns on the people who had no idea why. He couldn’t move. His feet stuck to the ground. He screamed.

David woke up.

It was light out side, the sun’s rays just moving over the hills. It was about seven and David could hear his family upstairs.

Slowly walking up the stairs still wipping the sleep out of his eyes, david noticed the smell of fresh food, well fresher than canned. It had been three months since they had got the last drop off of food and had been living off canned food such as spam and creamed rice. This diet had lead many people into low vitamin levels. Its always easy to say you could live off canned food when your eating fresh grapes but when you get to the canned food diet, you change your mind.

“David your up!” Davids up from the stove where she had been making both pancakes and a fruit syrup. “ We got fresh supplies last night, you must have been in bed when the delivery came, we even got some more gas”

david sat down at the chair ready to eat ”hadn’t supplies stopped?”

Josh came to sit down at the table. Josh was Davids little brother, three years younger at the age of ten.

Davids mum quickly looked at Josh and then changed the subject “well these pancakes will be done soon”

David got the point and played along

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